Most Expensive House in Venice Italy

We wondered ... what is the most expensive house in Venice?

According to the LA Times, The most expensive house in Venice Italy sold for $14.6 million to a group led by Nick Valencia on 24th April 2017.  This 5,000 square foot Venice residence turns out to be the priciest home sold in the neighborhood beating the last record by more than 3 million.

David Hertz Venice House

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This eco-friendly home was built in 2003 that contains seven bedrooms and seven baths home. According to designer David Hertz's “profile of the residence,” the building was constructed using sustainable materials such as concrete substitutes and recycled wood. Amenities of the house include a pool house, outdoor kitchen, shower, media room, and a basketball court as well. 

The investment group purchased this home. Sales prices of the property in Venice have been increasing wildly in 2017. However, prices have moderated since.

Other 10 expensive apartments for sale in Venice

If you want or planning to buy home and looking for a un-crowded, economical, and non-touristy point in Venice, then the suggestion is to stay away from Venice. It is considered the most beloved city by foreigners and Italians. Due to the high cost of property and living, Venice is the most expensive city. Buying luxury apartments in Venice Italy is not accessible to everyone. 

  • Apartment on the Grand Canal
  • This apartment on the Grand Canal conquered the summit in no time. Its dream and wish of everyone to see the breathtaking view of Grand Canal, Campanile of San Marco, and the Rialto Bridge together when they open their eyes. Only the wealthiest person can purchase it because this luxury apartment can be purchased for the 7,500,000 Euros.

  • Independent Villa in Venice Dorsoduro
  • You can’t deny the beauty of Venice, and it is more beautiful than any angel you look at. Try to admire the beauty of Venice by standing at the terrace of 130 square meters of the Vila in Venice Dorsoduro area. You will understand why these apartments are too expensive. To enjoy such a magnificent and breathtaking view, you will have to pay 4,800,000 Euros. 

  • Historical Building in Campo San Pantalon
  • Among the other most expensive apartments in Venice, this historic building in San Pantalon is also for sale. If you are a lover of old-world charm and luxury places, then this historical building is for you. The cost of this beautiful building is 4,500,000 Euros. But in return, you will get 400 square meters of property and a chance to live on water for the lifetime. Your investment will not be wasted. 

  • Elegant Venetian Dwelling
  • This precious and expensive place is located just a few meters away from the Grand Canal. To enjoy a good view and live a luxury life, you will only have to pay 3,900,000. If you have wealth and you want to invest in property and want to purchase happiness, then this one is for you. 

  • Apartment in Venice Cannaregio 
  • This amazing apartment is for sale in Venice, Italy. Why is it so special? This apartment offers lots of priceless advantages such as the breathtaking view at any time, unmistakable Venetian style enclosed in this apartment, elements of art inside the apartment, and many more. All these elements make this place special. After reading so many priceless features, you want to know the price? You should know, the price of this apartment is 3,800,000 Euros. 

  • Piano Nobile at the Giudecca
  • To purchase this luxury and expensive apartment, you must have a heart-pounding figure of 3,500,000 Euros. This apartment has achieved 6th place in the list of most expensive and beautiful apartments in Venice, Italy. It is ranked based on the price, but based on beauty, it has no comparison. Giudecca can give you a dreamlike view. So, you want to buy a home in Venice, and you possess a substantial amount of wealth then buy this luxurious home. 

  • Apartment in Campo San Giovanni Paolo 
  • What if you have the chance to live in the most aristocratic areas in Venice? I don’t know who will be the luckiest one to buy this amazing property. This apartment has 450 square meters of space. Want to know more about this place? In the entrance, there is a fourteenth-century planted and flowered court that welcomes the visitors and the owners. House also contains large stone portals, marble staircase, and a large window to enjoy the beautiful look. If you want to enjoy and live your life in this Venetian architecture, you must have a few million dollars. The price of this apartment is 3,200,000 Euros. 

  • Palazzetto a few steps away from Campo San Polo 
  • An authentic monastery was developed on three floors in the 500’s. But today, this building is the most expensive in Venice for sale. The price is not too much. You can buy this in just 3175000 Euros. 

  • Penthouse With View on the Campanile of San Marco
  • Don’t worry about the price; we are below three million. The price of this apartment, to be precise, is almost 2,750,000 Euros. You will enjoy the residence of unique prestige. This place is the real heart of Venice. This place is different and unique because of the sturdiness of the structure and elegance of furnishing. 

  • Penthouse in Cannaregio 
  • Last but not least, it is our least expensive apartment for sale in Venice. This house is the most economical and legendary. You can easily find it in Venice. This amazing place is true love, and you can buy this in just 1,690,000 Euros. 

    Venice is said to be the floating and the most beautiful city, and the good thing about Venice is, it remains unchanged for centuries. Therefore to buy an apartment in this city is never an easy job. As it is mentioned in the start, the most expensive home was sold for around 14.6 million in 2017. So, if you have too much wealth and want to live a dream life, then purchase one of the homes in Venice and live a memorable life.  

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