What Are the Pros and Cons of Learning Italian?

It is always good to learn new languages. When you are planning to visit or settle in Italy, it is important to understand their culture and learn their language. In this article, we will discuss what are the pros and cons of learning Italian? Moreover, we will discuss the pros and cons of studying in Italy. 

The Pros of Learning Italian

It can be beneficial to learn the Italian language. Some major advantages of learning the Italian language are given below:

  • More than 80 million people around the globe speak Italian. 
  • It is the easiest language to learn, and you can be reading and writing in no time. 
  • After learning Italian, you can learn other Romance languages such as Spanish, French, and Portuguese. The phonology is similar to Spanish, and Spanish is the 3rd or 4th most widely spoken language. When we talk about vocabulary, it is much closer to French. 
  • One simplest reason for learning Italian is that Italians love people who learn their language. When you learn at least the basic level of the Italian language, it helps to learn other languages like French and Spanish. 
  • English vocabulary matters a lot, and you can make use of it during the conversation. 

Cons of Learning Italian

Sadly, Italy couldn’t hold on territories as France, Germany, Spain, and Portugal did. That’s why Italian is spoken less as compared to its European peers. 

  • It is not widely spoken, like other languages. 
  • It can’t be easy to master if you don’t have an interest in it. 
  • If you are learning Italian and Spanish at the same time, it may confuse you at some point in time. It’s the vocabulary that will confuse you, not the grammar. Some words might be identical, and some might be completely different. 

After reading the pros and cons, I would say nothing is wrong with learning any new language. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Studying In Italy?

Every student wants to learn from the best institutes and become successful. This vision drives persons to take the initiative of probing for the most excellent institutes throughout the world. Though studying overseas is not always a walk in the park. Some numerous benefits and drawbacks are wrapped in foreign courses. Though there are many facilities in Italy for international scholars, here are some pros and cons you need to know before you settle for education in Italy. 

The Pros of Studying In Italy

Let’s start with some of the advantages of studying in Italy. 

Experience new opportunities

If you choose to study in Italy, you will routinely attract new chances in your life. You will gain access to things you wouldn’t get even later years of education back at home. The education structure in an overseas state is not similar to home. Then, it’ll be easy for you to develop your profession. Furthermore, you’ll enjoy an exceptional environment and visiting further historical places all over Italy.

The Culture

When you get to Italy, everything is different from the way you are used to while at home. The lifestyle here is different from yours. Folks around this part of the world are pleasant, and will continuously be ready to train you based on their values. If you are not here to learn a specific language, then you will have extra guidelines from the public for free subsequently, it is not possible for you to left Italy deprived of learning a linguistic or two smoothly.

Engage Fresh Companions

When you go to a remote state, it is an additional chance to meet different persons and make new friends. As an overseas scholar, you have the opportunity to interact with new people while in class, at your residence, and wherever you visit. The best part is that some of the friends you make are not only from Italy but also from other parts of the world. So, whenever you want to travel to a new place, there are greater possibilities that you’ll have companions there to assist you.

Grow your opportunities

In contrast, when you get an education at home, the learning system in an overseas state leads you to marvelous opportunities. To complete your course, you must go through an apprenticeship. As a foreign scholar, your job will occur in a distant state, so giving you greater probabilities of securing a job there. Furthermore, overseas institutes give you the chance to study only the things that are relevant to your profession. It also discloses you to a world of people with dreams like yours, making it easier for you to achieve prominence in your profession.

Cons of Studying in Italy

However, studying in Italy is full of all the incredible benefits that don’t show that it is that charming. There are various drawbacks too, which are expected to disturb your education. Here are a few shortcomings to study before making up your mind to study foreign.

Novel Language

Though you’ll ultimately learn the dialectal and like intermingling with other folks, a novel language is one of the most significant drawbacks. At the start, it won't be simple for you to live with individuals who are communicating in a language you don't comprehend. Italians are glad of their dialectal, and you will be compelled to study it as long as you are there. Any place you go and the individuals you meet will persuade you to get familiar with a language.

Novel Food

Becoming accustomed to novel foods is additionally another test for overseas scholars. There are higher probabilities that you won't taste the kind of food you are accustomed to eating at home while in a foreign state. In this manner, it will take you more effort to become acclimated to various foodstuffs and fail to recall the natural flavors from home.


What are the pros and cons of learning Italian? Everybody wants to know the answer to this question. We have mentioned the pros and cons of learning Italian in detail. It is always a good thing to learn a new language. Moreover, we have discussed the pros and cons of studying in Italy. While there are numerous drawbacks to study in Italy, the benefits quiet outweigh the disadvantages. So, you can learn Italian and study in Italy without any second thought. 

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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