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Venice has over the year become a tourist Mecca where almost everyone in the world wants to visit. There are millions of visitors flocking in every year to see the unique places, sightseeing and also to buy some of the best products in the world. Most of the visitors want to obtain something from this place as a memorable token for their stay in Venice. Although most people want to get something from Venice, there are very few of them that really know what is truly Venetian and which is not. In my humble opinion, there are several things you can get for the whole process but the best of all is to buy Venice glass.

Murano glass is one of the things that you should never miss in this case. This is the main place where this glass is manufactured in the world and for this reason, it is the wisest decision to get the exact products you have been looking for. Besides visiting all the islands in Venice, you should have a memorable glass piece. If you want to visit Murano, then you can take a boat for a journey that takes less than 3 minutes.

In this case, you can start by observing the glass in the marking which is one of the best things that you should go observing. The process of manufacturing is far cry from mass production and that’s the thing that most of the people come to observe here.

The fact is that glass from Murano is very special. It is also very expensive but exemplary especially when you want to keep something special from your experience in Venice. However, you have to take some time looking for the best products because you will have no trouble to recognize the cheap imitations.

If you are planning to get this, it is very easy to get ripped off in the shops around and hence you need to get the best guide to make sure you will buy genuine glass at an affordable price.

Murano Glass

The History of Murano glass in Venice

Murano is the suburb of Venice which dates back to the middle ages. Their glass making industry dates back to the same time where it attracted the finest of craftsmanship in history. Murano started getting popularity for glass making in 1292 when they moved the glass making industry from Venice to Murano. The main reasons for this were entirely based on safety reasons. When the industry was based in Venice, the Kilns kept on setting the fire because Venice by that time was made of wood.

After this time, Murano now became a hub for the best craftsmen. It also grew into a rich village and almost every rich man of the time builds magnificent houses and palaces. Now Murano forms the bases of the Venice glass which is made from silica. This silica is extracted from the Cogoli Tesin Basic. The main reason why almost everyone wants to get a glass from this area is that their glass is renowned as the purest and most crystal clear glass in the world.

The most recognized Murano artwork is the exquisitely made murrine which is recognized as the most beautiful artwork in history. Murrines are still handmade and nothing has changed from how they were manufactured in the past centuries. When you are looking for this, you have to incur some money but there are enough reasons why you should pay for this. The sheer quality is at the core of the price you pay.

Where can I buy Venice/Murano glass?

Although there are several places you can buy Murano glasses in Venice, there are two places that we highly recommend.

  • Tommasi Glass - This is one of the oldest places where glass has maintained its quality over the centuries. Quality here is the first thing that they address before anything else. The price of all the glasses is reasonable when compared to other places in Venice. If you want to locate the company, then it is right at the heart of Murano district. For inquiries and questions, contact the industry through you can as well make contacts through39-041-736051.
  • Atelier glass - Atelier is another place that is worth to visit. It is the best place to go when you are looking for gorgeous chandelles and mirrors. Contact the company through the below contact details: tel-fax +39-041-716727.
Murano Glass Art

How expensive is Murano glass?

The only fear you have when you are shopping for the best Murano glass is the price. Most of the visitors often ask this question simply, because they want to be sure how much they will pay for the products they buy in Venice. To answer this question, we have to start by saying that Venice glass prices range from affordable to expensive. You may end up getting a product for as low as $20 but you can get other products for as high as $1,000. There are several factors that Murano glass prices depend on.

  • The difficulty of making the piece - This is the first and the most influencing factor to the prices of any piece you want to get from Murano. This depends on the technique used to make the piece. It depends on any of the techniques including multi-step process and single step technique. The multi-step process requires exceptional skills and precision to make the product. It also takes time to make that specific piece.
  • Cost and difficulty of getting materials - This is the second most influencing factor that impacts on the price of Murano glass. If there are any difficulties in obtaining the raw materials or if it takes in a lot of money to facilitate the process, then there’re chances that you will pay more for the piece.
  • Item type and color - If you are going for large and complex Murano glass pieces, then you should be ready to dig deeper in your pocket. Smaller pieces are likely to cost a few dollars.

Murano Glass Bowl

Now you have all the information about Venice glass and have the entire information on how to but the glass and how much you should be ready to pay. On your Visit to Venice, never miss a glass piece to take home with you.

Related Questions

How is Murano glass different to other types of glass? Murano glass is made from silica, soda, lime and potassium melted together in a special furnace at a temperature of 1500°C to reach a liquid state. Gold or silver foil are often added to the glass mixture, along with such minerals as copper for sparkles, zinc for white color, cobalt for blue, manganese for violet, and so on. The mixture is then mouth-blown and/or hand-crafted by master glassmakers using special techniques and basic tools, many of which have been developed in the Middle Ages and changed little since then. Meanwhile, your normal glass is made of sand, melted in higher heat at 1700°C.

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