How to spot a fake Panerai (With Pictures)

Did you know Panerai has a patent for filed in France on 23 March 1916 on the luminosity to the dials of sighting instruments and devices using Radiomir, a radium-based powder?

How to spot a fake Panerai?

There are some counterfeit Panerai watches on the market, and there are some points to spot a fake Panerai watch and how to tell if your Panerai watch is real

  • The cheapest fakes are the ones that use the incorrect Panerai logo and numbers on the dial. If the numbers are in the wrong place, the watch is most likely a fake.
  • The fake Panerai watch does not have a quality bezel. The real Panerai watches have a gold or platinum or ceramic bezel. The bezel is also engraved with the Panerai logo. The bezel is usually a little bit thicker, and it is much more solid.
  • The fake Panerai watch has a low-quality engraving of the  wordings and serial number instead of the laser-sharp engraving
  • The fake Panerai watch has wear and tear on the leather unlike the well-designed Panerai lug
  • The fake Panerai watches are not made of real leather or do not have the quality Panerai logo on the strap.
  • The fake Panerai watches are typically not water-resistant
  • The fake Panerai watches do not have a logo engraved on the back of the case
  • With a trained eye, Panerai modifies the standard Unitas movement by adding a sophisticated regulator called a “Swan Neck Regulator,” because it has the curve of a swan’s neck.





If you are learning to spot a watch replicas , do look for the certification by the Fédération Officielle de la Haute Horlogerie or the Bureau Officiel des Chronomètres. It provides training on a wide range of luxury brands.

Buying a Panerai watch can be a daunting task, as they come in several variations. The price range is also very wide, and most Panerai watches can be seen for a very affordable price. However, one can spend a lot of money on a Panerai watch, and it is important to know how to tell if the watch is real.

A real Panerai watch is generally considered to be a collector’s item. It is not something that you can easily purchase at a department store, as they cost a lot of money. The prices for the watches range from $5,000 to $10,000, and they are not cheap. The real Panerai watches are typically the most expensive watches on the market, and they have a huge market in Europe. They are very exclusive and have a cult following. They are also extremely difficult to steal.

  • Where is the serial number on a Panerai watch

The serial number of the Panerai watch is the 2nd line of alphanumeric characters found at the back of the watch. There is no online lookup to verify the authenticity of a Panerai watch based on the serial number since this was not the intention of their serial number.


The 1st liner is the case number (a shorter string of characters) and the 3rd line of characters, only available for those after 2003 onwards, indicates the year and number of Panerai made in the year

The first letter of the serial number determines the year in which the watch was produced. No letter means 1997, while A means 1998, B means 1999, C means 2000 and T means 2017, and so on.

  • How many Panerai watches are made each year

There are around 75 (e.g. Radiomir Seconds Counter in 2001) to 7000 (e.g. Luminor Marina Automatic 40mm in 2003) Panerai watches made for each model each year based on the production numbers in the back of Panerai watches.

  • If the watch is from the F series or later, this indicates the production number of this particular watch for a designated year. The above example is 354 of 1000, which means that 1000 Black dialed PAM250 Daylight Chronos were produced in that year and this is number 354.
  • If the watch is from A to E series, then this indicates the production number of all dial and case variations of a particular watch. So if the example was 354 of 1000 for an E series base Luminor, it would mean that all base Luminors (White dial, Black dial, PVD, Brushed, Polished, etc) had a total production of 1000.

Starting in 1884, the Panerai brand was born when Giovanni Panerai opened his first workshop in Florence. 

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