Is Italian Language Hard to Learn

If you have the question that is Italian hard to learn, your answer cannot be just given into a simple yes or no manner. 

First: our first language or our mother language is something that we are taught since we were not even able to speak. As the mothers are talking to their child in that basic language and the child is hearing nothing but her own language in this way he or she is getting familiar with the words and how exactly those words sound. But while learning another language aside from the first one it can be quite challenging disregarding of the fact that the language is from which country. Language is far more than just a bunch of words and also grammatical rules to follow on how to put those words together and get a meaningful sentence out of your mouth but it is just simply another world. Speaking Italian will give you access to more than 64 million native speakers of the world from the area of Rome to Milan to Sicily to San Marino. 

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Italian is currently considered as one of the easiest languages for a native English speaker to learn with almost zero efforts as the grammar and also the sentence structure of this language is quite different from English but also of a simple kind. And just because that both of the languages have the roots laid down in the earlier stages of Latin language and they also have thousands of cognates that they are sharing through each other and also words that sound almost the same and have the exact same meaning just apart from the accent that they are being spoken on. Consider the following sentence in Italian: made up almost entirely of Italian English cognates; ristorante antico si trova vicino al Museo d'arte. The coordinates for restaurant museum and art are almost a change and just by the sound you can at least have the basis for preliminary examination of what the words are actually sounding are meaning like in native English and also you should stretch your brain towards a bit of extent and also you might not is that antico looks a lot like antique and vicino looks like vicinity. Just by putting all together with some more words while also maintaining the simple manner of assumption you would have the sentence of the old restaurant is near the art museum. 

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Second, not only the fact that is to be considered that Italian is relatively easy to pick up and start speaking as soon as you get the basic things inside your mind but also understanding this language gives you a lot of amount of head start in order to understand some other Romance based languages such as French and Spanish and Portuguese. 

With proper amount of guidance and supervision you can easily learn Italian without going to any type of language classes or not even hiring a property or even investing some expensive equipment or software for you to learn this language much easier for the other hand you are going to have a lot of affordable monthly subscription and also have the access to hundreds of hours of interactive courses that are just available for you to get started with the speaking right from the first lesson of learning the language of Italy. 

Is Italian hard to learn

To answer this question, first of all, you have to know the basic answer of considering Italian as a hard language in comparison to which? There are many people that have one spent a fascinating year teaching English to Japanese over the high school students and one thing that struck to them with a massive amount that was the teenagers that were under the supervision was still learning to read their own language even at the level of high school. 

In fact, the native Japanese language has almost 1,000 letters into the least it has been considered one of the most challenging languages to have properly memorized inside the mind rather than on the other hand spoken Japanese is actually not so hard all the quite different but pretty regular with a reasonable pronunciation system. So while you are comparing the total data in your hand you would have the proper answers and if you are thinking about is Italian hard to learn or not then if you are doing the proper comparison it can be easily proved just in front of you is that Italian looks just like a piece of cake aren’t it?

Anything about learning a language can be arranged with the level of difficulty just according to the amount of data that can your brain process and remember at the same time. The faster you learn the easier the language is for you and the lower the total intake of data and knowledge and also the memorizing factors of the language are going into your brain the harder that it is going to be for you to learn that new language. 


To do something and to define something as hard or easy always depends on the very basic factor of the easy comparison between that person who is actually doing the work or the work itself. Although considering the factor that it is not always true that only comparison can truly define the hard or easy factors of work. But while relative Lee speaking with all the other languages for you to learn aside from your first language or native English or even if you have English as your second language apart from your first one then it is more likely for you to have much easier approach over Italian due to some very basic reasons such as the same route of both the language and also the same like-sounding cognates. So it is totally up to you and the total capacity of your brain to take the data and memorize in order to learn a new language but while relatively speaking Italian is quite easy to learn apart from many other traditional languages.

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