The Giant Middle Finger in Millan

One of the very controversial artworks in the world is the big middle finger statue in Milan, Italy which was created back in 2010. 

Where is the middle finger statue in Milan?

giant middle finger at milan

The famous huge middle finger statute in Milan is placed right in the front of the stock exchange building in Pizza Affari Milan Italy. The stock exchange in Milan has been criticized most of the times for the fraudulent activities that have been going in for some time where they failed to even tackle the issues that face the stock market and also they have not been able to punish anyone who got involved in the fraudulent activities. This also might be one of the reasons why the structure was put right at the front of the stock exchange buildings.

When you visit Italy in Milan specifically, you will come across a very giant structure which is a simple of a hand that is cut with the middle finger raised high at the front of the stock exchange buildings. The structure itself is approximately 5 meters high. It is placed on a 7 meters structure base. The structure which was made by the famous artist in Italy by the name Maurizio Cattelan has only the middle finger with other fingers chopped off; this has raised very mixed reaction among people in Milan, some have considered it as obscene while other people are cool with it. Many intellectuals regard it as a mockery to the stock exchange field in Milan and the whole of Italy; however, Maurizio has defended it claiming it is nothing to do with that.

The artist who made this statute has never come out to explain the meaning of the piece of work he made, he claims that he has left it for people to pick the meanings they wish for themselves, he only gave the name which was an acronym that has the meaning in Italian which means freedom, hate, revenge and eternity, this leaves a lot of people wondering about its meaning. This piece of art was commissioned back in 2008; this is the time when there was a very serious economic crisis in Italy and even in the whole of Europe, maybe which was the inspiration behind it and why it was put out right in the front of the stock exchange building. The statute was later Maurizio created it in 2010

What does the Giant Middle Finger Structure mean?

According to the artist who made this giant middle finger structure, Maurizio, the structure is called L.O.V.E, however, it does not mean the love we know, and this is an acronym to a bigger meaning. The acronym stands for Liberta, Odio, Vendetta and Eternita; these are Italian words which when translated to English they mean, freedom, hate, revenge and eternity. The real meaning of the names used to describe this statute can display clear that something is not clear in the stock exchange of Milan. 

Apart from that, the structure has attracted very many people who keep taking photos from the place and those who come at this place don’t seem to be irritated in any way.

Why is there a giant middle finger outside of Milan's stock exchange? The main speculation that prompted the artist to make the giant middle finger was because the finance department in Italy was said to contributed the most in the recession which led to the economic crisis in Europe. The economic crisis that hit Italy back in 2008 also hit the whole of Europe. However this is the speculated meaning of the structure, many people have had interpreted the structure in very many different ways as they understand it (e.g. the LOVE which the artist claimed).

This structure also is regarded as a reminder of people who were working in the stock exchange who really oppressed the small investors during the previous years. Unfortunately, these people got away without being charged with anything because the laws of the country are not very strict to charge them with anything, this is one of the speculated reason why the structure was placed right in front of the stock exchange building to make them remember what they did to the small investors and all the people of Italy and also to let them know that people still remember their injustices. However, different people take this differently and some may have a different perspective because the main reason why the structure was created was not communicated by the artist himself.

Who is Maurizio Cattelan?

Maurizio, the artist who made this structure is very famous for his sculpting work, he has done a lot of artwork, and however most of his artworks have been regarded as provocative.  However, many people really like his work of art because some of them are used as a voice of the people although passing his massage in a very provocative way and others are used for comedy. He is believed to have created the huge middle finger and placed it right at the front of the stock exchange building to show how people are angry with the injustices done by the people in the stock exchange and that id the reason why people still love the structure however much provocative it looks.

In conclusion, Maurizio Cattelan created a piece of art which has been regarded as provocative by intellectuals, the structure put in the front of the stock exchange building is understood differently by very different people because the artist himself never gave a clear meaning, however, it looks like it sends a clear meaning to the stock exchange department in Italy which was involved in oppressing small merchants in the previous years, however, what seems to be painful is that the victim live without any punishment for what they did and that I the reason why many people think the statute was put right in front of that department and not anywhere else.

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