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Neapolitan Ice Cream Tub

At some point, we have all loved ice cream, whether in our childhood or up to this later stage. This is one of the best snacks due to a variety of flavors that you can choose from. All flavors seem quite good; it can be even difficult to choose one, every time you are asked which flavor you are going to take, you can hesitate to scan through your mind for the best. However, Neapolitan ice cream has made things quite easy; you can find a variety of flavors in just one container.

What is Neapolitan ice cream?

This is a type of ice cream that is made up of three layers of different flavors all put in one container with no any kind of no packaging that exist between the layers. The layers are vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, all these three layers are quite visible and you can easily distinguish them.

Why do they call it Neapolitan ice cream?

Neapolitan Ice Cream Snack

Neapolitan ice cream originated from Naples in Italy in the 19th century which was one of the cuisines in the city by then, the name Neapolitan then originated from Neapolitan immigrants who came to America in the 1870s, after migrating from Italy who was the experts in frozen desserts, as a result, they started making ice cream which was then called the Neapolitan-style ice hence the name Neapolitan ice cream.

How is Neapolitan ice cream made?

This ice cream is made in large scale using bigger freezer machines; however, it can be made on a small scale at home too.

Large scale

This type of ice cream is unique because it has three different layers which are of different flavors. So how are they made to appear like that? First, the flavors which are the building block of Neapolitan ice cream which is vanilla strawberry and chocolate are filled in holding tanks, which is in separate tanks. These are very large freezer tanks; they can take up to 10,000 liters. The tanks have pipes which leads to a nozzle which is has a shape of a rectangle, the nozzle is not really big, can just hold something like two liters or so, this nozzle has the dividers which separate different flavors, which means there are two separators to make three portions.

The flavors from the tanks fill the nozzles one by one, there are many nozzles, not just one. After filling all of them, there will be many nozzles with three types of flavor that are still soft which are being held by separators to prevent them from mixing. The nozzles are then passed through the freezer where they are frozen to a temperature of -20 degrees, this is an optimum temperature which is not easy to reach, and it takes almost 8 hours to reach this point. After this, you can have your ice cream with three different flavors.

On a small scale

This is a way that you can use to make the ice cream at your home using your freezer

The ingredients include; 2 liters of tub vanilla ice cream which is softened, a quarter of a kilogram of strawberries which have been hulled and blended and extra to garnish, 140 grams of dark chocolate which is melted

How to make it- first get a baking tin which has been separated with a film to prevent the mixing, then divide the ice cream that you are having into three parts of equal portions, mix one portion with strawberries and the next one with chocolate, after this you can put the set up in a freezer and put on your freezer, leave the set up for about 5 hours and your ice cream will be good

Where is Neapolitan ice cream from?

This ice cream is very popular in America; however, it did not originate from there, Neapolitan ice cream originally came from Italy, specifically from its city Naples back in the 19th century, it was one of the cuisines in Italy and it was usually molded during those times, there were no machines to make it the way it is made currently. This kind of ice cream came to America in the 1870s when the Neapolitan immigrants entered the United States of America who had the expertise in the frozen desserts; they then used the knowledge that they had to come up with the ice which had three flavors with three different colors which originally were made to look like the flag of Italy hence reached the flavors which are chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

Harlequin ice cream ingredients 

There are three main ingredients in this type of ice cream, these are the three flavors, the vanilla, the chocolate, and strawberry, and these are the basic ingredients for the Neapolitan ice cream. The other ingredients may include; cream kosher, dairy milk, buttermilk and skim milk cream sugar and some might have corn.

Neapolitan ice cream review

This is so far the best type of ice cream you can try; it contains all your favorite flavors in one container. The flavors have a great taste and so delicious, this is very affordable and it works better for a family setting where people have different tastes, they can just get one tin and enjoy their favorite flavors without shopping for ice cream three times. The ice cream is always creamy which makes it the best. If you are a person of colors, then this is the best for you because you will get three different colors just in one container.

How is Neapolitan ice cream packed?

The packaging in both the large scale production and small scale is the same the flavors are piped into the packages which contain the films fitted that separate the flavors before they are passed through the freezer and they cool.


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