10 Unique Souvenirs from Venice Italy

Finding a fantastic souvenir in Venice Italy can be hard if you are new to Venice.

We loved Venice and found many gifts that are unique from the rest of the World and hoped this list will assist you further in remembering your Venice trip.

Murano Glass

The Murano glass is a classic product of Venice, with an extensive historical trajectory that dates nothing less than from the 13th century. The Murano glass objects constitute true works of art that can be bought in workshops and souvenir shops, sometimes at very cheap, other times at exaggerated prices.

Murano glass has been made in Venice for hundreds of years, and some Murano glass jewelry is a wonderful and good value Venice souvenir. You can pick up a Murano glass pendant or earrings for less than 20, or splash out on glass tableware, statues and other artwork.  Read more about Venice Glass at our other post.

Although you can buy Murano glass throughout Venice, take the time to visit the island, packed with factories and some artists' studios, some of which are open to visitors to see how it's made. You'll find some more unique pieces that appear less 'mass-market' off the beaten track.

To create your own glass work with an expert, you can find one of the glass making workshop via GetYourGuide.

Venice Marbelized Paper

Traditionally from the Far East, the art of paper marbling is creating beautiful patterns of colors in a liquid, then blotting a piece of paper on top to transfer the color. The art is known as Ebru in Turkey, where paper-marbling maestro Alberto Valese learned his craft. 

Venice boasts of being home to one of the finest paper marbling techniques, which date back to the 15th century. Legatorial Piazzesi is the oldest paper marbling enterprise of Venice so you might want to get a piece of marbleized paper home.

Venetian Face Masks

Authentic Venetian masks are some of the most iconic and beautiful souvenirs from Venice that you can buy. You can read our history of Venetian masks and why they were worn here.

Cheap imported masks from China are for sale in almost every shop while handmade Venetian masks are harder to find.

The authentic Venetian masks will last a lifetime and serve as an ongoing reminder of your time in Venice. 

For making your own mask guided by an expert, do check out this face mask workshop at GetYourGuide with free cancellation 24 hours in advance.

Also check out Schegge Art & Craft for beautifully painted masks, and Mistero Buffo and Ca'Macana for high-quality handmade masks.

Door Knocker

Door knockers are an interesting idea from talesofabackpacker.com. There are unique designs like lions, cherubs, and a variety of African designs, as well as some fantastical animals door knocker spotting. Door Knocker shopping could be a fun distraction from the tourist spots.

To buy your own Venetian brass door knocker head to Fonderia Artistica Valese, or you might finder cheaper or second-hand ones at various shops and stalls around the city.

Italian Sweets

Food is definitely the cheapest to buy and easiest to out in your luggage for a large group of friends or relatives.

Some of the snacks worth considering include the famous

  • Italian Milk Candy made with 80% real milk, yogurt, and a bit of honey. With less than 5% fat, it is quite healthy for children and adults alike.
  • La Florentine Torrone is an authentic Italian treat, comprising toasted almond honey nougat, lemon, orange & vanilla flavor assortment prepared by an original old recipe from the finest ingredients, such as crunchy almonds, smooth golden honey, pure can sugar, and fluffy egg whites, and enriched by flavors squeezed out of the ripest oranges, lemons, and vanilla beans.
  • Savoiardi (or Lady Fingers) is a key ingredient in many desserts including, most notably, Tiramisu.

You can go for a bakery and dessert tour created by Lonely Planet via GetYourGuide here.


Italian cheeses are famous, and comparable to French, Swiss or Dutch cheese in quality nor in taste. Some of the local cheese names, like Parmigiano or Mozzarella, have long become generic terms in the world of culinary. It could still be a good gift to get the authentic cheese straight from its production country.

Burano Lace

Handmade lace from the island of Burano is a beautiful gift, and a visit to Burano is a fabulous day trip (read our Burano guide here) from Venice, usually combined with a visit to Murano as well.

If you want to see demonstrations of how the lace is made you can go to the Burano Lace Museum in the morning, where ladies will be making some lace, or visit one of the lace shops where there are often live demonstrations.

There are various shops in Burano selling handmade lace products, just make sure you are buying the handmade Burano lace and not the cheaper imports again. 

For a half day tour in Burano with a highly recommended glass blowing and lace 5-hour tour, do sign up the highly at GetYourGuide.


This little family shop near the Bridge of Sighs is curated with care. The story of the shop begins with Mario coming to Venice in the 1970s to sell his paintings on the streets.

Their watercolors are truly original, capturing the essence of a timeless city suspended in water. His son, Lorenzo, is a photographer and his works show a completely different side of Venice. You'll see a city of the past in a startlingly contemporary way.

Hand-Bound Notebook

For writers, Paolo Olbi had made hand-bound books for decades and his craftsmanship is impeccable. His studio is right in the back of the shop and everything is made right on the premises. Pick up something spectacular to inspire your next journal, sketchbook, or scrapbook. 

Gondolier Slippers

Slippers in Venice are not just any kind of slippers and thus make for a great souvenir to take back. These highly comfortable slippers were originally worn by peasants living in the nearby countryside and famously used by Gondolier.

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