What are the Car Seat Laws in Italy

Do you want to adhere to the car seat laws while driving in Italy? 

Well, car seat laws are complex, especially when carrying children. If you consider traveling overseas with children, it may be even more complicated to understand what to do while driving. 

The present laws in Italy suggest that kids journeying in a car should use the right car seat belts, which depends on their weight in Kilogram (KG) as well as age.

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What are some of the car seat laws in Italy then?

The following are approved car seat laws in Italy, therefore make sure you adhere to them as you travel by kids in a car. They include:

  • Rear/forward-facing age 

To begin with, you need to have your child facing a specific direction until they attain a given age with the right body mass. At first, you need to have them sit facing backside. However, as soon as they grow older, forward-facing can be implemented to them.

Rear-facing Law - Kids under 12 months of age or even below 20 Kg should travel rear-facing in the back seat on the car in a standard rear-facing kids car seat. 

Forward-facing Law - Kids over 12 months with a minimum of 12Kg may travel forward-facing in the backside seat of the car with a standard forward-facing kids car seat. 

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  • Weight/Age 

Your child needs to be in a car seat until a particular age as well as kilos. Also, they should be in the appropriate type of car seat with recommended age as well as weight. 

Kids with six years of age or older, or perhaps over sixty kilos can travel without a kid car safety seat on the backside seats. However, still, they have to be appropriately restrained with a seat belt. 

  • Type of car seat

There exist three different types of car seats: baby, changeable as well as a booster. Make kids be in the correct type of seat. It depends on age, Kg, and the condition of the kid. 

Children with four years of age or with a minimum of forty kilos may travel in a standard booster seat at the back of the car with the car lap and back belts placed correctly. The lap belt needs to conform low and even taut across the hips. The bear belt needs to go over the child's collar bone and also the middle of the upper body. 

  • Restrained unit

You need to restrain your kid to a given age. It may be from the baby stage up to sixteen years old. In Italy, if you are a parent, you need to take care while traveling with children as you drive. Law enforcement agencies may track you for carrying kids under six-and-a-half years of age or those less than sixty kilos. Inappropriate restrained in the backseat with the ideal children vehicle seats device is a law violation. In case you are not within the vehicle, the driver might be answerable in place of the parents. 

Are there some exemptions on the car seat laws?

The car seat laws in Italy permits some exemptions whenever driving kids. The exceptions include; 

  • In case no backside seat is available. 
  • If backside seats are back or even side facing.
  •  In case the restraining device is not possible in the backside seat.
  • In case the kid has an ailment that requires them to sit in the front seat.
  • In case any other passenger seats in the car are filled by a kid under the age of twelve.

With the exemptions above, children under six years with less than sixty kilos can travel in the front seat, as long as they are still on a standard baby car seat device. 

No child under the age of one year with less than twenty kilos can travel in the front seat while the passengers' airbags are turned on. Based on the law requirements of sitting on the front seat, the passenger airbags have to be deactivated.

Importance of Car Seat Law in Accident

Accident associated problems on kids during car travel reduces by 33% whenever children sit in the backside seat of a car instead of the front. Regardless of the location, you should have your child in the backside seats of the vehicle if possible. Even if there are no laws that control the use of kids restraints, you need to read from the manufacture alerts in your car guidelines to find out the most secure position for their kids to sit.

There are rules and regulations that govern vehicles operations on the Italian road. Without the rules and regulations on roads, a lot of dangerous accidents occurred. 

The truth is, you'll need to adhere to the legal law seat requirements of that sate. Indeed, it is a must in regardless whether you're driving a personal car, hired vehicle, or even traveling on a taxi. 

So, how can we protect our kids during car traveling?

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For our children to remain under protection while traveling, they require a car seat belt. It is crucial as per the Italy car seat laws regulations. Kids have to be well secured in their seats to avoid any collisions. Car seat laws ensure they're secured whenever traveling by car.

Remember that car seat law that should not be neglected while traveling with children in a vehicle.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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