Is It Legal to Fly Drones In Venice Italy?

According to the law of Italy, tourist zones such as San Marco are almost no-fly zones. If you want to fly a drone in these zones, you will have to take special authorization from the office of ENAC.

Therefore, yes, you can fly drones in Venice Italy, only if you have legal authorization.

There have been lots of cases of people fined by police for flying drones. People were fined because drones fell in San Marco and almost results in hurting other people. Venice is “Urban Zone” and declared as ATZ (Aerodrome Traffic Zone).

San Marco

Unless you are wearing a high visibility jacket, you have a flying-drone license, and that special authorization, it is illegal to fly drones. 

Italy is a lovely place to fly drones and take pictures from the sky. At the same time, you will have to follow some laws for a lawful and safe flight. In the past, some drones flew in those places where drones are not suitable for outdoor activity. So, drones went in troubling people and places. Some rules are very much easy to understand and follow. So, follow the rules and enjoy your photoshoot session. 

Italy Avellino  

Italy Drone Laws

Italy has specific drone laws. So if you want to fly drones, you will have to follow these drone-laws. 

  • You are prohibited from flying your drone over the height of 230 feet. 
  • You may not fly your drone out of sight or more than 490 feet horizontally.
  • You are prohibited from carrying dangerous goods on your drone.
  • You are not allowed to fly your drone over populated areas such as beaches, gatherings, urban areas, national parks, highways, railways, infrastructure, and industrial areas.  
  • While flying drones stay at least 8km away from aerodromes. 
  • You have no permission to fly your drone during the daylight. 
  • The weight of your drone must be less than 25kg. 
  • A person who is flying-drone must have third party insurance.
  • You must keep your drone at least 50m away from those properties and persons that are not under the control of the drone operator. 

How Can I Fly Drones in Venice, Italy?

In Italy, you can fly drones if you can see it during the whole flight. You can fly drones only if you can see it with your eyes (if needed, you can use optical glasses). You can fly drones if you can use automatic navigation and similar functions to see your drones. You must have the ability to take commands anytime. Your drone must be only 200 meters away from you. You can fly your drone over 230 feet above the ground. 

Where I Can’t Fly Drones in Venice Italy?

In Italy, you can’t fly drones in populated areas and towns. While flying-drones make sure that, your drone is 5km away from airports. You are prohibited from flying drones in the CTR zone.

If you are not aware of CTR zones, then download the free air map app to know the CTR locations. It is strictly prohibited to fly drones over jails, hospitals, schools, military settings, and national parks. During the bathing season from June 15th to September 15th, you are prohibited from flying over beaches. If you are flying over national parks, you may end up harming wildlife. 

Can I Take Picture From Drone In Venice Italy? 

Yes, you can take pictures and post them on social media as well. But make sure that these footages are only for amusement and you can’t sell these. While selling these pictures, at least consider the privacy rights of other people.

Venice Italy

To ensure the privacy policy of people, Italy has adopted the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law. It means you can take pictures of people in the landscape, but you are not allowed to take photos in their homes and private places. If you want to do so, first of all, take their permission. Thus, the best thing you can do is never annoy people with your flying-drone and respect the private property of people. 

Follow the Instructions of Local Authorities

If you have a license and permission, it doesn’t mean you can fly a drone in any area. In Italy, some areas are restricted to drone activities. So, in such cases, follow the instruction of local police and authorities. 

General Rules for Flying Drones in Italy

Based on our research and interpretation of the drone laws, you must have to follow the general but most important rules for flying drones in Italy. 

  • During the drone operations, drones must be in a direct line of sight of the drone pilot. 
  • Don’t fly drones at night. However, you can fly drones in daylight. 
  • You are not allowed to fly drones over crowds, such as concerts, sports events, or other cultural events. 
  • If the drones are flown for recreational purposes, don’t fly over 230 feet above the ground. If drones are flown for commercial purposes, don’t fly them over 150 meters above the ground. 
  • Flying-drone is restricted in areas where the airports are within 5km area. 
  • Take special authorization from ENAC along with a 94 Euro processing fee. 


If you have a drone, you must know the places where you can fly it. People love to fly a drone in Venice, Italy to capture beautiful venues and take their pictures from the sky. It is perfectly legal until you are following the Italian laws about flying-drone. You may found contradictory statements about, is it legal or not? It is perfectly legal until you are following the laws. Lots of people have been heavily fined for breaking the rules. Stay away from populated areas and private places. Some people are so excited to take pictures; they don’t even take permission from local authorities. So they end up paying massive fines. Rules are easy to understand, and everyone can follow them. So, be wise, follow the rules, and enjoy your photoshoots without any troubles. Fly drones safely and legally. 

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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