Swimming Laws in Venice

You have swum in many other places and Venice is not an exception for you to attempt especially if you are a visitor. The question everyone asks is this: “Am I allowed to swim in the canals of Venice or in any other place across Venice?”

Swimming in Venice

The answer to this and many more questions about swimming in Venice is: No. Read on this article to know why you should not engage in swimming in Venice or in any water body within the city. You will discover the regulations and rules that govern swimming in Venice. However, though the rules are there, you will discover that there are numerous places that you can visit to cool off the heat of the city.

Historically, people used to swim in the canals of Venice. If you visit some of the restaurants and bars in Venice, you will be inspired by the many photos of kids jumping into the local canals many years ago. There was a time that swimming in the canals was not prohibited. However, the city has grown and the growth has resulted in new developments. This has led to the introduction of new rules and regulations governing swimming in Venice. If you contravene the regulations, you will pay a fine of at most 500 Euros. Swimming is not allowed here and neither is it recommended and here are the reasons:

Reason 1 - Not deep enough to Dive in Venice

The canals in the city are a means of transport and they help you see the beautiful reflection of the mirror as the moon reflects. However, the canals are also the sewer. Since time immemorial, the canals in Venice have been made into a system that drains the wastewater into the canal. In contemporary times, the efforts and demands for a better environment by the residents do not seem to work. The tubes and pipes under the houses which help to collect wastewater have never been constructed here. This is because it is an impossible thing to do. Any engineer who attempts to do this must raise the city for fifty centimeters. This means that even if there is a modern house that has a biological pit, the canal is the eventual destination. It is from here that the water tide moves the wastewater into the sea and brings safe and clean water two times a day. The city’s buildings, hotels, restaurants, and bigger structures have more complicated solutions to collect wastewater. The buildings first filter the wastewater and then convey it to the canal. This helps in many ways since it provides clean water at the end where people can swim. The fact, however, is that the filtered water remains to be water from the sinks and toilets hence it is not a safe place to dive.

Reason 2 - Not Clean to Swim in Venice

After the conclusion of the First World War, there was a new harbor which was constructed in Venice. If you look at the harbor from a far off, you might mistake it to be a very ignoble idea since it depicts the placement of a harbor in a lagoon. This is the same lagoon that was viewed as the trademark for Venice. The marshland could not be penetrated by anyone either from the sea of from land. One of the biggest ports is here in Venice and the lagoon here is also part of the world’s best heritage list. It is evident that allowing oil tankers through the city is not a welcome idea. Swimming in the port or the lagoon would be tantamount to pollution. You will also find that there are two rivers that run into the western side of the lagoon. Cargo ships come in Venice through the South via Strait of Malamocco. Moreover, the city has more than 600 cruise ships that dock in Venice. This sums up some waters that we cannot consider to be safe for swimming. The level of toxic substances and heavy metals is very high, though this may vary depending on the traffic in the watercourses and the tide.

Reason 3 - Fine for Swmming

Swimming in the canals of Venice is strictly prohibited by law. If you are found swimming, you will be fined at most 500 Euros. This has not always been the case since people used to swim in the canals. As far as the 1960s, children were used to jumping in the waters from high bridges. This was done when the weather was very hot similar to the desert. There were also the infamous fist fights where people could throw each other in the canal. Lord Byron was known to be a swimmer who wore no clothes. He did this to keep fit. He was very enthusiastic about it and he once moved from canal Grane to Lido in the company of Alexander Scott and Mengaldo. If you go round the canals during the summer season, you will notice the children who are fooling around the water. The Canale Della Giudecca is considered to be a sea since it has a continuous straight line towards the coast where you will get cleaner water. Nowadays, when residents see tourists relax along the canal while placing their feet in the water or someone puts their hand in the water to cool the forehead with some water, they cannot fail to be surprised. If people knew the kind of water in the canals in Venice, they would never dare touch or come close it.           

The vision of the romantic canals of Venice seems to beckon you for a dip to refresh your body. 

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