Spot Fake Versace Sunglasses

Versace is one of the most popular sunglass brands.

In summer, almost everyone wants to wear sunglasses. At the same time, there are lots of fake Versace sunglasses available in the market.

So, how can you spot fake Versace sunglasses? Read this article to protect yourself from being ripped off by a counterfeit pair. 

How to Spot Fake Versace Sunglasses?

This buying guide can help you to distinguish fake and real sunglasses. Follow the below-given steps to check the originality of the product. 

  • Original Versace Logo
  • This might sound obvious but some fake brands failed at this.

    You will get the first clue about the originality of Versace sunglasses by checking the logo. Counterfeits try to manufacture with the same logo on their products, so it becomes difficult to spot fake Versace sunglasses.

    We extracted the different designs  (Medusa, V, Cat-Eye Medusa, Crystal) from the official website of Versace so that you will be able to distinguish real and fake products. While checking the logo, also check the edge and quality. It is usually the small differences that give an indication to spot fake Versace sunglasses. 

    Versace Logo


    Medusa Series

    Cat Eye Medusa

    Double Bridge

  • Serial Number
  • It is another important thing that can help you to spot the fake product.

    Newer models of Versace sunglasses are provided with a unique serial number. You will find this serial number on the inside of the right lens and make sure that it is clean and finely engraved.

    However, you may not find this number on older models, so it becomes difficult to spot fake Versace sunglasses. 

  • Look At Words in The Temple Pieces (Side)
  • You can get another indication of the originality of the product by looking at the temple. You will find a label “VERSACE” and “MADE IN ITALY” on the right temple.

    Another thing that you will find in newer sunglasses is CE means the products are manufactured according to the international EU guidelines. Have a close look at the temple pieces and make sure that the logo is spelled correctly. However, you can see the color, the model number, dimensions, and the lens on the left temple. So, it is important to look at the temple pieces to spot fake Versace sunglasses closely. 

  • Look At The Material
  • You can spot a fake product by looking at the material of sunglasses.

    Carefully review and touch the plastic and metal. If it feels flimsy, lightweight, and cheap, then probably you have a fake product in hand. If the material looks strong, sturdy, and high-quality, then you have a real product in hand.

    You can make sure about the originality by checking whether the logo is engraved properly or not? So the quality of sunglasses will determine whether you are buying a pair of Versace sunglasses or knock-offs.

  • Check For Hinges And Polarization 
  • Another thing that can give you an indication of the originality is hinges. Make sure that hinges are of high-quality and should have ease of movement. Hinges shouldn’t be too loose or too tight.

    The stems shouldn’t stick anywhere and must have fluid movement. If your Versace sunglasses claim to be polarized, check the polarization by keeping them on a computer monitor. Rotate them back and forth, and if they turn black, then the glasses are polarized. 

  • Verify The Word Genuine
  • When you are looking at the product description, verify the word genuine because fake manufacturers avoid using this word.

    They probably use the terms “genuine-like” or “designer inspired.” You may find other phrases that will give you a clue that the product is not original. 

  • Identify The Price (Too Good to be True)
  • Price can be the best indicator of the originality of the product. If the price is less, then the chances are the product is not original.

    An original pair of Versace sunglasses will cost you somewhere around $150 to $300. So, if you are buying a product at a low price, then you might be purchasing a fake product. In this way, you can spot fake Versace sunglasses. 

  • Check The Glasses Case And Duster 
  • As it is mentioned earlier, the counterfeits copy designs so professionally that it becomes difficult to spot a fake product. So, you will have to look at each factor to check the originality of the product.

    All the Versace sunglasses are sold in a matching glass case. You will also find the logo on the case. It can help you to spot a fake product by checking whether the logo is finely and neatly engraved or not? If there are any flaws or defects, then probably it is a fake product.

    An original case may fool you because you have no surety that the glasses inside the case are original. When you buy new Versace sunglasses, you will have duster in the case as well. You can see Versace lettering on the duster as well. In some cases, a duster might have engraved with the symbol of Medusa, and it is also the part of an official Versace logo. 

  • Never Ignore Packaging
  • As it is mentioned earlier, it isn’t that easy to spot fake Versace sunglasses, so you will have to take each factor into account. The original glass case is again packed in a box.

    Again check the logo, and you will see the label on the box that contains all the information about the product. Compare this information with temple pieces. When you purchase official Versace sunglasses, you will get an information booklet and warranty card as well. So, closely look at the packaging as it can help you to spot fake Versace sunglasses. 


    When you are in the market to buy Versace sunglasses, it is important to have information about the real and fake products. If you can spot fake Versace sunglasses, then you will be able to purchase the right product. You may find lots of similar designs with the same look and at fewer prices than the original product. Unfortunately, when you buy cheap sunglasses, they fall apart, break, and die quickly. So, when you have the basic knowledge about the original product, you can easily spot fake Versace sunglasses.   

    Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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