How To Spot Real Italian Gold

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Pure gold is 24 karats, but Italian gold can be 22, 18 or 14 karats.

How to spot fake Italian gold? The best way to spot real Italian gold is to bring it to a trustworthy jeweller as fake gold is common. An alternative is to use an acid test kit to see if the gold discolor, only if you are sure you don't mind discoloring when it is a fake gold.

Below is a table to compare real 14K Gold, 18K Gold and fake Gold.

Items Real 14K Gold Real 18K Gold Fake Gold
Price 58.5% of its weight multiplied with the market price of gold 75% of its weight multiplied with the market price of gold Worthless even if it is 8k or 10k gold as no karat value in UK (minimum 14K) or USA (minimum 10K)
Stamping Sometimes it has the 585 stamp for Europe gold (to indicate the 58.5% gold) or 14K or 14Kt Sometimes it has the 750 stamp indicating the 75% gold or 18K or 18Kt Fake stamp that varies or gold filled
Authenticity Testing Test with 14K carat acid test to see if it does not discolor Test with 14K carat acid test to see if it does not discolor Discolor with 14K acid test
Color Less richer yellow than pure gold Less richer yellow than pure gold Black or green spot if discolored
Weight Heavy Heavy Usually lighter since gold is 79th element in perio
Hardness Harder as mixed with stronger metal alloys Softer Hardest
Found in Italy 70% found in Veneto, Tuscany, Campania, Piedmont and Lombardy  70% found in Veneto, Tuscany, Campania, Piedmont and Lombardy Country wide


Rolled gold jewelry means metal wrapped in 2 sheets of gold which are not pure gold in many countries. They are not allowed to have the stamp of karat rating as they failed to meet the minimum gold requirement of 14K UK or minimum of 10K in US.

According to, 70 percent of gold jewelry companies are located in these areas of Italy such as Veneto, Tuscany, Campania, Piedmont and Lombardy.  These areas are famous for its gold with Gold jewelry and gold coins are considered to be some of the most beautiful and sought-after items in the world.


What does “1772 KA 925 Italy” mean on a bracelet

Many people have Italian gold chains with marking like "1772 KA" which actually represents a trademark by the Italian gold company Karizia SPA. The trademark KA 1772 was filed in 2016 but abandoned in 2017 as they did not reply further information required of it and hence no longer valid.

Does real gold have Italy stamped on it

Not all real gold jewelry have stamps on them since it can be falsely re-created on fake gold jewelry till it become pointless. A modern jeweller also need extra effort to stamp every jewelry which will reduce their profitability. Neverthless, a gold stamp is not a good indicate of real gold.

Is Italian gold shiny

Pure Italian gold is shiny since it interacts with oxygen molecules to help the jewlery stay shiny and pristine. However, many Italian gold jewelry are mixed with other base metals to increase its durability and end up affecting the shine. 

That's said there are many shiny gold in flea markets that are not the real deal. They could be using scrap gold or fake gold chains that are plated in a layer of gold. These are not actual gold and would not hold up to professional appraisal. 

Is Italian gold worth more

The heavier and more gold content in the jewelry the better. Hence, the higher the karat and weight the more valuable your gold is. The price is really up to the demand and beauty of your gold pieces, some people could really loved the intricate design of your Italian gold earrings, Italian gold bracelets or Italian gold rings and offered a higher market price (but it is very rare since jeweller are out to undercut you).

What karat is Italian gold

Italian gold can varied between 14K white gold to 24K gold. 24K gold is very malleable since it contains very little alloyed metal and rarely used in jewelry. It is better to have a 24K gold in gold bar or gold coin and locked in safe.

Karat Hallmark % of Gold
10K 417 41.7%


500 50%
14K 585 or 583 (typically if Russian) 58.3%
15K 625 62.5%
18K 750 75%
20K 833 83.3%
21K 875 87.5%
22K 916 91.6%
24K 999 99.99% or higher


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