Why Alappuzha is called Venice of the East

If you have ever visited the Alappuzha, you should already know there’s no other place that is as gifted. The main reason why am confident with my statement is that there’s not even a single place in the world full of ‘’Mother Nature’’ as this. 

Take a chance today and visit the Alappuzha and you will get a good sensation in your lungs. Your lungs will inflate with the onrush of scenery in this place and the adorable air that you are going to breathe. You will never get enough of this place with swirling coconut trees, wonderful skies, trees, water, and greenery. 

Alappuzha Canals

One of the phenomenons that you can’t miss is the Alleppey Alias Alappuzha. Spending some time here makes you feel as if heaven is on earth.  It’s a chance to let Mother Nature live long so that our future generations can witness the same. 

Alleppey Alias Alappuzha

What is Alappuzha? 

Alappuzha is an administrative headquarters of the Alappuzha District in Kerala, India. Its original name was Alleppey. The city today hosts about 174, 164 people. Similarly, this city is very clean and also features a great place where people can visit to connect with nature. The Centre of Science and Environment announced in 2016 that this city is an environmentally clear place to visit and reside in India. 

Why is Alappuzha known as the ‘’Venice of the East’?

Most of you are already wondering why this city is known as Venice of the East. Well, if you want to know the real story, then sit down and relax as you read along. The name has a very interesting story behind it. The story, however, starts from the first decade of the 21st century. It is at the time Viceroy of the Indian Empire paid a visit to the state of Alleppey which is now referred to as Alappuzha. 

He noticed that this place was very adorable and beautiful. For this reason, he thought that this state was the cleanest and best place to breathe fresh air. The beauty of this place was so awe-inspiring that he claimed ‘’Here, nature has spent up on the land her richest bounties, Alleppey the Venice of the East.’’ This is actually where the name came from and since then many people have been referring to Alappuzha as the Venice of the East. 

The beauty and the tranquil backwaters captivated the Viceroy of the Indian Empire and now he made up his mind to compare this place to Venice which was at the time regarded as the city over water. Most of the people at this point in time agreed that this place was actually the Venice of the east because all of them would see the beauty that this state featured. From this point in time, many people continue to refer to it as Venice of the East. 

Other Phenomena

There are several other ideas that explain the reason behind this name. Another person claims that the people in the east are very ford of publishing things. For this reason, most tourists would visit some of the places and would end up thinking that this place was very similar to Venice. 

Compared to Venice, the state was full of backwaters, freshwaters, and lakes. Are you even wondering why nobody saw any other place in Kerala? It’s because only the Alappuzha has similarities with Venice and that’s why they regarded it as Venice in the East. Additionally, the sea-route to India was very strong through Alappuzha port and so many people would come in through the same routes. The state was and is still very beautiful with many scenic destinations which many visitors compared to what they saw in Venice. 

If you are very concerned about the cities of the world, then you must have already known why Venice is a famous place. There are some involving and stunning canals that make this city very beautiful. However, going to Venice can be very expensive and also very demanding. Now, what if I tell you that there’s a destination that can offer the same experiences. You don’t have to be surprised because we have our own Venice in India. 

The state is known for wonderful backwaters which explains the reason why this state can be given the name ‘’Venice in the East’’. There are also many Lagoons, beaches, and canals that resemble the ones you will find in Venice. The Name Alappuzha also has a significant meaning. It means a town between the sea and the river which clearly explains why this town is a nice place to visit. 

The best experiences occur when you choose to cruise the waters in Alappuzha on a houseboat. You will relish the sceneries as you move through the unexplored and unaltered corners of the earth. 

Other cities are known as Venice in the East

Besides Alappuzha in Kerala, there are other cities that are known as Venice in the East. These cities carry the same names because there are similarities that resemble the beauty and compare it to that in Venice. Among the cities, most of them are located in India. 


This city is a popular tourist destination with a lot to boast of. It is located on the Northern tip of India. There are many people that also regard this city as the ‘paradise on earth’’ and others compare it to Venice which is the reason why they regard the city as the ‘’ Venice in the east’’. There are many lakes around this area which include the Khushal Sar, Gil Sar, and Nigeen Lake. These are actually the scenes that make this place spectacular. 


This other city is located in Rajasthan and has many lakes and rivers that make it a close resemblance to what you can find in Venice. There are actually two stunning artificial lakes in the place which include Fateh Sagar Lake and the source of all beauty Doodh Talai Lake. 

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