Top 4 Bakeries In Milan You Must Try

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Ever discover the softer and more tender side of Milan?

It can be seen by the plethora of bakeries, both new and old, that are still following traditional gourmet pastry methods. Here are four bakeries in Milan that you have to visit!

1) Pasticceria Castelnuovo:

Pasticceria Castelnuovo is a bakery with a rich history. Enrico Castelnuovo started learning the art of pastry making at the age of fourteen in 1927. However, his job was interrupted for five years due to the war. After returning home from prison in Germany, he married his colleague and they opened an artisan cake shop in Oggiono on November 4th, 1945. After ten years, they returned to Milan and later, encouraged by their expertise, expanded their small baking shop into a pastry laboratory with retail sales.

Pasticceria Castelnuovo is still operated by the original founding family, keeping the tried-and-tested recipes intact, offering a wide variety of pastries, which includes cheesecake, ricotta cream tartlet, the rum raisin tart, and many more.

Although it is slightly inconvenient to get to, Pasticceria Castelnuovo is still accessible via the Metro and by bus from the center. It also a delivery service in case you are unable to enjoy their delicious pastries in person.

Pasticceria Castelnuovo is famous for its La Torta Enrico, which is a variation on the classic chocolate and pear torte, but with extra dark chocolate as an added twist. Baked with pure butter and egg pastry, the chunks of Bartlett pears seasoned with cinnamon coupled with the rich chocolate, is sure to leave an unforgettable taste in your mouth!

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2) Pasticceria Cucchi:

It first opened in 1936 under the leadership of Luigi and Vittorina Cucchithe and it has been delivering pastries of unmatched quality and also an ambiance that attracts patrons. 

However, during the years of the war, the shop was destroyed by a bombing but was then rebuilt into the store that we see today. The owners rebuilt it to almost the same specifications as the previous shop, because why would you change perfection?

Today, the shop is being operated by the third generation of the Cucchi family. Cuhcci is known for its pastries and croissants, which include the raspberry pie, the fruit and custard, and Saint-Honoré dessert. However, it also offers a wide range of products, such as refined packaging, catering, refreshments, food, and much more.

As a result, Cucchi has evolved from a pastry shop to a historical landmark in Milan. There is even a documentary, entitled “Cesare Cucchi, a history of a Milanese pasicceria” that will bring you through the evolution and events of this historic shop. This documentary was part of a project that celebrated Milan’s identity, which proves to us the indelible mark that Cucchi has left in Milan.

Pasticceria Cucchi can be an ideal location for your business lunches and also a place for you to relax on a Sunday morning, reading the paper and enjoying a croissant.

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3) Pasticceria Confetteria Cova:

Pasticceria Confetteria Cova was founded in 1817 by Antonio Cova, a Napoleonic soldier and it is one of Italy’s oldest pasticceria. It is located in Via Montenapoleone, a luxurious area of Milan which is considered by many to be the most exclusive shopping area in the city and home to all the top names in fashion and design. 


However, this pastry store is not out of place there. This historic Milanese institution has settled comfortably with the setting: announcing its status as a pioneer that has always been a place where tradition meets elegance and style. 


There is a wide selection of cakes and pastries for breakfast or tea time, to the classic Milanese aperitif with appetizers served at the bar. Although the prices are not popular given the area, it is largely offset by the courtesy and service offered and the charm of the place.


However, if you can afford it, the Cova panettone is a must! Since the beginning of the 19th century, the Cova panettone recipe has been passed secretly from generation to generation. With common baking ingredients including flour, yeast, eggs, and dried fruits, Cova can turn a common household pastry into something truly iconic.


It is the crème de la crème of bakeries, and is synonymous with Milan, and represents a taste of Italian excellence in the art of food and pastries. It is such an important part of the Milanese culture that it attracts an average of 1100 customers every day.

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4) Pavé:

Pavé is still a relatively new bakery, compared to the rest of the bakeries that we have talked about in this list, as it opened in 2012. Nestled in the trendy area of Porta Venezia, Pavé represents a singular case of young entrepreneurship and a quest for quality food. 

Although it was born with a specific focus on breakfast and tasty treats, it soon became talked about because of its quality pastries and bread. The proof came in 2013, when the prestigious food and wine magazine, Gambero Rosso, awarded Pavé as one of the 20 best bakeries in Italy. Recently, they were recognized as one of the best 20 bars in the nation.

The ambiance at Pavé is the reason why many customers are converted into regular patrons after a few visits. You will find yourself at ease, filled with comfort, as if you have just walked into a relative’s home.

It has many pastries that are well-received, but its Saint-Honoré cake is just beyond incredible. This light, the sugary cake will just melt in your mouth and will leave you waiting in the queue to buy another piece before you even realize what you are doing.

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