How to Protect Designer Handbags?

Handbags are our constant companions, mood enhancers, and always by our side. Designer handbags are costly, and their investment can only be justified if they last for years.

We will share 10 tips to make your designer handbags last longer.

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When you pay proper attention to handbags, then they can be used for years. We have compiled a list of care tips for handbags so that you can use them for years. 

10 Care Tips for Protecting Designer Handbags

If you follow the below-given tips, then you can preserve your handbags for as long as possible. 

  • Regular Maintenance
  • You can keep anything and everything in good condition by regular maintenance. When you have applied lotion to your hands or your hands are not 100% clean, avoid touching the handbags. Empty your handbags after a while and turn them upside down, it will help to remove dust. Otherwise, wipe down the exterior of handbags with an alcohol-free baby wipe. Before using a baby wipe, make sure that the seller indicates it. 

  • Remove Stain Right Away
  • It doesn’t matter how much care we do of our handbags; still, we might end up throwing stains at them. So, there are different ways to remove stains. 

      • For food stains, use white chalk and allow it to sit on the stain for a few hours if possible, sit it overnight. Take a clean cloth and wipe it away. 
      • For water-spots, blot them and let them dry naturally. Ideally, take your handbag to professionals for the removal of water spots. 
      • For pen marks, if the ink stains are fresh, try to rub with a white eraser lightly. Ink stains are tricky, so don’t apply too much pressure. If the stain doesn’t disappear, then take it to professionals. 
  • Odors, it can be disgusting. For odor removal, place a baking soda pack inside. If the bag has a zipper, then zip it, otherwise place it in a large bag that can be sealed. Herbal sachets and dryer sheets can also do this job if they are kept for a few days. 
  • So, these are different methods for stain removal. In this way, you can protect your designer handbags. 

  • Protect the Bag’s Interior
  • Plasticized cosmetic pouches or plastic baggies are recommended to store products like cosmetics, hand sanitizer, pens, and any other liquid. Never allow these items to move around freely inside the bag. They can ruin the interior of the bags. In case you have a lipstick stain, it is almost impossible to remove it from fabric. 

  • Use the Right Care Products
  • It is important to use some care products for handbags as well. Rub leather of the bag with a balm or leather cream and do it once in a while. Clean it with a white cloth and use a dry cloth to buff. You can use “Tarrago Leather Care Balm” or “Tenderly by URAD.” You can also buy leather cream from shoe repair shops. The best thing is to protect your bags from accidents. Before using any product, make sure that you have read instructions. Otherwise, you may end up using the wrong product on the fabric, and you can ruin your bag. To ensure there is no discoloration, perform a patch test on a little portion of the bag. In this way, you can protect your designer handbags. 

  • Store Your Handbags Properly
  • Ideally, bags should be stored in either their dust bags or a cotton pillowcase. Avoid placing them in a plastic or a non-breathable bag, as it will help in moisture buildup. Don’t place the bags on one another. To ensure that the bags are in shape, stuffed them with soft and dry materials like acid-free tissue paper. Unclip the long straps and store them inside the bag. Store your bag out of direct sunlight. 

  • Take Care of the Hardware
  • You have done all the hard things, how can you forget about the hardware? Avoid scratching the hardware on rough surfaces, jewelry, and zipper. In this way, you can protect your designer handbags, and use them for years. 

  • Treat Them Like Your Baby
  • Designer handbags are mostly made of high-quality material and require plenty of attention and care. So, it will be a good choice to clean your bag with a clean and dry cloth.

    Never use household cleaners for cleaning your bag and buy a high-quality cleaner without harmful chemicals. For improving the lifetime of your bags, use a conditioner too.

  • Invest in a Dehumidifier  
  • A dehumidifier can be a good choice for protecting your handbags, jackets, clothes, and shoes from the humidity. We often ignore this factor and end up ruining our precious accessories. So, a dehumidifier can be a worthy investment.  

  • Avoid Color Transfer
  • The worst thing you can do to your handbags is color transfer. When handling colored leather, be careful. When these bags come in contact with wet clothes or a wet surface, the dye can bleed and stain your garment. Similarly, take care of suede and patent leather. 

  • Seek a Professional’s Help
  • You can’t keep your handbags in good condition all the time. You will have to seek the professional’s help in case of rips and tears, stains, and broken zips or even ask the brand directly. Different professionals are offering this service in different countries. 


    How to protect designer handbags? You can protect your designer handbags by following the above-given care tips. With little love and care, you can use your bag for years. You pay too much for your designer handbags, and you never want to waste your investment. You always want to keep your bags in mint condition. The goal is to keep your handbags in great condition so that they can be used for years. Follow the above-given care tips, and you will keep your handbags looking like new for years to come. 


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