Visit Venice or Naples Italy?

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When you are visiting another country especially for touring purposes, you need to have the right information to make sure you don’t get to the wrong places. I bet this is the main reason why most of the people are asking whether they should visit Venice or Naples on their tour to Italy.

In this brief, we are going to talk about some of the reasons why you should Visit any of the two cities and eventually give our conclusion regarding the best where you can get maximum satisfaction. You can as well see what people are saying on

Why visit Naples?

I have heard most people talk about this but very few can be able to give a clear cut between Venice and Naples. In Naples, you can have a taste of some of the best traditional delicacies and some modern recipes. In its outcasts, you will set an eye on one of the most ancient Roman towers of Herculaneum. The tower has a very rich history that you must hear.

As a matter of fact, the Tower of Herculaneum was buried by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD. The other thing you should note is that this tower is a smaller version of Pompeii. The volcano eruption didn’t erase this tower completely but defined some of its mosaic arts that you can set your eyes on.

The first thing you will see after entering the tower is small rows of boat shields that were used by the ancient people. The Roman tower was few meters from the sea but today is several Kilometers from the shore and that’s why you will see some boats there. You will as well set your eyes on the place where people were hiding from the encroaching lava but they were outshined by nature and you can actually see their skeletons. If you have a special connection with Roman History, I think this is the best place to be.

The main reason why we are saying that Naples is a city of history is its national archaeological museums. Actually, these museums and the Herculaneum are viewed as the most important archaeological collections.

You can visit some of these museums and have some time to know the ancient Roman times. They have gigantic statues and hundreds of other Roman artifacts. The town was buried but there are some remains that you can see in the secret Cabinet Room.

Now get out of the museums and dive into Naples captivating streets. You are likely to experience hidden churches, alleyways and many more. People are on their daily lives and hence you will not have a hard time to interact with some Romans in this area. The city also has some of the best clubs, bars, and restaurants that you can sit down in the evening. Most of the foods and drinks here are affordable but you may be forced to dig deeper in your pockets for extras.

Naples downside

One main problem that you are likely to experience in Naples is payment methods. If you leave your car in the parking lot and think you can pay with the card, then this is almost impossible. In most of the cases, cards can only be used by the locals. That’s the reason why you should carry some money with you.

Late at night, you may experience some fracas here and there especially with drunk people. That’s not a big problem if you want to spend just a few hours of your night in the bars and indoors.

Why Venice?

When I talk about Venice, most of you can relate. Venice is actually the most perfect place to start your tour in Italy. Venice will give you some of the best tourist attractions but you should be ready for crowded streets from tourists and locals.

You don’t have to come to the city with high expectations. The first thing you should come and see is Venice itself. You can just walk around its beautiful streets and follow the cars and sometimes get lost. You can as well get to San Marco and if you have enough time enter the Basilica. Spare some time to take a boat over the island of Burano. This island has some of the best and the most colorful houses. You can as well leave some time to interact with the locals and if possible take a taste of some of the local foods.

Where to stay in Venice

Venice always has a place for you to stay but you have to choose wisely depending on your budget. You can choose to stay at Plus Hostels but you should be ready to trek for some time to get to the tourist attractions. If you want inner city accommodation, then you should have some more money saved for that.

Where to eat in Venice

There are several places you can take your friend for dinners. However, most of the restaurants are very expensive and you also have to pay more for lunches and dinner. Though, there are several other places you can go for cheap lunches in Venice. You can get to La Serenissima where you can eat some homemade creamy mushrooms.

Venice downside

Just like any other city in the world, there are several concerns when you are planning your visit and stay in Venice. To stay on this, I have to say that you will have to put up with long lines in the parks and the museums. You will also have to put up with crowded streets and some insecurity along the way. I have also heard some visitors say that Food in Venice is not the best. Most of them were disappointed but had no other alternative.

Where to visit: Naples or Venice?

The city you want to visit between Naples and Venice will be determined by the situation at hand and your personal preferences. If you are visiting with your family and didn’t want to queue for long or even spend a lot of money along the way, then you should visit Naples. Naples is also the best place to visit if you are a historian and wants to get more about the ancient Roman times. It is also a very cheap city to stay and visit.

On the other hand, if you are visiting sole and have all the confidence to beat the crowd and see some of the best tourist attractions, Venice is for you.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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