6 Best Gelato in Venice That Italians Love Too

6 Best Gelato in Venice - Italians love too

Italians love their gelato and it has spread worldwide, including the USA with brands like the famous Rita Ice, Gelato Go, and Gelato di Natura. Gelato alone accounted for approximately 5% of the $14.3 billion U.S. ice cream market in 2016. 

If you like to find out more about gelato, do read our one-stop guide to gelato in Italy too which will let you know more about gelato and also a list of Gelato shops to go around Italy. Find the guide here.

The top 6 gelato that Venetian loves:-

  1. Santa Croce - Fontego Delle Dolcezze

  2. Cannaregio-Gelato Di Natura

  3. San Polo - Gelateria Millefoglie Da Tarcisio

  4. Dorsoduro - Gelateria Nico

  5. San Marco- Suso Gelatoteca

  6. Castello - Gelateria Pasticceria Peter Pan

Santa Croce - Fontego Delle Dolcezze

Using quality ingredients and flavors changing frequently, this is our choice for the top 6 places for gelato. The gelato is suitable for people who love the rich flavor and the only con is that it is slightly more expensive than your usual gelato.

Recommended Flavours

  • Chocolate hazelnut is great for Nutella lovers,
  • Custard cream was delicious and creamy,
  • Tiramisu is delightful.

Cannaregio - Gelato Di Natura

The taste of their gelato will make you ask for more as it is so natural and unique. Most of the ingredients used in the preparation of gelato are all-natural with diverse health benefits. The price and serving are reasonable too and it isn't too crowded.

Recommended Flavours

  • Cookies,
  • Tiramisu,
  • Espresso.

San Polo - Gelateria Millefoglie Da Tarcisio

This is very close to the most visited churches in Venice, Basilica Dei Frari. This ice cream joint is very small and the size might be deceiving. Although they also sell pizza, their gelato is worth a try too and remains one of the very best places to find gelato in Venice. You can get a nice set meal and it is located conveniently. 

Recommended Flavours

  • Hazelnut,
  • Strawberry,
  • Pistachio.

Dorsoduro - Gelateria Nico

This remains one of the most popular ice-cream parlors in Venice. This is not because of its location, but because of the awesome lagoon view and inexpensive price. If you stop by to get gelato, do ensure you taste the yummy ice-cream with huge gianduia chocolate flavor. Dorsoduro-Gelateria Nico is a very wonderful place to get gelato in Venice

Recommended Flavours

  • Gianduiotto with whipped cream,
  • Kinder Cereal.

San Marco-Suso Gelatoteca

This is an unbeatable ice-cream parlor in Venice. If you are searching for the perfect place to get gelato in Venice, I suggest you check this place out. Their gelato is a must-have. They are also vegan-friendly

Recommended Flavours

  • Pistachio, chocolate and sea salt,
  • Classic Vanilla

Castello - Gelateria Pasticceria Peter Pan

This does only represent the place for the best-hidden gelato in Venice. Being well-hidden, the place is enjoyable and feels comfortable. Their gelato is very cheap and affordable. Despite the affordable price, it is very tasty too. This gelato joint is located in the Castello district. There is a high level of serenity in this environment. It is a quiet place to enjoy a gelato in Venice.

Recommended Flavours

  • Strawberry


With the above list, we hope you found new places to try gelato. Though there are various places in Venice where you can find gelato, the above list remains our favorite places to find gelato, and also enjoy a quiet and comfortable atmosphere why you enjoy your gelato. Below is a map of the places we covered.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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