The worst Roman emperor in history Nero

We all have to admit that Rome has one of the most enriched histories and a list of rulers that are considered one of the most powerful packs in the history of this planet. The worst ruler in Roman history is said to be Nero.

A short introduction on Nero

Nero is considered as one of best known for the worst list of Roman emperors ever existed and also having allowed his wife and also his mother to rule for him and then stepped out from their Shadows and in the result of having them and reportedly kicking his wife to death. 

worst emperor nero

The actual transgressions that are done by Nero are going far beyond just that factor as he was accused of sexual perversions and also the mother of many Roman citizens that are in huge number and also there is another fact to be added towards his list is that he was also confiscated senators property and severely taxed the people so that he could build his own personal home all out of gold in the Domus Aurea. 

Nero Palace

And also there are some people and experts of historical events that are saying that Nero uses the fire to clear space for palace expansion which is such a drastically bad thing to hear from any Roman emperor as per the reputation of the famous emperor actually quite good comparatively. The fire has caused the destruction of 14 districts of Rome and also severely damaged 7 others as the artist from the heart Nero was said to be also quite skillful add playing various games but also there is a fact that he truly played it while Rome burned is quite debatable of a fact. He was at least proved to be of consisting the involvement along with the scenes in some other way and also he actually blame the Christians and had many of them executed for the rooms burning events and while the rebuilding of the entire city of Rome was also not without any type of controversies and financial stress as considered Nero is such a not worthy emperor. 

The controversial character

Everything that Nero ever did also comes with the proper amount of controversy and also a lot of dark side of each work as the rebuilding of Rome was not anything without the proper amount of controversies and all the financial strains which ultimately have been proven to the leading of Nero’s death. A conspiracy that emerged into The assassination of Nero severely discovered and brought on to the light of the face of the earth. but the actual activities of Nero has quite a number of entries into the list as the turmoil led the emperor to an extended tour of Greece. He immersed himself in the category of arts and also took part in the famous Olympic games and also announced future projects that did not address his homeland in anyway and also after returning to Rome he had neglected to address the issues that we are facing towards him and also the guard declared Nero as the enemy of the people of from as well as Nero had attempted to flee away but also know that he wasn’t likely to succeed as such a result Nero committed suicide in less than three years of the occurrence of all of these controversies.

And that is not the only reason to consider to the question that who was the worst Roman emperor-Nero, Nero is perhaps best known as one of the worst emperors in the history of Rome. 

What made Nero so bad?

To add to this list there are a lot of numbers of things that can be easily included in all the wrongdoings of Nero that made him one of the worst emperor on the face of the greatest empire of Earth. As to this list not only was the amount of bad decisions made by him but also there is to be added all of the bad things inside his character that made him one of the worst emperors in the history of Roman dynasty along with the factor to be also added to all of the previous facts that Nero was one of the most arrogant and also idiotic character as and emperor. rather than doing the actual good stuff for the people of his empire Nero went on and only serving the personal interests only. Nero also later went on the venture for the destruction of almost half the city of Rome just to fulfill his personal needs of building the dream palace made with entirely gold and also he declined to face any type of consequences or any type of questionnaires as per to the people’s demand. As Nero was also empowered with all the authority of Rome he refused to fulfill any of his responsibilities as he was more likely to do only the personal ventures of himself and just because of this fact he allowed his mother and his wife to rule on behalf of him which was one of the most catastrophic decisions by any Roman emperor ever made and eventually lead to his death on the result of his total decisions ever made as him being an emperor. 

Anything you speak about Rome the very first thing that comes inside of most of the people’s mind is that of the glorious fighters and gladiators and all the stories about the famous Roman emperors on how they were able to conquer almost all the world and also spread their reign over everything. But justice like every coin has two sides in quite a similar way not only every Roman emperor was considered as a success neither was every Roman emperor to be considered as one of the brave and worthy. 

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