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For today, we are going to explore some of the things that you can do in an unforgettable city, Venice. The city can be incredibly expensive but believe it or not, there are a lot of things that you can do in Venice that will ensure maximum satisfaction and you will not have to spend even a single Euro.

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If you don’t have enough money or you just want to save then here are some of the places you should put in your list of visit:

  • Enjoy a fantastic walk on the famous Rialto Bridge. Rialto Bridge is probably one of the best spots to visit in this magnificent city. Enjoy watching the vaporettos and gondolas as you slide down the Grand Canal. Of all the 400 bridges in this town, Rialto Bridge is the most famous. It goes without saying that it is famous because of its excellence. The bridge has been in use since the 16th century and it never loses its spark. Being at the bridge is absolutely free and you can even go ahead some classy photos which you can use to update your WhatsApp status or floss with them on Instagram. In addition to the beautiful view of the canals from the bridges, you can be sure to drink the affordable and excellent cappuccino that is sold in very many coffee shops around this area.
  • Visit San Marco. The city is usually very busy in August and it is the home of the most landmarks in Venice. The magnificent St. Mark’s Basilica, the amazing Doge’s palace, and the glorious towering Campanile are all located in this historic town that even the Great Napoleon had respect for. It is actually a meeting point for many tourists so the things here can be pretty expensive. This does not mean you can’t walk around and do some people watching in this place. Enjoy the new atmosphere and wow yourself with excellent architecture that is employed in the building is some of the best buildings in the world.
  • Take a tour in the Rialto market. The Rialto market is the commercial heart of the great city of Venice. You will find almost everything you need in this place. This place offers some of the best fruits and vegetables in the whole of Venice. The seafood is amazing and not forgetting the fresh meat found in this market. Don’t panic you don’t have to spend a single dime to enjoy the sound and the smell of everything in the Rialto market. The colors in these markets are excellent and you will get a chance to interact with the local people and get to know more about their culture. The people in Venice are actually very friendly and the ones you are going to find in the Rialto market are no different.
  • Enjoy the excellent view of the Santa Maria Della Salute. Without a doubt, this church is one of the most photographed buildings in the whole of Venice. This church that was built back in the 17th century sits on the Grand Canal and it visible as you enter Piazza San Marco. The amazingly white steps leading to the entrance of the church make the church even more attractive. The interiors contain some titans and it brings some awesome feeling when you are inside. If you happen to be in Venice on November 21, be sure to walk via the temporary bridge that is usually laid on the Grand Canal and the citizens of Venice can walk to the church. Enjoy your time in this church that was built as a dedication to the Virgin Mary for helping the citizens of Venice survive the serious plague back in the 17th century.
  • Have a lovely walk in the Jewish Ghetto. You have probably heard of the word Ghetto and you have no idea where it originated from, well this word’s origin is traced back to this beautiful city. It first came to be in the year 1516 with the creation of the Jewish Ghetto where a lot of Jews were segregated and forced to live here. Visit both the old and the new ghetto and admire the excellent architect used in the construction of the hundreds of story- buildings located in this area. The buildings were built with low ceilings in order to accommodate the great masses in this area and you can enjoy the view for free as you walk around. Also, visit two of the most historic buildings in the Jewish ghetto and take your time to learn a bit about the history of Baroque Schola Spagnola (in use during winter) and Byzantine- Schola Spagnola (in use during summer). These two historic buildings are still in use up to date and you can take your time and visit as you learn new things.
  • Do some window shopping in the beautiful shops of Venice. The shops in Venice are known for being stupidly expensive but packed with exclusive fashion boutiques. The good thing is that no one is going to ask you to pay anything if all you want to do is some window shopping. Enjoy the view of the excellent Venetian masks that are sold in Venice, the Jewelry, and leather goods that are very well represented in Venice. The streets off Piazza San Marco are packed with classy goods and fashion styles like Gucci which are all appealing to the eye.

There are still free things that you can do in Venice that are not covered in this article. Find some of them on

Venice, the capital of the northern Italy region is spread in over 115 small Islands in the Adriatic Sea. This famous city in Italy does most of the transportation via its canals. There is no doubt about the magnificence of this city and anyone who visit this place always have some nice tales to tell about it. 

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