Avoid a scooter accident in Italy - Don't Follow George Clooney

On 10 July 2018, George Clooney, American actor & filmmaker, got into a scooter accident when his motor scooter collides with the Mercedes at 60 mph and hurls him into the air. Luckily, his injuries were not serious. We don't want that to happen to you so we will offer more information and guide about riding scooters in Italy.

What is Scooter in Italy

Scooter is popularly known as "motorino" in Italy. Almost every Italian own a scooter as it serves as a smooth and fast movement in during traffic jam. 

What is the most popular scooter in Italy

Although there are Italian manufacturers coming up with their own scooters like Vespa from Piaggio, the Japanese brands such as Honda is still more popular. The most popular being the Honda SH150i Scooter. 

Honda SH150i Scooter

How to rent a Scooter in Italy

In fact, based on Statista, Italy is the #5 country in term of scooter sharing market, just behind Germany, France, Spain, and the USA.

Scooter Sharing Worldwide

You can mimic Audrey Hepburn in the movie "Roman Holiday" by exploring the capital on a scooter, after the city council unveiled a brand new scooter rental programme. It is the most convenient way to rent a scooter as 

  • You just download the eCooltra app and set up a profile,
  • The app charges by the minute,
  • No need to buy insurance separately,
  • The scooter is eco-friendly and fully charged,
  • Helmets are provided, and
  • Maintenance included.

Road Accidents in Italy

From Italian National Institute of Statistics, although injuries and fatalities are dropping, motorists make up 24% of the death (861) in 2014, with cars drivers and passengers were being first (1491).

Road Accidents in Italy

Simple Tips To Take Note Of When Driving A Scooter In Italy

There are several tips to take note of when driving a scooter in Italy

  • Wear Sunglasses - It is important you wear sunglasses during day time. If you are driving a scooter, endeavor to wear light and friendly glasses. This ensures that your vision is not affected by the sunset. Sunglasses offer you an extra protective layer against the sun. Always wear sunglasses when driving a scooter in Italy. 
  • Park well - Park well In order not to break the law or pay a fine, ensure you position your scooter in the appropriate place.do not park in the wrong direction. Always do the right thing. The best place to park is scooter designated parking spots. Don’t park on the pavement, it is against the law. Also, avoid parking in disabled spots. Parking on Zebra crossings is illegal. The best place to park scooter is the bays marked by white lines, this is an alternative of designated scooter parking spots. 
  • Keep Your scooter Clean - It is important to keep your scooter clean at all times. The neatness of your scooter will define who you really are. Ensure you keep a small towel in your scooter, to mop up rain, dirty. This will make people want to rid with you.
  • Have a pair of Glove - If you plan to drive long hours, invest in a glove. This help to protect your palms and knuckle from abrasion. 
  • Ensure your document are complete - To avoid embarrassment, do ensure your scooter license and every other related document are up to date. Always carry all the necessary documents along each time you go on scooter drive. Your ownership, insurance documents and license are your saving grace in the days of trouble
  • Wear Helmet -  There are no two ways about this. In fact, this is not negotiable. You must always put on a helmet before driving scooter. This doesn’t revolve around you, but both you and your passenger
  • Always Avoid Drinking - It is prohibited to drink while you drive. It is against driving ethics. Do not indulge in drinking when driving the scooter, it can be disastrous and can lead to accident or death. So it's better you avoid drink when driving a scooter.
  • Drive Safe - Ensure you drive safely when overtaking, do it from the left side, and try to be generous with your indicators when stopping. You have the same right with car drivers to drive on the center of the road. But be sensitive when doing this. It's better you drive on a moderate speed at the right center lane


We hope you find this information about scooter in Italy useful. At Venice Life, We will continuously update this as we find more useful content over the Internet.

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