Spot a Fake Prada Bag

Prada was started in 1913, and it's high-quality made it a premium status symbol in 1990. Since then, lots of fake Prada bags have been flooding in the market.

You will have to invest too much to buy these quality bags. The price of a Prada bag normally starts at $300 and usually costs more than $1000. So, you never want to waste your investment in fake products. 

How to Spot a Fake Prada Bag?  

Below are some of the fake Prada Bags from various sources:


Source: WonderMika


Source: Beautybyama


Source: Pinterest

You can spot a fake Prada bag by the following methods:

Method 1: Checking the logo

A logo can help you to identify the real product. 

  • Look for the signature curve in the “R” in the logo
  • This “R” in the Prada logo is the most defining characteristic that tells you the product is fake or original. Make sure that the right leg of the “R” curves slightly upwards. If the “R” is straight,


    it means it is a fake product. It will include a dust bag and authenticity card, so make sure the Prada is engraved on them, and “R” is curved on each spot. 

  • Check the triangle logo
  • You can easily recognize the original product by looking at the inverted triangle logo. Make sure that letters are evenly spaced, and the font is similar to all other places. The color of plaque will be similar to the background color if the product is genuine. On a real bag, you can easily read the logo irrespective of the font size. While checking the font, makes sure that all the words are spelled properly. 

  • Make sure the logo plaque matches the inside interior fabric
  • It is another indication of the originality of the product. If the product is cream, then the plaque will be either of the same color or a bit darker. On leather bags, the logo will be ceramic. When the tag is made of plastic or fabric, it means it is a fake product. The interior plaque should be rectangular, and it should be different than the exterior plaque. If you are unable to find the interior logo plaque, then you are looking at a fake Prada bag. 

  • Make sure that on the interior plaque “Prada Milano Made In Italy” is printed
  • On the plaque, this phrase will be split between three lines. On the first line, you will see “Prada,” on the second line, “Milano,” and finally the third line, “Made in Italy.” There is some difference in new styles, and you will see only two lines instead of three. You can see on the first line, “Prada” and the second line, “Made in Italy.” So, a logo can help to spot a fake Prada bag. 

    Method 2: Checking the Hardware

    Hardware can also help to spot a fake Prada bag.

  • Make sure that hardware is either completely gold or all silver
  • Prada only uses high-quality silver or gold hardware. They never mix colors in their bags. So, make sure that all the hardware, including zippers, feet, and clasp, has the same color. If you spot different colors of finishes, then it means it is not the real product. 

  • Check the zipper to see it runs smoothly or not?
  • When you have a real Prada bag in hand, the zipper will move easily. You wouldn’t find any snag, broken zipper pieces, or catches in a real Prada bag. In case of a used bag, there might be a damaged zipper, so ask the seller about it. 

  • Check the zipper brand
  • Prada only uses zipper brands such as Lampo, YKK, Riri, or Opti. Check the spelling of each brand carefully because counterfeits can change one letter. 

  • Make sure that all the hardware says “Prada”
  • The specialty of the Prada bag is you will see “Prada” on every piece of hardware. If any of the hardware is blank, then it is not the real bag. So, hardware tags can help you to spot a fake Prada bag. 

    Method 3: Check the Material

    The material can help you to spot a fake Prada bag. Run your hand over the material and see if it’s soft to touch. Prada bags are made from calf leather, so these bags should be smooth and supple. If the leather is unbending or stiff, it is an indicator of a fake bag. Make sure that the interior fabric is also of high-quality. “Prada” will use high-quality material all over the product. Make sure that stitching is clean along the seams. You will not find sloppy or uneven stitching in a real Prada bag. On leather Prada bag, the color of stitches should match the color of the leather. If you found seams are glued, then you have a fake bag. So, material plays a crucial role in identifying the fake Prada bag.

    Method 4: Carefully Analyze the Additional Pieces 

    You will find a small tag inside the bag, and it will have a number. If the bag is real, there will always be a tag. This number is an indicator of the purse factory number. Make sure that the bag contains a white dust bag, and the Prada logo is engraved on it in black color. Dust bag protects the bag from sun and moisture. Make sure that font on the Prada bag and dust bag are the same. The original Prada bag contains a label indicating that “100 Cotton and Made in Italy”. Not all the bags contain a dustbag, so ask the seller about it. 

    For the right information and quality, check the authenticity card. Each authenticity card contains a serial number and purse style information. If there is the uneven spacing between the number and letters, low-quality printing, or slanted lines, all are the indication of a fake bag. For checking if the serial number is real, contact Prada through their official website. So, you can spot a fake Prada bag by these four methods. 

    So, it is important to spot a fake Prada bag. Prada bags never go out of style because of their classic aesthetic. Without any surprise, Prada bags are one of the most popular designer bags in the world.


    Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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