What is cheap in Italy to buy?

Shopping in Italy

There are a million reasons why you should visit Italy, with a vast collection of tourist attraction sites and a million other things to buy here. The country also features some of the oldest cities, monuments and magnificent architecture that you need to see. 

However, today we will talk about the best things you can buy here while you are in the go.

Buy food

What you can buy in Italy depends on the city you visit and what you are about to buy. In Italy, you can buy Food especially Paciotti Salumeria in Rome. This place is run by three brothers who sells high-quality food products.

Accessories and clothes

Italy is the best place where you can buy clothes and accessories. The best place to buy them in Italy is the Spanish Steps and Via Condotti which are the designer shopping area.

Buy Jewelry

In Italy, you can buy some magnificent vintage Italian jewelry. The best place to buy jewelry in Italy is Le Giole Di BortoloThere are several other places you can buy any of the above things including Milan and VeniceAs I had already stated, what you buy is highly determined by where you are buying any of them in Italy.


I will not have to spend the entire day explaining why Italy is the best place to buy second hand and brand new watches. Italy is home to some of the best watches in the world. However, before you by any second-hand watch in Italy, there are some tips and ideas you should have in your head.

What is cheap in Rome?

Rome is the leading city in Italy for a variety of things. As a matter of fact, you can buy any of the below things in Rome at a cheaper price.


Rome is known for its classically designed and crafted shoes. Actually, it is home to renowned shoes designer brands such as Bruno Magil and Giovanna Caeghera. You don’t have to assume that shoes from this brand are very expensive.


Rome is also home to some of the best cloth designers. The price of clothes in Rome range from moderate to expensive. What this means is that you should make sure you buy a cloth before you leave this country.


Lastly, Rome is a center of designer furniture and the market is full of great designs at a very cheap price. However, some of the furniture can be expensive but of high quality.

What is cheap in Milan?

Milan is another city in Italy where you can some of the best wines. As a matter of fact, Italy produces better table wine, cooking wines and Vermouth. As you visit Italy, make sure you get a bottle of wine. Though, you may be forced to pay more for better wines.

What is cheap in Naples?

Most of the people who visit Naples don’t take some time to check some of the cheapest things to buy here. Actually, the city has a mixed reputation from tourists but features some cheap items that you can buy. In Naples, you can buy cheap clothes, shoes, and accessories. Most of the clothes are not very expensive but if you want to get some designer clothes, you may be forced to dig deeper into your pocket.

What is cheap in Turin?

Turin has all that can satisfy your needs. Besides those mind-blowing tourist attractions in Turin, there are several other ways you can spend your time in this city. Actually, you can take some time to visit some of the malls here and buy any of the cheap products there.

If you want to shop more here, visit via Roma. There are several streets that you can have a nice stay here shopping. The best and the cheapest things to buy here are gifts and jewels. You can as well get some best malls to shop for clothes and shoes.

What is cheap in Genoa?

The best place to start shopping in Genoa is to start from places that extend from Piazza De Farraris. Here you will see the best boutique shops to buy your fashion. However, you can as well buy cheap shoes and clothes via XX Settembre or Via Roma. If you want to buy some cheap furniture, you can visit Genoa Via Garibaldi. This is where you will get some of the best shoes for household items.

What is cheap in Palermo?

Palermo is a host to some of the best shopping areas including Portobello, La Rinascente, Quir, and Vucciria market. These are the best places where you can buy the best sportswear, cookbooks, bags, and leather object. In fact, you can buy some of the cheapest shoes and jackets in any of the above stores.

What is cheap in Bologna?

You visited Italy and had most of your time in Bologna? I bet you have thought of buying something here. Bologna is one of the best cities in Italy where you can buy cheap bags, cheap shoes, and cheap clothes. You can as well buy some traditional attires and accessories here at a cheaper price.

What is cheap in Florence?

Florence is another place where you can buy almost anything you wants before you leave Italy. However, I will have to admit that some of the items you buy in Bologna can be expensive. However, if you decide to buy clothes, you will get the best quality. You can as well find some cheap bedding, some classic shoes, accessories, and watches.

What is cheap in Catania?

Catania is a very beautiful Italian city where you can buy some of the best ceramics, clothing, and shoes at a cheaper price. Visit their open-air markets for the best clothing, shoes, and sportswear.

What is cheap in Venice?

If you are in Italy and didn’t think of visiting Venice yet, then you are missing a lot. Venice is one of the best Italian cities where you can buy some Travel watches, sportswear, cheap accessories and cheap clothes for your little son or daughter. It is the leading city in Italy where people buy some classic travel and office watches.

What is cheap in Verona?

Here is the home of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and it’s also one of the best cities in Italy where you can buy anything from its streets. For the best experience, you should visit the pedestrian Only street, Mazzini and Piazza Erbe to buy classic Italian foods such and ingredients. You can as well buy clothes from some of the best brands such as Gucci and Cartier.

What is cheap in Messina?

Messina is home to some of the best furniture and clothes in Italy. You don’t have to visit Italy and leave without buying a dress, shirt or any other thing from this city. You can as well buy cheap Ceramics and Glass.


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