Why do Italians love pizza?


Italian love with pizza

Pizza is now the most popular fast food that is being consumed almost in every part of the world. This has made it one of the fast foods that are on a very great demand, there are very many varieties currently to choose from and the kind of toppings one may require. However, many people who enjoy pizza have no idea where their favorite fast food originated from.

The very main reason why Italians love pizza is that Italy is the origin of pizza. The current pizza we are eating had its first origin in the city of Naples in Italy. This was the main food which was being eaten by the immigrants who were there in the late 18th century as their main food. The pizza was topped up with tomato topping by then, since then, pizza has then evolved over time but never left the Italian menu up to the current days, it has been like a traditional food for them and that is why Italian take pizza mostly. Not forgetting the Sicilian pizza which is not so common but it had its origin in Italy too, in the city of Palermo.

Italians hate pineapple on pizza

Pineapple on pizza

It can be a weird thing to talk about pineapple toppings on pizza in Italy. Pizza with pineapple also known as Hawaiian pizza which is an idea that originated from Canada is much popular in the United States of America. The Italian is not friendly to this kind of pizza and it is termed as offensive, some of the reasons why this kind of pizza is not warmly welcomed in Italy are because Italians are very conservative and they highly value their traditional food. The original type of pizza in Italy was the kind which had tomato as a topping and that is what they like to keep it. 

Another thing that is a belief in Italy is that pizza should not have a sweet topping hence pineapples cannot work for them. However the strong point here is the cultural perspective, their culture is what they rely on since the pineapple toppings are not part of their culture, which is the reason why they find it unsuitable for them.

Italians eat pizza with a fork

Fork with pizza

This was the custom of eating in the early days which the Italians used to eat pizza, however, there has been a mixed view of this due to cultural interactions the have led to blending of the cultures and eroding the ancient cultures. So there is no standard custom today that governs that, people nowadays choose what to do on their own. There are actually very many advantages too of using your hand as it was in ancient Italy this is especially when the pizza is too soft and it is too big, you will prefer your hands than a fork and a knife.

What is the difference between Sicilian and Neapolitan Pizza?

There are very many ways you can differentiate Neapolitan pizza from Sicilian pizza. These two fast foods can be differentiating in terms of;

  • Ways of crafting
  • This is one of the distinguishing factors. Neapolitan pizza is composed of cheese specifically mozzarella, and there are tomatoes which are placed on top as toppings. This cheese that is used originates from the milk that has been obtained from a water buffalo. The pizza also has the crusty part which is formed from the wheat; on the other hand, the Sicilian pizza is the kind which is made up of a very thick crust made from dough that is not as soft and light as the Neapolitan pizza.

  • Ingredients
  • There are great differences when it comes to the types of ingredients used in the baking of the pizza. For Neapolitan pizza, you will find the ingredients like; flavor, tomato topping, and the flour that is used to bake the pizza, on the other hand, the Sicilian includes the flavor and the flour too but lacks the common tomato topping. You should always check the ingredients that are for you before you buy any type of pizza.

  • Origin
  • Neapolitan is one of the most famous pizza that has its origin in Naples Italy, this type of pizza has only one way of preparation which is adhered to by all chefs in the world, while Sicily not as famous as Neapolitan but is also originated in Italy but specifically in Palermo town, the pizza has different ways of preparation due to different cultures which are involved in making them.

  • Shape
  • This is also a distinguishing factor between the Neapolitan pizza and the Sicilian pizza, the Sicilian pizza is rectangular in shape, on the other hand, the Neapolitan pizza is the one which is most popular, it has a common shape which is circular and it is divided to form different triangles.

  • Size
  • This is a very sensitive difference too; the two pizzas have a different size. The Sicilian pizza is rectangular and has more dough which means it is thicker when you compare it to the Neapolitan pizza which is thinner due to less dough used, the Neapolitan is also soft and easy to cut or partition into pieces.

    To sum up, Italy is a very significant country when it comes to coming up with cuisines, the people there were quite creative. The creativity goes on up to the current state where Italian food is quite good. Naples is a specific city in Italy where almost all invention of cuisine in the world was done by the immigrants.  Finally, it is important that you understand pizza very well and the ingredients that are contained when you want to buy it for you or your family.

    Link:  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sicilian_pizza 


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