WiFi in Italy (With Table)


Despite Italy being one of the most visited countries worldwide every year, its telecommunication connectivity might not have quite caught up yet. 

According to InterNations which is an information and networking site for people living abroad, Italy has ranked around 57th out of 68 countries around the world in terms of the ease of accessing high-speed internet such as WiFi.

As these pocket WIFi companies can close at any time, it is important to only book one as near to your trip s possible to prevent wasting the time and money finding another. It is important to buy from a company Nevertheless, below is the table of WiFi in Italy, with many closed too

WiFi Service Price Limitation

5,90 € / day for up to 6GB / day

7,20 € / day for unlimited / day (based on FAQ 18GB/day for fair use)

Battery life of the device
TravelWIFi (formerly WiFiVox)

FYI, choosing Europe is the same rate if you are traveling around Europe




Battery life of the device
Free Italia WiFi Free 2 hours daily
WiFi on High-speed trains Free

In train for Frecciarossa / Frecciargento

Frequent loss of connection

Indeed, the ethereal security and stability of a WiFi connection allow your mind to disconnect and relax.

Hence, such aforementioned statistics might deter travelers from considering Italy, especially those who plan to use their mobile gadgets to study or work. Luckily, there are several WiFi services for you to choose from that have been recommended and lauded by foreign residents and tourists.


Credits: WiTourist

As Italy’s first mobile WiFi service, WiTourist is the country’s most popular Internet access provider. It uses pocket-sized devices for you that you can rent for wireless Internet access wherever you are. It is akin to a WiFi hotspot but with the bonus of resting snugly in your pocket.

With a whopping 3 to 5 GB of traffic per day, you can complete various tasks while on the go, from searching for specific places on maps to catching up with your kith and kin via social media. That’s not all, you can connect up to 5 devices to this WiFi simultaneously. Other benefits include a long battery life of around 5 to 7 hours and zero roaming costs.

Simply book the device online and select your preferred location of collection, which can conveniently be the airport on your day of arrival. Once your trip is over, all you have to do is return the WiFi, free of charge as well!

Do head to the link below for any inquiries or more information!


TravelWifi (formerly Wifivox)

Credits: TravelWifi

TravelWifi (formerly Wifivox) is a portable pocket-sized tool that provides WiFi to travelers all around the world.

With one of Italy’s fastest wireless connectivities, this lightweight tool allows you to stay connected while wandering about the sights here. You can update and receive updates from your friends and family, regardless of whether they are in another country or even in Italy. Furthermore, other tasks can be performed such as finding recommendations on Google or even blasting to songs on Spotify!

For just 7,95 € / day, you get to use 1 GB at maximum speed and connect up to 5 devices to this WiFi. If you hit the limit, you can surf at full speed the following day as usual. There are other data plans available at reasonable prices, such as 10 GB / day at only 11.95 € a day despite the amount of data being ten times that in the day plan. This is why many tourists have reviewed that this WiFi was more affordable than setting up an international data service. This device can also be delivered to your place of convenience, including your hotel.


Free WiFi

Credits: CuddlyNest

When exploring a town or city in Italy, travelers often do not have to pay for data roaming at all! Many public hotspots are providing free WiFi throughout the country, be it in cafes, malls, or post offices.

There is also the Free Italia WiFi, which offers users at least 2 hours free daily. You only have to register once for the Internet before being able to continue accessing it in multiple Italian cities and regions. Florence, Venice, and Sardinia, to name a few. No passports or complicated procedures are required for logging in.

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WiFi on High-speed trains

Credits: ItaliaRail

If you plan to hop on a Frecciarossa or Frecciargento, you are in for a delightful surprise. Thanks to Trenitalia and Telecom Italia, you can access the Internet throughout your journey at a reasonable fixed price. Your MacBook, iPad, or Samsung phone are all included in this WiFi package.

Once the train leaves the station, the WiFi would take just a few minutes to be active. After launching your Internet browser, you would be automatically redirected to the portal’s sign-in page. Note that there may be an occasional drop in the WiFi signal when the trains go through tunnels or stop at railway stations along the way.

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