Travel Rome with Dogs

Travel with dogs in Rome Italy

Many dog enthusiastic persons wonder if Rome is dog-friendly. Besides the many churches and holy places regarding religious Rome is a very dog-friendly city. 

The smaller variant of dogs can be commonly seen in the city of Rome. This type of dogs is most commonly kept with human to fill the position of a companion. Rome and many other places of the world has a history of keeping canine creatures as a sign of wealth.

dog in rome

The massive number of dogs!

While traveling in Rome you may see more dogs than a human child. Not only that you can see dogs in parks or on the street walking with their owner, but it will leave you quite shocked that there are a lot of restaurants bars and many other shops that are dog-friendly.

Bringing your Dog to Rome

Firstly the piazzas live many visitors stopped by it's an amazing and beautiful pattern of design. Genuinely walking with your dog in Rome is not really something special activity, but having the walkthrough many archaeological and religious places with all those beautiful designs keeps you and your dog in a calm state of mind. You can easily find cool fountains right beside a low wall or side of shady steps to sit on if you want to rest your own feet and the paws of your dog. 

Secondly, the cafes of Rome are always welcome to greet you and your dog to sit together while you enjoy a great meal. And as the winter is never too cold in Rome and cafes keep patrons warm in the winter weather with heat lamps. So dining outside would be a rather more pleasant experience for you and your dog. And one more really shocking fact is that some cafes are willing to cook up a meal for your dog. 

Some famously known archaeological places such as Hadrian’s column, the Trevi Fountain, the via Veneto, the Spanish steps and many more historical places with treasured landmarks which can be enjoyed close up and personally. In all these places you can bring your dog with you all the time without any necessity for admission tickets for any special permissions. Not even the museum walls are going to separate you from your beloved companion. You are always welcome to keep them by your side at all times without any questions asked. 

The Roman people usually don't get very much excited about dogs

They almost have absolutely zero issues. and most hotels will easily welcome them as a pet of a guest. Most importantly Romans do not say anything over your dog like the way some French and New Yorker people do. They accept your dog as your companion in the shops and on any other places without any argument or comment. To say more frankly, Rome is just the perfect place for having your pet dog with you all the time. in such a time when you are planning a trip and you just cannot leave your dog behind then it is highly recommended that you visit Rome Italy with your dog. 

Stray Dogs in Rome

There are many archaeological sites in Italy and plenty of them ranging from Roman to Greek and too many other civilizations easily allow dogs on a leash. Some even have absolutely zero issues regarding you carrying your pet with you. Some of the most visited sites by people carrying a pet dog are Pompeii, Ostia Antica, Villa Adrianna, Neapolis park, Agrigento, etc. 

if I have to take the name of one single place which is the most dog-friendly place of all it would have to be Turin, Rome. Visitors are also quite shocked to learn that they even allow dogs inside their supermarkets. Another fact is that in Turin they also allow dogs in the royal palace.


Some other most commonly seen facilities about Rome and pet dogs are that you can easily carry your dog on most public transport in Italy. So while going from one place to another you don’t have to worry about hiring costly private transportation for your dog. Even you can easily choose hotels to stay as most of the hotel give you know trouble regarding your dog and it’s accommodation.

So if you are willing to take a tour to enjoy and spend some good quality time, and also you have a canine companion that you love the most, then Rome Italy is just the place for you.

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