Recommended Resources

Travelling to without anything is not recommended if you are inexperienced. Therefore, we came up with a list of recommended resources to bring along if you are planning to have a wonderful experience.

    Conquest Map

    If you are planning to travel around the world, how will you plot where you have landed before? A popular choice nowadays is the Conquest Map which you can find out where you went in a map view rather than list view. It is probably hard to map down the smaller islands but great to see the big picture of where you went before.

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    Reliable Power Bank

    Do you feel the anxiety when your battery is running below 50%? We do and find that a power bank is a must have in any luggage checklist. We tried many cheaper China brand power bank and they all sucks. Either they drain really fast or have a capacity lower than claimed. Nevertheless, the market is full of China Power Banks as they are really value for money. For us, we think you cannot go wrong with Anker Power Bank as they make reliable power bank which we trust. Anker also produced many other power products and specialised in power related tools.

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    Venice: A New History Book

    A well-writen and easy to read book (available in Kindle too) about the history of Venice from early times. I would likely recommend this book to people who want to dig deeper into the Venetian culture and history besides the nice looking facade. You can even read it before, during and after your Venice trip for travellers

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