Why Italian are so thin?

Why Italian are skinny? Italians are skinnier because as a nation are motivated to stay healthy and fit. In addition to that Italians are skinnier because they have a better healthier approach towards eating habits in comparison to the rest of the world these days. Therefore, Italians have skinny body figures due to diet and their culture. 

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Health is the most essential part of all our lives. A sound mind needs a sound body to function and bring out our best productivity. The famous saying health means wealth is very accurate. If we are healthy we also have a sense of more self-confidence. We wake up every morning feeling motivate as the first sight we have in the morning in the mirror makes us feel good. The good vibe that we get in the morning further makes our day better. We feel good and hence we spend our time focused as we are happy from the very get to go. Different cultures have different ways of staying healthy.

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Few nations are more concerned about staying healthy. It is the meaning of their lives. They do not consider it as something secondary. It is rather part of their identity. Italians being among these nations. You will mostly find Italians healthy. There is a rare occasion in which you will find an unhealthy Italian. In comparison to other parts of the world Italians can be regarded as skinny in their body type. We can learn from the lifestyles of Italians how we can maintain a healthy body and make it part of our lives. In this article, we will mention the approaches to adopt to have skinny bodies like most Italians.  

  • Less Processed Food: 
  • One of the most healthy habits that Italians adapt to from a very early age of life is they try their best not to eat processed food. Italians believe in making food from scratch.  Italian moms tend to give their children food that they blend themselves rather than giving them processed baby food. This habit starts to develop with them from an early age and tends to stay as they grow up. They also try to make food from basic ingredients. Pasta being their staple diet. The making of pasta is mostly done by them freshly rather than having a packaged one.

  • A nation obsessed with the fit body: 
  • Italy is the hub of fashion. As a nation that produces one of the top lines of fashion that include Gucci and Parda, there is no doubt that Italians are fashion conscious. The fashion industry and its ideals are important for them. Having a slim body one of the benchmarks of the fashion industry. Italians tend to think that your body defines the life you chose to have. If you have a good body figure means you care about yourself. This means you are self-aware and know how to take care of yourself.

  • Beaches watching out for weight: 
  • In most of the countries of the world as the summer season takes over everyone gets concerned about getting in shape. The reason for this is simple we do not want to step out on beaches with the body bulges that we have put on over the winter season. Italy has the most beautiful beaches. Italians tend to visit the beaches all year long. The visit to the beach regardless of the season is mandatory for them. This means all year round they are motivated to stay fit as they need that beach body all year round.

  • Health diet over Dieting: 
  • If you will tell an Italian that you are planning to diet chances are they will tell you that it is the worst idea. Italians believe that rather than starving yourself of essential nutrients that are important to keep you going you should cut out on unhealthy eating patterns. Italians believe that rather than putting on weight by eating fatty foods and then dieting which will make you upset, a better approach is to eat healthy every day. Italians try to avoid junk food and rather eat healthy to maintain their figure from the beginning rather than a diet.

  • More Waterless Alcohol
  • Italians as compared to other people tend to drink less alcohol. They tend to drink

    The wine that is often made in the nearest vineyard which again is healthy. In comparison to other alcoholic beverages, they prefer having wine on most occasions. They also do not have the habit of consuming alcohol for fun nights. Italians usually have wine along with their dinner or other meals in the entire day. They prefer having water over any other drinking beverage. Consuming soft drinks for Italians is the last option that they look into as they considered is extremely unhealthy.

  • Hearty Lunch less Dinner
  • Italians another habit which in comparison to the rest part of the world is different. They have a huge lunch rather than dinner. The logic behind this is dependent on two things. First, we need more calories in the day for us to function and keep ourselves going. In case we have heavy lunch chances are we will be burning out the calories throughout the day rather than eating heavy dinner at night and going to sleep. The second reason for having a bigger portion of lunch is that you are less likely to have urges to snack on in the evening time if your stomach is already full.

  • Less butter and sweet tooth: 
  • Italians also have one very healthy habit in comparison to other people. Italians tend to use very little butter and oil in their cooking. They mostly boil their vegetables and even pasta being there staple food is mostly boiled. They only drizzle a little bit of olive oil over there salads which again is mostly made organically. In addition to that rather than eating a huge big slice of cake as dessert Italians prefer to have fruits as an alternative for the sweet tooth. Even there pastry includes fruits in major quantity which may include having yogurt with fruits. 


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