Burano - Useful Guide

Burano - Useful Guide

What is Burano

Burano, Venice is located in the north of Venice near Torcello, an island in the lagoon of Venice. It is populated by around 4,000 dwellers and has become the most visited islands in recent times.

Burano has become famously known as the "colorful island". It became a popular destination for tourist and travelers around the world due to its colorful houses. It became so famous that house owners are not allowed to choose the color of paints to use as it might break the uniformity of colors. The uniformity of colors makes the island an outstanding and colorful one. 

How to get to Burano

The two safest and easiest way to get to Burano from Venice which is as follows:
  • From Venice via Public Transportation
  • From Train Station via Public Transportation
  • Get Help from Tour Agency or Locals

Use Public Transportation

The Vaporetto or water bus remains the easiest way to get to Burano from Venice. Take Water Bus 12 from San Zaccaria area or Fondamenta Nuovo. The distance of the journey is approximately 40 to 45 minutes. This way, you go straight to Burano without stress or asking questions. It costs around €7.5 per person from Burano to Venice and the same from Venice to Burano. Meanwhile, a water taxi will set you back much more, around €130 and up, each way. However, if you are sharing among 6 people, it would be around €22 each for a luxury transportation (especially useful if you are carrying many pieces of luggage).

If you also plan to tour Murano and Torcello, buy a one-day pass for water bus instead as it will be the cheapest transportation. It costs around €20 for a 24-hour pass.

Water Bus Timetable

From Venice Santa Lucia Train Station to Burano 

If you come from Venice Train Station Santa Lucia, you have to take 2 separate water bus lines. First, take Vaporetto line 3 from Venice Santa Lucia Train Station to Murano Faro. Then, from Murano Faro, change and take Vaporetto line 12 to Burano. 

Get Help From Tour Agency or Locals

If you are not too cool with public transport and wish to have someone to talk with, then the alternative will be a tour company. You can easily look for an English speaking guided tour to aid you in your journey to Burano. This will cost you from the range of 20 to 50 Euro per person. In Venice, you can also download an app called Prontopia to get help from locals at a fee.

What To Do In Burano in a Day

You will probably do the following in a day visit at Burano. Remember to check the last water boat from Burano. The last water bus usually leaves at 9:30 pm.

  • Enjoy a good but expensive Meal
  • Visit the Old Fish Market
  • A Visit To Bepi's House
  • The story of Burano Lace 

Enjoy Good but expensive Cuisine

Ordinarily, you cannot visit Burano without tasting their local cuisine or buying Bussola cookies. The bussolà of Burano is a typical donut-shaped cake of the island, also known by the name of buranelli. There is also a variation of these cookies having an "S" shape, because of its form they are called Burano's essi (plural) or Burano's esse.

However, as Burano is touristy, food prices are more expensive than usual. We recommend going to either Al Gatto Nero da Ruggero or Trattoria da Romano.

A visit to Old Fish Market

If you love fishing or you are history lover, Burano old fish market known as Pescaria Vecia, located in Giudecca will be a perfect place to visit. Pescaria Vecia is the most romantic and adorable place for couples.

A Visit To Bepi's House

One of the things you can do in Burano is to view the colorful building of Bepi's House. It is the most colorful home on Burano Island. This building has become a tourist attraction. You will love the emblem and the colorful nature of the building. The above is the list of things you can in Burano. The aforementioned list is just a few of the things and places to visit while you are on a tour in Burano Island.

The story of Burano Lace

The Burano Lace is about a story where a fisherman who resisted a siren attempt to entice him by her canto. In exchange for his faithfulness, the siren created a wedding veil which the fisherman gave his fiancee. His wife was envied by other ladies and they imitated the lace of the wedding veil trying to create a more beautiful lace for their wedding dresses.

Story asides, you can visit the Lace Museum Burano. The tickets for the Lace Museum Burano can also be bought online. 

Where to buy Burano lace in Venice? You can visit one of these lace shops in Burano

  • Dalla Lidia Merletti d'Arte - OIdest in Burano, consisting of handmade lace,
  • Martina Vidal Venezia - Another reputable beautiful lace shop,
  • In Piazzetta - They sell other things like children lace or masks,
  • Creazioni Gaia - Another craft shop
  • Emilia Burano - Designer mainly for hotels, yachts owners.
  • La Perla Gallery - They showcase refined lace designs, and
  • Merletti dalla Olga - Suitable to find Olga lace and lace tablecloth.

Is Burano worth going?

Burano, as we know, is a very small island and has become a popular destination for people around the world. The colorful painting is awesome and the island is unique and outstanding in so many ways. If you love exploring new things, I suggest a trip to this island is a must for you. Also, do not forget to take a Vaporetto to Torcello once you are on the island of Burano to see more exciting things.

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