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Are you re-stocking your handbag closet while in Italy? Here’s what you should check out

buying bag in italy

If you are spending your summer in Italy, you either already went shopping or are dying to. Italy, the fashion capital, the birthplace of Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna, Armani, Marni. The brands that have nurtured our sense of fashion and drained our wallets more than once. If you traveled to Italy and are thinking about going on a shopping spree, then you should know (you probably already do) Italy is the place where you buy handbags. There is literally no better place in the world (well, Paris sets up some real competition) to buy the best quality (designer or not) handbags. So, here is a complete guide on what bags to buy in Italy and, where. You can save some serious bucks and end up with a restocked closet of amazing handbags. 

Buy Prada 

Prada was born in Italy in 1913 and has thrived in the fashion world ever since. While Prada offers us quite some variety of objects we can spend our money on, to be honest, few things compare to a Prada handbag. If you love Prada and are in Italy you should run to your nearest boutique. Though the price difference isn’t really that high compared to other countries, VAT refund is 12% which is huge and makes a real difference. But even if it wasn’t, buying Prada in Italy is like eating Pizza in Italy, just something you have to do. 


Buy Saint Laurent 

This might come as a surprise to you since Yves Saint Laurent is a French brand it should be cheaper in France. However, every fashion lover knows Yves Saint Laurent is actually manufactured in Italy, which means fabric prices. Go to Milan, then drive to Serravalle. The cheapest Saint Laurent handbags are sold in a mall in this city. You can end up getting a handbag at 30% of the market price. If you are a fan of Yves Saint Laurent definitely take a look at the city. 

Buy Gucci 

Gucci is an Italian designers brand that is famous all around the world. If you have ever met one person that isn’t completely in love with the Dionysus handbag they are either nuts or lying. Good news for Gucci lovers. If you are vacationing in Tuscany you can actually get your Gucci handbag cheaper than anywhere else in the world. Get your wallet into the mall and buy that handbag you have been dying to buy, and later go enjoy your purchase with a chic café and a gorgeous rooftop view.

Buy Dolce & Gabanna

Again, Italian brands in Italy. Dolce & Gabanna is another brand you can find ridiculously cheaper in its home country. The brand fulfills all our best dreams related to handbags and Italy is here to make them come true. When you are buying your Sac de Jour, make sure you take a look around Dolce & Gabanna, you might end up getting a double (or triple once you read the next subheading) treat for yourself. 

Buy Versace 

I don’t know about you, but Versace handbags are my absolute weakness. Our fourth Italian brand that is cheaper to purchase in its birth country is the cherry on top of the pay Serravalle is. And if you want to hear even more wonders about the Italian city, then here it goes. One of the cheapest places in the world to purchase Versace in the world is this lovely town every fashion lover should know about. Just there you can get Versace handbags with up to 40 % discounts, and the VAT is still 12%. So just spoil yourself with that handbag you certainly earned it. 

Choosing Bag to Buy in Italy

Buying Bag

Designer or not, no one can deny the value of a good bag. Rome and Florence offer us that and at amazing prices. Yes, designer bags are cute (like very cute) but the smart ones get their bags at the main sector of these cities. Not only is handbag here one of the highest in quality, but also a handbag will be much cheaper here than anywhere else. However, when buying a handbag in Italy, or you might end up with a low-quality handbag that was sold in a retail shop. 

When buying a handbag, you need to see it, smell it, feel it, and examine it. I am not even kidding. Smell it to make sure it has the characteristic effect that is musky and natural, chemical smell is always a no. High-quality handbag should be smooth, not stiff so feel your bag. If you want top-quality go for brow bags since a very high-quality one is often not colored, look for unfinished edges to see if the color lies on the surface or if it penetrates (penetration is good, means the material is good). Finally, the stitching should be regular and very tight. If you have never noticed, designer bags always have this characteristic, so make sure your bag does too. The San Lorenzo Market is the most common destination for buying a bag in Florence. When in Rome, especially if you are trying to avoid tourist scammers head to Via Francesco Crispi. 

Something you need to consider when buying these bags is that they are expensive, you totally knew that already. But what you probably hadn’t thought about is customs. You might get lucky and nothing will happen if you don’t declare the purchases. However, if something does happen you won’t be happy. So, definitely consider custom taxes when you are buying Versace, Dolce, and Saint Laurent on the same day. But don’t let that stop you from pampering yourself a little with a good Italian shopping spree. 

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