What Offends Italian the Most?

When you go to Italy for a visit, or you want a permanent nationality, never say the following words to them unless you are looking for trouble.

What Offends Italian the Most?

In this article, you will find out the terms and things that offend the Italian the most. So have a look at the following things that you should never say them. 

  • Don’t Call Them Lazy
  • The worst thing to say is, “Italians are lazy.” A lot of Swedish or Asian people might say this about Italians given the differences in working hours. Some Italian might look laid back but still, Italy got one of the larger economies in Europe.

    Besides, lazy should be targeted to individuals and not the whole group of Italian. Some Italian farmers and entrepreneurs work really hard.


  • Don’t Call Them Mafiosos
  • The idolization of the mafia is the fault of Hollywood. Mafia is not good or positive for Italy because it has caused several problems in Italy, so they don’t like this word. It is like a member of a gang. Even if you call them mafiosos as a compliment, they will take it as an insult. In Italian culture, this term isn’t considered to be good. 


  • Never Mess Around With Their Food
  • Italians are passionate about their food. So, never try to make a comparison between your food and the Italian. It’s not a mistake; it is just different. 

    Never Mess Around With Their Food

  • Don’t Hog the Road by Driving Slow
  • Whenever you got a chance to visit Italy, and luckily you get a chance to drive then don’t drive slowly. They don’t just drive the cars they fly. So, if you drive at average or slow speed, they will show you their lights and sound of their honks. Get ready for this or drive at a good speed. 

    Don’t Drive Slow

  • Don’t Skip the Two Kisses Part
  • It looks like a funny thing, but they take it seriously. If you meet them and don’t kiss on the cheeks, they find it disrespectful. One more thing to remember is the first kiss on the left cheek. So if you are Spanish, it can lead you to an awkward situation. 

  • Never Over-gesticulate with Hands
  • Italians are known in the world as the people who speak with their hands. Italians might not realize it, but they do this very often. The problem arises when you try to mimic them. They will end up telling you something like drop it. 


  • Don’t Overcook Pasta

    Italians love to eat that is firm to bite but not soft. If you offer them overcooked pasta, they will get annoyed and probably throw the pasta in the toilet. So, be careful about this. 

  • Bathroom without Bidet can be Annoying
  • You probably have not seen this. A white thing next to the toilet is called a bidet. People use this to hygiene the inner buttocks, genitalia, perineum, and anus. Italians are quite hygienic, and almost 98% of the people use this. When they go to the toilet, and after making poo when they realize that there is no bidet next to clean up, they get annoyed. 

  • Say Espresso instead of vanilla latte 
  • Italians are sensitive about their food, so they are passionate about coffee. They are masters in brewing coffee, and they want you to appreciate them. If you are in Italy and want to enjoy coffee, never ask them for vanilla latte or frappuccino. These coffee flavors might sound Italian, but they are not. 

     vanilla latte

  • Never Ask About They Belong to Lega Nord 
  • These are a few radical ultra-nationalistic people living in the north of the country. Unfortunately, it happens in almost all countries around the world. If you have never heard about Lega Nord, then it’s Ok. But if you know about it and ask an Italian whether you belong to Lega Nord, perhaps he will slap you. So, be careful about it, guys. Don’t complicate things for you. 

  • Don’t Talk About Hawaiian Pizza
  • Do you know anything about this pizza? This pizza was invented in Canada, not in Italy. So, they don’t like this. When you ask an Italian for a pizza with Pineapple, he will kick your ass. So take care of these little things. Otherwise, you will end up offending them. 

  • Never Say That Christopher Columbus Wasn’t an Italian
  • He was presumed Italian. He was born in the Republic of Genoa. Columbus sailed to Europe to discover America. So, don’t get yourself into this fight. Never asked them, he was an Italian? It can offend them. So, stay away from such questions. 

  • Never Ask Them Whether They Love Pizza or Pasta
  • Everyone who lives in Milan or Rome, they only drive Vespas. Italy is known around the world for its famous cuisines such as Polenta, Zuppe, Risotto, and many more. 

  • Are You All Gay?
  • It is the worst thing to ask from an Italian. In north Italy, people give much importance to fashion and appearance. You will find many men who would be considered as a metrosexual.


    A person who uses to wear fashionable clothes, beauty treatments, and other grooming methods is often mistaken by homosexuality. I am saying there are not gay people, and there are lots of gays as well. But not everyone is gay. So, be careful and never ask this. As I mentioned at the start, it will offend Italians the most. 

  • Don’t Be Loud in English
  • Don’t speak loudly in English. Most Italians are stereotype, and they don’t like vulgar people. Tourists are guests of Italians, so they are expected to behave politely. So, be careful about it. 

    Conclusion and Disclaimer

    So, these are the things that annoy and offend Italians. You can take care of these little things whenever you visit Italy. Never underestimate their foods or their culture. Don’t be over smart. Give them respect, and they will give you more than you deserve. I am not Italian. I have shared all those things that I have come to know through people. It doesn’t necessarily mean that all the things mentioned above will annoy them.

    Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
    Sky Hoon
    Italy Lover. He travel to Europe a few times and loved Italy for its unique language and culture. He loved the idea of Italian food focusing on original taste of the ingredient.
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