Common Italian Greetings You Must Know

If you consider visiting Italy, then knowing how to say hello or good morning in Italian is important. However, I have to admit that some of the greetings and words in Italy are very difficult to internalize and pronounce.

If you really want to know something about the Italian language, you have to read them and keep repeating them. That is the only way you can be able to internalize them and pronounce when you meet with Italians. I know you are now trying to figure out if learning Italian is difficult. According to some findings, learning Italian is not difficult especially if you know some French or Spanish.

In order to be able to communicate or blend well with the people in Italy, you need to learn some phrases. In this post, I will help you learn some basic Italian greeting phrases and at the same time advise you on the dos and don’ts while you are confronting an Italian for your Italy Trip.

Italian Greetings You Must Know

These are some common phrases that you are likely to use on your first days in Italy. They are phrases that you are likely to use before you learn any other Italian.

English followed by Italian (in Italic)

Hello, My name is Joe. Ciao, mi chiamo Joe

What is your name? Come ti Chiami?

How are things over here? Come vanno le cose?

Good Morning. Buongiorno

Good Afternoon. Boun Pomeriggio

Good Evening. Buonasera

Ok! Thanks. Bene, grazie

Nice to Meet you. Piacere di conoscerti

I am fine. sto bene

Goodbye. Ciao

See you later. A presto

Tip 1: Just say Hello in Italian

The most popular way of saying Hello in Italian is to use this Italian Word ‘’Buongiorno’’ which means Good day. If you have a hard time pronouncing this word, then break it in two ‘’Buon Giorno. The main reason why most of the people are using this word is that it will always look appropriate in both formal and informal contexts.

If you are greeting a woman, then it is always a good thing to add ‘’madam’’ to make it more complete. Madam in Italian is pronounced as Signora and for this reason, you can say Buongiorno, signora. You can as well add the word ‘’sir’’ (Signore) and say Buongiorno signore. If you know the person you are talking to, then you can add more to it and say their name. Take for example you are talking to an Italian man by the name Marco. You can always say Buongiorno, Signore Marco.

Italian Greeting

Tip 2: Dos and Don’ts when approaching an Italian

When it comes to visiting Italy and approaching an Italian for any inquiry, there are several things that you have to bear in mind. There are some of the things that you have to do to make it work for you and there are several others that you are supposed to refrain yourself from to ensure you are in good terms.

Tip 3: Don’t try to say ‘’Ciao’’ when you meet someone for the first time

One thing that most of the visitors don’t know is that ‘’Ciao’’ is reserved for greeting friends. What this means is that you aren’t supposed to use this word when you are confronting someone for the first time. A good option is to say ‘’ Buion Ciorno’’ Which means good morning. You can as well say ‘’Buona sera’’ which means good afternoon or good evening.

Tip 4: Speak some Italian Even If You Cannot

This is another thing that most of the people don’t take into consideration. When you visit Italy, you have to speak some Italian. Based on observations, most of the Italians like it when you first speak some Italian even when it is just basics. Just say good morning or Good evening in Italian when you see someone for the first time.


In some parts of the country, it is pretty easy to come to face some Italians speaking pretty good English. However, in some other parts of the country, you may come face to face with some people who can speak some English words and others who cannot speak even a single English name. For this reason, you have to invest some little time learning Italian words.

To enter some amazing places, you have to, first of all, take some time to observe your dressing code. In some other cases, you need to have a good dressing code before you think of approaching some Italians for inquiries or just socializing. That is a very imperative thing.

Put some efforts

In Italy, most of the people appreciate their efforts. What this means is that even when you try to speak in Italian, most of them will just respond in English but will really appreciate the efforts.

Don’t confront someone hard in the face

Italians are sensitive, you don’t have to confront someone with a ‘’hard facial expression’’. When you do this, most of them will just excuse themselves and leave.

Tip 5: Doing try to speak too much Italian

Sometimes it gets worse when you try to speak too much Italian when you are just struggling with the language. If you are not perfect, just confront someone in Italian and later switch to English if you notice they can speak the language.

Learning the basics of any language takes a lot of time. However, this is not usually the case with Italian especially when you are willing to learn. In your ambitions to tour this beautiful country, try your best and get some basics. Great Italians in their own local language and try your best to make friends. According to studies, Italians are social people. What this means is that you can easily become friends.

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