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In June 2006, James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) sailed to Venice in Italy for the shooting of Casino Royale in the midst of the tourist season.

To put their characters in the context of Venice, the film crew tried different tricks to avoid the tourists in the crowded St Mark Square. The producers of the film have a tough time gaining authorization of 54-feet boat also use of the underwater compressors. 

Casino Royale Filming Locations

Only 15 minutes watch time of the movie was contributed to Venice. The film crew managed to travel along with the city of Venice personally. The script of the movie emphasizes the three portions of events.

  • The first one was about the opening sequence with two main characters on the way to Venice, to begin with.
  • The second one was about chase scenes ensouled with movie magic.
  • And the third one is Venice epilogue with James Bond on the line. 

Filming locations of Casino Royale include walking and boating locations of one of the best tourist cities in the world. One of the sites used in this movie is “Vaporetto” in the “Giudecca” Island, and the other two locations are along the grand-canal. The other locations used in the Casino Royale are on the walking distance from each other. That moment should be appreciated when people will not pay attention to your narrow bridges, specific angles, and admiring of the columns connected with locations of the “Casino Royale” movie. 

Daniel Caig

Vesper and James Bond Arrive In Venice

An incredible panorama of Venice accompanies the encrypted message of James: “I hereby tender my resignation with immediate effect.”

The legendary 99 meters-high di San Marco fills the right side part of the scene. Marco Square and Doge’s palace symbolizes the heart of the city. The left side of the scene reveals the panoramic view of San Giorgio Maggiore. A magnificent cathedral is located on the island with the same name.

The new scene of the movie was shot at bloody-colored buildings and wooden piers. These were captured within the Grand-canal, also known as the water arteria of Venice. During shooting, two main characters of the film make their way in the reversed direction. At the same time, characters take an image during a boat ride along the grand-canal. James Bond takeovers the boat and goes between the Rialto Piers and Academia. Only a moment later, Vesper runs eyes over the merchant’s famous Rialto Market. At the same location, Johnny Depp dives in four years later in "The Tourist" movie

Eva Green Bond

Vesper and James Bond in a Hotel Room

After the shooting at the heart of the city, then the characters move to the hotel. As Vesper gets out of the bank, James was with her. It was shot within the Czech National Museum in Prague instead.

Another shift in the location reveals that two loving birds spend their vacations in a hotel. The scene was very special when 007 felt the moment and presented a smile. This scene became part of the travel collection of the work crew. 

James Bond within San Marco Square

After spending a few more seconds in the museum, James Bond rushes into San Marco Square. It was a challenge for the shooting crew to gain 400 extras to cover the front space. There were hundreds of tourists that were burned with curiosity. In fact, almost 400 people take a photo of the filming process and Daniel Craig. The shooting crew and main characters move to the southern part of San Marco Square by using the pedestrian street gallery. 

James Bond makes his way to Basel Bank to capture Vesper, but unfortunately, he only discovers confused clients and staff. Only a few steps away from column alley James was spotted there before. James rushes across the square a little more than a tricky montage. When the Vesper was failed in the first attempt to capture Vesper in the bank, he pushes along his hunting through the pedestrian gallery to capture Vesper among the thousands of tourists in San Marco Square. It was the magic of the script that allows 007 to find Vesper within a small street turn-out with the help of a red dress. 

Vesper Crosses the Bridge

The geography of the movie links Venice Bridge with San Marco Square. Vesper crossed the bridge, and James watched her from a distance. In actual, the bridge is located at a walking distance from the city center and it takes almost 30 minutes to cover this route. James Bond observes Vesper from a short Venetian bridge. 

Vesper Goes Aside at the Arch

This filming location was the challenge for the followers of “Casino Royale”. Vesper walks in the narrow streets with restaurants and shops, and it were a few blocks aside from San Marco Square. A moment later she slips into a dark arch. James follows her within a stone gateway. This gateway is located at the same place as it was depicted in a movie. 

The Final Drama and death of Vesper

After a short scene on the bridge, James succeeded to achieve his improvised objective and observes the transference of money. People pay attention to behind the scenes documentary, however, the actual practice was re-created within the Pinewood studios in the UK.

A massive exchange of firepower takes place, and it damages some part of the building as well. To create the water bubbling effects giant compressors were placed under the water. Vesper died in the end by a gunshot. After the death of Vesper, James was sitting yacht’s deck and talking on the phone with M. This scene was filmed at Church. The statue of Santa Maria was visible. 

During a recent 2020 interview with GQ, Craig started crying when describing his experience of Casino Royale, the whole thing was quite emotional for him.


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