Difference Between French and Italian Cuisine

What Is The Difference Between French and Italian Cuisine And What Are Each Type Of Cuisines Famous For?

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These two countries have shared delectable dishes for the whole world. When we talk about Italy, they have pasta, pizza, and rich and filling risotto. On the other hand, French cuisine contains boeuf bourguignon, chocolate soufflé, and ratatouille. Both of these countries have some seriously good dishes. In this article, you will find out the difference between French and Italian cuisine. 

4 Differences between French and Italian Cuisine

So, you want to know the differences between the two cuisines, here we are:

  • Whenever you visit Italy or France, and you got a chance to try their meal, you will find one thing in common. Both the cuisines begin with soup. The differences start with the next course.
    • The Italians call it starters or antipasti and
    • French call in entrée. You can enjoy a few starters by standing up at a bar, and you will be served with a drink. But on the other hand, you can enjoy entrée anywhere else except the dining table. 
  • The Italians first course is an entirely starch course. Their first course includes pasta, gnocchi, risotto, and ravioli. On the other hand, France has a different first course. You will be served with a pizza as a primo piatto. But in Italy, they don’t consider pizza as a part of their meal. 
  • Another major difference between the cuisines is that French food is only regional, while Italian food is regional as well as seasonal.
    • Cheese and cream come from Normandy, which is a dairy center in France. Prime seafood comes from Marseilles.
    • While in Italian food, there is no sense of Haute. There is an Italian term, “Cucina Povera,” which means poor people’s food. However, you wouldn’t find such terms in French.
  • The major difference between the two cuisines is in sauces.
    • The French cuisine contains some historical sauces like veloute, hollandaise, and béchamel. These sauces are classic, and their recipes are set in stone. In French cooking, the dish determines the sauce.
    • However, in Italian cuisine, the sauce is made from stock instead.

More Information about French and Italian Cuisines 

Let’s have a look at some more information about these cuisines. 

  • Italian Cuisine
  • Italy is considered a young country, and before it was unified, each region has its unique cuisine. You will find some characteristics in Italian foods that are undeniable only Italians. They use the freshest ingredients in their food, and they also use olive oil, cheese, and tomatoes. You may find Italian cuisine as rich and hearty food. You will enjoy a comforting feeling when you eat a spoon full of lasagne or spaghetti. Most of the Italian cuisines are simple and not complicated. Much like other cuisines, you don’t have to mix one ingredient with the other, and sauce is used as the finale. You may found all the ingredients in the main dish and you’ll have to just eat. In Italian cuisine, you will find big food servings and servings are full of carbs

    Other Things You Need To Know About Italy

    • The traditional meal of Italy consists of an appetizer, salad, and two main courses. Italian cuisine is different than Europeans. The first course will be heavier and full of carbs, while the second one will be lighter. The second course usually made of fish or meat. Each region in Italy has its own specialties, such as Naples is home to pizza, mozzarella, and cheese; Piemonte and Lombardia make risotto, while Sardinia is known for Pecorino and lamb dishes. 
    • Italians are so protective of their pizza creation. To safeguard the creation of traditional and authentic pizza, they have a bill before parliament. 

    I think, now your concepts about Italian cuisines are clear. 

  • French Cuisine  
  • It is hard to describe French cuisine in one word because it is so diverse. Remember, the French love their wine and bread so much; that’s why most of their meals start with cheese and bread as an appetizer. After the appetizer, other courses are served, and each course is paired with different kinds of wine. One thing that is notable about French dishes is their sauce. French try to make their cooking as simple as they can so that they can enjoy the freshness of each ingredient. When the sauce is added, it enhances the overall taste of the dish. They mix ingredients with vibrant colors and place them in plates with perfection, and you think twice before eating them. In French, you will get lots of courses per meal, but the serving proportions are not as big as the Italians have. 

    Some Other Things You Need To Know About France

    • French people eat more cheese than any other country in the world. 
    • To satisfy their cravings, this country has more than 100 types of cheese. 
    • French cuisine emphasizes the use of freshest ingredients. 
    • French used alcohol in cooking. In preparation for red-meat meals, white wine is used while for fish dishes-red wine is used. 


    So, I hope now you have no confusion about the difference between French and Italian cuisines. Both countries have a great variety of recipes. You can summarize some major differences as:

    • France maybe has 600 different cheeses while Italy has 500. 
    • French can’t make pasta right.
    • French eat more butter and cheese than Italians.
    • Italians prefer pasta and olive. 

    Whenever you enter any restaurant, you will be served with different meal courses. In France, you will be served with entrée on the dining table while in Italy; you can stand up on a bar and enjoy your starter. Both countries have lots of recipes. Italians don’t consider pizza as part of their meal. In Italy, the first course will be heavier, and the second will be lighter. While in French, you will get lots of courses with smaller proportions of the meal. So, these are some of the differences between French and Italian cuisines. 

    Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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