Top Fashion Schools in Italy

Fashion schools in Italy are the best fashion design institutions in the world. In this article, you will find out the top 6 Italian fashion schools that are nominated by different magazines.

  • Istituto Marangoni
  • Polimoda
  • Koefia Academy
  • Academia Costume & Moda
  • University IUAV of Venice
  • Domus Academy

The top position of Italian fashion school belongs to Istituto Marangoni; Polimoda occupied the second spot and the third spot won by Koefia academy. Three other Italian institutes also made their entry in the list. At the 59th spot, Academia Costume & Moda, at 64th place, the University IUAV of Venice, and the 6th one Domus Academy lies at 72nd place in the list. 

Best Top Fashion Design Schools in Italy

Italy contains lots of fashion schools, but we have tried to cover the best of all. 

  • Istituto Marangoni
  • In 2016, this school got 8th position among the world’s best fashion schools. In the same year, this fashion school got 6th position among Europe’s best fashion schools. Istituto Marangoni has four schools in different venues.

    Istituto Marangoni

    Schools are located in Florescence, Paris, London, and Shanghai. Students learn a different version of contemporary fashion at this school. In this institute, fashion, people, and culture from all over the world unite in one place.  Four different sites of Istituto Marangoni almost contain over 4000 students from 106 countries. Each student has different interests, knowledge, and styles. After attending this school, you will learn lots of new fashion designs and interesting cultural realities. After entering this school, you will become part of the most special community, and in this community, fashion is the most common denominator. 

  • Polimoda
  • In 2016, this school got 23rd position among the world’s best fashion schools. In the same year, this fashion school got 14th position among Europe’s best fashion schools. It is the international school of design and marketing. This Italian fashion school is the center of excellence, and it has been recognized as the best institute worldwide. It is known for its high-quality design and marketing management, fashion-oriented, and in line with fashion industry needs.


    It was founded in 1986, and it makes his mark in a short time. Students are offered multiple internships at various brands. Institute is offering high-quality training according to today’s demands. It promotes meetings between companies and students so that they can get a job during or right after the training programs. 

  • Koefia Academy
  • In 2016, this school got 30th position among the world’s best fashion schools. In the same year, this fashion school got 14th position among Europe’s best fashion schools. It was founded in 1951, and it was the first Italian fashion academy.

    Koefia Academy

    During these 68 years, this academy has achieved a lot. The success and passion of this academy continue to attract fashion professionals and students. In Koefia academy, students learn the production techniques characteristics of Haute Couture. 

    In this fashion academy, you can learn everything starting from the collection and design of a dress and 3D cultural modeling. You will learn to manufacture related to fiber-art, knitting, knitwear, Furrier processing, and Embroidery. Fashion courses offered by Koefia academy will prepare you in such a way that you can enter into the world of work in the field of Haute Couture and fashion. A good thing about this fashion institute is, at the end of three years of training, most of the students get jobs at important brands, fashion houses, ateliers, and Maisons. It is the reason behind the top-ranking and success of this institute. 

  • Academia Costume & Moda
  • In 2016, this school got 59th position among the world’s best fashion schools. In the same year, this fashion school got 29th position among Europe’s best fashion schools. This school offers fashion courses that are legally recognized by the Italian ministry of education. Key points of the school’s education mission are design, culture, and craftsmanship that is linked to the laboratory approach. The main objective of the school is to help students to start their careers and consolidate their creative identity. 

    Academia Costume & Moda

    In more than fifty years, this school has developed many talents. It is not easy to list down all the achievements. After getting training from this school, students are ready to offer their services to the fashion industry and entertainment industry. Lots of students have decided to create their own brands, such as Tomasso Aquilano, Bruno Simeone, and many more brands. Some extra talented students became the head and line managers for different fashion companies. Many more are working in top-rated fashion companies based in Italy and abroad. Most of the students and brands have been nominated and won the awards. Over time the academia is grooming and producing excellent results each year. 

  • University IUAV of Venice
  • In 2016, this school got 64th position among the world’s best fashion schools. In the same year, this fashion school got 33rd position among Europe’s best fashion schools. This university is one of the leading public universities in the field of fashion, design, architecture, planning, and urban designs.

    University IUAV of Venice

    It is an international institute that offers different courses and internships not only in Italy but abroad also. Perhaps it is the only institute that encourages student exchanges. In Venice, this fashion school is recognized as the school of excellence. 

    What makes this outstanding? It is the best school in Italy and across the world that offers the best architecture, fashion, and design programs. It provides students the opportunity to interact with professionals and high-profile teachers. This school was established in 1926, and it is probably the oldest fashion school in Italy. 

  • Domus Academy
  • In 2016, this school got 72nd position among the world’s best fashion schools. In the same year, this fashion school got 41st position among Europe’s best fashion schools. It is another top-rated and ranked fashion school in Italy.

    Domus Academy

    Students who have got training from this academy are serving different organizations and working in partnerships with different famous brands. Most of the alumni are doing some exceptional work in the fashion and design world. 

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