Spot a Fake Gucci Wallet

Due to its popularity, lots of fake Gucci products are sold every year. Fake Gucci wallet is one of them.

Some counterfeit Gucci wallets are made so well, that it is impossible to separate them from a real one.

The Gucci brand is one of the luxurious goods brands in the world, along with Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Fendi.

So, you will have to know quite a lot about the real Gucci wallet; then, you would be able to spot the difference. In this article, you will find out how to spot a fake Gucci wallet.

Real Gucci Wallet

Signs That Can Help To Spot Real Brand from the Fake

Below is a fake $8 Gucci Wallet (from Fufu God) going full length at the middle strip compared to the real one.

Fufu God

Source: Gucci Wallet

From Brandsblogger, Bagaholic. and Hypebeast, can you tell the differences in the fake and real bag?


Source: BrandsBlogger


Source: Bagaholic

Source Hypebeast Youtube

Source: Hypebeast

Your wallet can be a real Gucci if:

  • Your product came with an identification card, an authentication, and 10-13 digits unique serial number. This serial number will be distributed evenly in two rows. This card will look like any other business card, but you can use it in any official Gucci store to check the originality of your product. 
  • The traditional logo of Gucci will be written in capital letters like this “GUCCI”. You can verify it because of the original brand use the “Sans Serif” font for their logo. You can also verify it by looking at the symbol double “G.” Make sure that two capital G’s are facing each other instead of crawl upon each other. 
  • For maintenance purposes, the original Gucci wallet comes along with a dark brown colored dust bag, and the bag also contains a Gucci logo on it. If you are getting a Gucci wallet in plastic packaging, then probably it is a fake wallet. 
  • The material used in the original Gucci wallet is either real leather or canvas, and their stitching is extremely tight. You can also check the originality by checking the finish. There will not be a single loose thread in the original wallet. So, if you spot any flaw in stitching, then it is definitely a fake product. In this way, you can spot a fake Gucci wallet. 
  • If the wallet contains a zipper, it should be made of the same color as the color of the trim. It can’t be different in a real wallet. Also, check for the cut of the pull and make sure that the length between the stitching and edge of the pull is the same throughout the wallet. If you notice anything sloppy, it is a sign of a fake wallet. 

These are ways to spot a fake Gucci wallet. 

How to Spot Fake or Real Gucci Wallet? 

As it is mentioned earlier, there are lots of fake Gucci wallets available in the market, and you can be deceived easily. So, this guide can help you to spot a fake Gucci wallet. 

  • Controlatto Card
  • It comes with every new Gucci wallet, and it is an indication that the wallet was inspected after completion. So, if a Gucci wallet contains this, it can’t be said that the product is original. If counterfeit can copy the product, then they can also copy the paper tag. You will find a Gucci logo on the Controlatto card in the center, and below that, you will find the “Controlatto” word written in lower case letters, and finally, below it, you will see a serial number. Again, remember a fake product can also contain all these things because the counterfeits are so skilled that they copy each and everything professionally; that’s why it becomes difficult to spot a fake Gucci wallet. 

  • Gucci Tag
  • Inside a Gucci wallet, there should be a leather tag stamped with “Gucci and made in Italy.” Check this stamp carefully for font, spelling, spacing, and positioning. A real Gucci wallet contains a stamp in the center. Make sure you check for the clarity of the stamp because real Gucci stamps are clear and not muddled. 

  • Serial Number 
  • On the reverse side of the leather Gucci tag, you will find a serial number. It is usually written in two even rows. The top line contains the style number, while the below line is the supplier code. The serial number will be different for each bag, and it contains 10 to 13 digits. The numbers are heat-stamped into the leather, so it gives you a clear indication about the quality of a product. If the stamp is uneven, sloppy, or hard, then it’s time to look it again because it can be a fake wallet.

  • Hardware 
  • A replica Gucci wallet will have cheap hardware. On the other hand, the real Gucci wallet’s hardware is sturdy and solid metal. Restorers put Gucci hardware on a real bag. So, this is how you can spot a fake Gucci wallet. 

  • Know Your Gucci 
  • Gucci brand offers a lot of styles, that’s why it becomes difficult to spot a fake product. Spend time on the website and familiarize yourself with each wallet. Look for everything from material to stitching and how the straps are folded together. However, it’s not that easy to spot a fake Gucci wallet. 


    Gucci and other popular brands are introducing new styles into the market, and their counterfeits are copying the styles and introducing fake products into the market. So, it becomes difficult for the user to spot a fake Gucci wallet. However, you will have to take Gucci tag, material, hardware, serial number, and Controlatto card into considerations. It is not the surety that you have purchased the real product because you can still be deceived. So, spend some time on the Gucci website and find out how you can purchase a real Gucci wallet without being deceived.  

    Fake and first copies of some famous brands are ruling the markets. The sellers of such products are masters in copying designs, and they sell their products at substantially less price than the original product. Doing this hurts not only the reputation of the brands but also it cheats the consumer. So, the best way to protect yourself from this mess is by arming yourself with the right information. 


    Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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