Safe Car Parking In Venice

While you are considering parking in Venice, it should be noted that there are designated transports to help you navigate Venice after you are done parking your car, and dependent on how close the park is to Venice, your charges might be way higher. The record has it that when the car park is at a distance away from Venice, the cost of the parking space is reduced.

The good news with safe parking spaces in Venice is that in recent times there have been a plethora of booking websites where you could easily book a space freely over the web and then you secure such a place with a little amount of money. This would help you to avoid the hassle that is attached to finding a place after you must have gotten to the park.

A list of considerable parking spaces in Venice that are considered to be safe

  • Fusina Venezia Terminal: in this park per day, the price for a slot is 15 euros and then you have one-way navigation to the place where the park is from wherever it is that you are coming from. As a matter of fact, there is no issue of missing your way when trying to locate this park after you are done with your day’s engagement. Although it is said that the bulk of the safe parks are in Mestre, when you choose this park, you have easier navigation and can also avoid going as far as Mestre before you get a park. It is very proximate to the main city of Venice too.
  • Saba Stazione di Venezia Mestre: this park is actually unique because it is close to the Mestre railway station. Hence, if you are the type that your workplace or your destination is along that axis, you might want to consider this work station. The good thing about this park is that it is located in a guarded area where the security is guaranteed and so you can park your car for as long as you are away without having to worry about the safety of your vehicle. The fact to note about this park is that you really wouldn’t need to drop your car keys, it is just very proximate to the railway station. 
  • Venice Utility Park: this is an open-air park but regardless of how open-air it might seem, it doesn’t mean that the park is not a safe space. The price to park your car here on a daily basis is 20 euros but in recent times, the minimum time that you could park a car here is within 48 hours. This means that it is a park that is recommendable for people who are traveling. You could easily book your space on the online web if this is the option that you might have chosen. This park is very close to the highway that leads to Venice and when you have to calculate the number of minutes that you would use while on the highway before you get to Venice, it is approximately 6 minutes. The good thing about this park is that you could choose where you want to park your car, this is because the park has an undercover garage which is farther from where the other cars are parked. The good thing about the parking lot is that it is guarded and while you park your car here, you might also need to drop the keys to your car for obvious security reasons.
  • Mestre Stazione parking: this park is just at the train station that is situated at Mestre. While you park your car at this place, you also have the option of going to Venice by bus. The price range for parking your car here is between 8 to 12 euros daily. Around the place where this park is located are a variety of other parks, but this park stands out because of its guarded parking spaces.

  • Conclusion

    A lot of people wonder what parking cars in Venice would seem like, the truth is that it is as much business as restaurants are to America. The people that live in Venice know that it is a routine when you park your car around Mestre and other parks close to Venice. However, from the long list of other parks, we have selected these few for you because they are tested and trusted. You need to know that proximity costs more when choosing car parks in Venice. When it comes to the discussion on safe car parking in Venice, it might seem like a weird topic to some people, but people that have been to Venice, Italy before, they sure would know that it is by no means a weird topic and the reason for this is not farfetched from the fact that there are lots of parking spaces where you might want to consider parking your awesome car, but the determinant of how safe it would be to park in a space is what so many people want to know.

    safe car parkingIt should be noted that when it comes to parking spaces in Venice, the best parking spaces that you would find around are seen at Piazzale, Roma. If you do not know, it might interest you to note that there are limited places where you are allowed to drive your car to in Venice, but from antecedence, the best places to park your car would be around Mestre. As a matter of fact, there are a variety of reasons why people want to park their car, you might want to travel by air and then you need a space to park, you might be heading to work and then you need a space to park. In other to determine the vest spaces to park in Venice, we have compiled a few lists for you.

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