Is Venice Overrated

Is Venice Overrated? 

Venice City

When a lot of people think about a place to visit while they are on vacation, one of those notable places that they would like to visit would be Venice, Italy. 

Is Venice big? It is made up of thousands of islands but the actual population is small and around 261,905 as of 2017.

The reason why a lot of encomium is related to Venice is because of the many side attractions that you would find at the place. Most times, during the holidays, when you visit Venice, one thing that you would notice is the fact that the place is usually overcrowded and there are many people visiting places that they have at one point or the other being told about. While it true on the one hand that Venice has a lot of nice places, there are a couple of reasons why the place is overrated and this is the reason for this article.

Why Venice is overrated

It is often said that Venice is a place that is filled with awesome memories that depict the fact that it is romantic. While it is a fact in itself that it is romantic, the truth is that it is not more romantic than most of the other places that you might have actually traveled to. Basically, the reason why a lot of people from a distance feel that this place is romantic is the fact that the place has a lot of picturesque places which might appeal to you until you visit the place. But do not be surprised, it might just look as typical as any other place that you might have been before.

A lot of people have overtime argued that this place is awesome because of the fact that you have the Gondola rides and then there are lots of people that flock around you while you are in the city.

Asides from those, there is nothing special that might appeal to you. In some cases, it is likely that while you visit this place on two to three occasions, it looks just as typical to you as any other place. A place that is tagged as romantic has the feel of romance which could mean different varieties of the romantic feeling at any time that you visit the place, but this is not the case with Venice.

A lot of people also talk about the quality of life that is in Venice, but they hardly talk about the fact that it is very expensive to visit the place. If you are a typical lover of adventure and life and then you are thinking of traveling to a renowned location, the best bet for you is to make sure that you have enough cash with you. The reason for this is not farfetched from the fact that everything is expensive in Venice. From the drinks that you buy to the food that you drink, down to the lodges that you stay at. You would have to pay a minimum of $50 for everything and this is really not fair for the average man.

Even more, one notable thing to note about Venice is the fact that the place is always overcrowded and for this reason, people that are claustrophobic find it hard to relate to the streets of Venice. It is a clear fact that the city is big, but asides that, there is nothing exceptional about the crowd of people that you see around, especially as you are prone to being a victim of pilfers and pickpockets.

Many people actually go to Venice for so many reasons, and one of the reasons is the fact that they think that the food in Venice is actually cool. The reason for this is not farfetched from the fact that they have the belief that Italians are better at meals and making meals tasty. The irony of this fact is that when you travel through all of Venice, you would realize that the place is only crowded, the meals in Venice are by far the worst in all of Italy.

Also, when you are in Venice, you should have it in mind that although a very beautiful place, you cannot actually do so much in this place. You can only walk around the many streets and bridges in Venice, but at the end of the day, you would end up getting bored when you go to the place. However, if you are a typical lover of walking, you might like life around Venice.

Why Venice could be considered as a big city

Venice is a big city, obviously because of the crowd of people that it contains, from the typical citizens of the city to the many tourists that you find around. However, as big as it is, there are countries that house both citizens and tourists alike without making it obvious that they have those people there, but Venice is not so big that it can be considered extremely big because given the size that it is now, there is a possibility of a stampede anytime in the nearest future.

Venice could also be considered a big city because of the many people from different walks of life that you find there. There are typical Italians in this place, there are people that traveled far from Africa to this place and this makes it not just a fun place but also a place where so many people actually travel to.


Venice is a lovable place, but there are places in the world that are by far better than Venice, the reason for this is the fact that when you want to create memories, you need to look out for those things that you find in the city, but Venice only has a lot of waters and bridges and also tall buildings that have a picturesque effect, but there is nothing else that distinguishes this place.


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