Luggage Lockers In Venice Italy

Where can I leave my luggage in Venice? You can store your luggage at the

  • hotel or their porter,
  • hourly luggage lockers at Depositi Bagagli for €0.50 + €1.49/1hr for a standard locker (18x19x33inch) or €0.50 + €2.49/1hr for a maxi locker (24x19x33inch), or
  • daily lockers at Bounce for €5.00 per 24 h/bag.

Firstly, it’s always advisable to carry light luggage while traveling. Heavy luggage can be stressful especially if you have to drag it around. However, not everybody can pack light and carry just the necessities. What if you have lots of things to carry and all of them are important? This definitely means you will have to take everything with you.

People traveling to Venice and have lots of baggage to carry can easily get stressed and overwhelmed. Venice is not your normal city with lots of taxis and good public transportation.

lots of luggages

As a matter of fact, this is the place where you do more walking. This city has so many footbridges and all of them have steps. Dragging heavy luggage along the steps will definitely be daunting. In addition, the available public transport is expensive and crowded for the better part of the year. These are some of the reasons why so many times people have inquired about places they can leave their luggage.

If you are on a day trip to Venice, it makes more sense to store your luggage somewhere. Furthermore, people who have already checked out of their hotels usually need a safe spot to keep luggage before departure. I have come up with notable suggestions that will be of huge help to you.

Pack light whenever you can 

To avoid stress and frustration, the best thing to do is to pack light. A small suitcase or backpack is enough if you are only traveling to Venice for a few days. You don’t have to carry a large bag filled with all sorts of things that you may not even use.

Take, for instance, a backpack. You can take it with you everywhere. Similarly, it will be suitable for crowded Venice public transport. On the other hand, if you can’t travel light, the next sensible option is to pack two bags. The first one should be a large bag and then a backpack or small suitcase. You can leave the larger bag somewhere safe and only carry the small suitcase or backpack.

If possible, use your hotel

This is the next best option. Choose a hotel that is closest to your point of arrival or departure. This will make things so much easier for you. The truth is almost all hotels will accept to hold your luggage for a few hours after you have already checked out or even before you check-in.

Usually, at the smaller hotel, you can simply leave the bags at the reception. The more expensive hotels typically have a concierge or luggage porter. People who opt to store luggage here actually have to pay a fee for the service. However, it’s one of the safest places to leave your bags for a while. In fact, you won’t have to suffer hauling heavy bags baggage through the streets or in the crowded water buses.

There are many hotels close to the Venice airport, Venice railway station and Venice cruise terminals. You can go to a hotel that is more convenient for you.

Use a Deposito Bagagli office

Basically, these are places where people can leave their luggage in Italy. It is perfectly normal in Italy and there is even a website called Bagbnb (something like Airbnb).  When you store your bags in any of these places make sure you confirm the closing time. Otherwise, you might arrive at the office and find it closed already. There are people who had to leave Venice without their luggage after it was locked in the office. These are some of the Deposito Bagagli offices;

At the arrival hall of Venice Marco polo airport. The luggage storage area is actually close to the post office. The best part is the airport offers free luggage carts for you to use in moving your bags. It is one of the most used left-luggage offices because it’s right there at the airport hence extremely convenient.

The other great location that will help hold your bags is the Venice Santa Lucia railway station close to track 1. Many people store their luggage here. Therefore, you should expect long queues. They open at 6 am and closes at 11 pm but make sure you confirm in case of any changes.

You can also choose Piazzale Roma close to the People Mover station that is facing the square. Their offices are opened daily from 6 am to 9 pm. additionally, they charge seven euros per bag for 24 hours which means the lesser the number of bags you have, the better. 

When traveling on a cruise ship, Venice cruise terminal’s Marittima and San Basilio buildings is the best option for you. The offices are opened only on the day’s cruise ships depart or arrive from a journey. For this reason, all your heavy bags you can leave them at this office and go on a cruise. You can then pick them after the journey.

There is another luggage deposit office within a walking distance from the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco. It is at Calle Larga Malvasia near the hotel Canaletto. They have great offers and discounts on their prices. 

Independent luggage deposit offices

Independent luggage deposit offices are usually less crowded and barely have long lines. There are two luggage deposit service that may be good for you;

The first one is the keep calm point. True to its name, it will help keep your mind at ease knowing your bags are in safe hands. It is located to the left of Venice’s Santan Lucia Railway Station.

There is also the Venice luggage deposit in Calle Larga Malvasia. It is just across the Hotel Canaletto between the Rialto bridge and Piazza San Marco.


If you really need to use a porter I would suggest you go for the one at your hotel. This is by far the safest option. However, several other porters are located at piazza san Marco, Santa Lucia railways station, Piazzale Roma and many other places within Venice.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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