Do Venice canals freeze?

frozen Venice canal

This might be one of the most asked questions about Venice, whether the water in the Venice canal freezes?

The answer to this question is yes. The Venice canals do freeze but it is a very, very rare and it has just occurred in very few times. Some of the times that the canals froze was in 1929 and the most recent was in 2012. There was a photo on the internet indicating that the canals froze in 2014 but it has been identified that the photo was fake and photoshopped.

It was not even from a Canal in Venice. It was a mash-up of the grand canal of Venice and another canal in Russia created to create confusion about the canals of Venice.

The winter in Italy is normally quite cold but if you are well dressed, you can overcome it. You will enjoy the gondola rides at this time when there are very few tourists. The streets during winter are usually quieter and the cappuccino in the coffee shops is usually excellent and of high quality. Even with all that cold the only ice that you probably going to encounter is the frozen ice in the bars as you take your drink. The probability of canals freezing is very small. This might actually be the most romantic time to visit Venice.

The weather is going to be chilly so you might want to bring around your warmest clothes and don’t forget your scarf. Come with your own camera but if your smartphone has an excellent one then be sure to take classy photos of the falling snow, misty views combined with the glimmering lights which make the city look really beautiful. Whatever you decide to do with your photos is up to you but just don’t try to create another fake photo about the canals freezing.

If you manage to be in Venice in February then be sure to attend the famous carnival of Venice. Buy yourself a Venetian mask and experience the great feeling that the Venetians enjoys.

This time of winter is usually very busy but you don’t have to worry about traveling around because I can assure you the Canals are always safe and as I have said the possibility of the canals freezing is very minimal. And just out of nowhere the canals decides to freeze while you are in Venice then you can go around the city on foot and there is also a train that ferries people in and out of the city. So if you are afraid that visiting during winter, don’t be. The canals are alright and there is much to see and of course, you are going to enjoy the carnival of Venice if you happen to be there in February.

How many canals are there in Venice?

This is also another question that is frequently asked by many visitors who wants to visit this great city. While there are many pretty walkways in Venice, it is the canals that intrigue the visitors the most as there is no city all over the world that is blessed to have as many canals like Venice. There are in fact about 150 canals that run through this magnificent city and they make a connection to the many small islands in this area. Without a doubt, the Grand Canal is the most impressive canal and as a matter of fact, 60 percent of the traffic in Venice is via the Grand Canal.

The Grand Canal is as impressive as it is important. The famous and beautiful Rialto Bridge crosses over this Canal. You can stand at this bridge take some amazing photos as you experience the beautiful view of the city from it. Along the Grand Canal, there are more than 150 houses built along the banks and the houses have a great history as most of them were built

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