Which Airport in Rome is Best to Fly into

When flying by air into Rome, there are only 2 airport options. However, when it comes to flying in the best airline in Rome, this could pose quite a dilemma but this is just the reason why we have this article for you.

Before we go further, you should know that the names of the airports in Rome are Fiumicino and Ciampino and both of them are international airports. This is the more reason why you need to think well enough before you go ahead to pick on the best option. It should also be noted that if you happen to be traveling from America or Canada, you would be landing in Fiumicino, if you are however traveling from Europe or any other part of the world, you could pick any of the two options of where to land in.

This is how to choose.

Choosing which of the airport in Rome you might want to land into

It should be noted that Fiumicino is the major airport in Rome and when people want to relate to airports in Rome, they relate with Fiumicino more. There are also some specific airlines in the world that pick one of the two airports got land in and so you might need to confirm from your airline where the plane would land if you already have a preference amongst the two airports.

Air Emirates

If you want one of the airport that would make your loved ones find you easily and the fact that it is easy to move around the airport without getting lost, then the Fiumicino is definitely an option for you. When we say that the airport is not so large, it doesn’t mean that there are no side attractions and also places where you could buy things in.

Fiumicino Airport

If you know that you would like to fly by Fiumicino airport, the best bet for you is to make sure of it that you go in time because you might end up spending lots of hours at the check-in point before you board. When you have to fly at Fiumicino, you might have to be at the airport at exactly two hours before you board.

Fiumicino Airport Interior

Ciampino is actually smaller than Fiumicino, it has just 16 gates while Fiumicino has 36, and this airport is actually very nice if you would want to meet up with a loved one early. Unlike Fiumicino, this airport is actually not a place where you have so many side attractions. They are strictly for business alone and so you don’t have to expect so much when you want to fly by Ciampino airport.

In addition, when it comes to which of the two airports fly the best airlines in the world, you can be very certain that Fiumicino is the best bet for you. Ciampino, on the other hand, is for those that want to fly based on a budget, hence you might want to weigh your options before you fly.

The downside to Fiumicino is that when you land and then you have so much luggage, you might need to wait for so long before you get your luggage. The reason is that there are so many airlines in this airport and then you might need to wait until it is your own turn to get your luggage because of the long queue that you would find at the airport.

While it is often said that Fiumicino would still have a long way to go when it has to compete with many of its counterparts in other countries, it would still be regarded as one of the cleanest airports that you would find around. Another thing that you might want to take caution of with this airport is the fact that you cannot really trust the escalator, hence you might want to take the longer route

With Ciampino on the other hand, you are guaranteed of more comfort as there is always a bus to take you on to the check-in space after you must have check-out of the airplane. Fiumicino doesn’t offer this much comfort.

When you are in Rome and then you are thinking of driving to the airport, you would realize that the much closer option for you is the Ciampino airport and so if distance is one thing that would make you select a choice of airports while in Rome, then Ciampino is definitely a choice to go for because it is much closer to any part of Rome that you might be coming from.

While this is said, you should also note that if what you are considering is to take a taxi, then Ciampino is the better choice for you because of the route which is easy to navigate. Fiumicino on the other has the problem of being able to select a better route to ply through, it also has the problem of traffic which you might not want to bank on, especially if your flight takes off in a matter of minutes. If you have the problem of budget and you are considering paying so little for bus, then the Fiumicino airport is the best bet for you.


The airports in Rome are awesome lots, but one thing that you might need to take caution of is the fact that the two airports in Rome both have their own flaws. You just have to look past some of those flaws if you are being selective of a means of travel. Either way, the two airports even though they might be a mile or two far away from each other, there is always a means of navigating faster to the respective airports,

You should also note that proximity is key when selecting one of the two airports 

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