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During the 17th century, Venetian merchants took the coffee powder back with them from Istanbul and brought it back to the city, but was condemned as Satan's drink. 

Coffee gain popularity when Pope Clement VIII tasted it and famously said "Why this Satan's drink is so delicious that it would be a pity to let the infidels have exclusive use of it".

For people who loved a variety of coffee, the best coffee can be found in 

  • Caffé del Doge - Although not so big this coffee café located near the Rialto Bridge offers some of the best espressos in Venice.   The coffee offerings of Caff Del Doge span the globe, ranging from coffees of Ethiopia to Jamaica and India to Cuba, along with some very clean complex Central & South American coffees. they also have specialty coffee or Venetian coffee.  In this coffee bar, you have the freedom to choose the number of coffee you want to be roasted for a single cup of your espresso. They offer great cappuccino and other unique creations of espresso such as marochinno which is actually very tasty. The coffee offered here is excellent but you will have to deal with the crowded streets of Venice as you get there.

For those who want an interesting coffee experience, 

  • Caffe Quadri  - The history of Grand Caff Quadri located directly in the heart of the action in St Mark's Square dates back to the 1630s when the Venetian merchant Giorgio Quadri bought the shop. Coffee in Quadri attracted the likes of Stendhal, Lord Byron, Alexandre Dumas, Wagner, Marcel Proust. 

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If the above 2 shops cannot satisfy your carve, we created a listing of other coffee shops in Venice Italy, not ranked in any order that makes great coffee and customers have good things to say about them.

  1. Hotel Monaco. This place does not only serve great espresso it also has some excellent view where you can see the boats parked just outside the terrace. The espresso can be a little bit expensive as compared to other places. Don’t get shocked when you are required to pay about 8 Euros just for a cup of latte or cappuccino. You will be paying for the excellent view too, I guess. But what is for sure is that Hotel Monaco might be the place where you can get the best espresso in Venice.
  2. Caffe Girani. This is another place that you can be sure to get excellent espresso when you are in Venice. You will be amazed by how excellent the interior of this café is designed. You will fall in love with the place even before you get served and when you get served you can be sure to visit the place over and over again. Because of its beauty, you will find a lot of people trying to get photos for their Instagram accounts instead of taking their time and relax. The espresso served here is of great quality and the customer service is of high quality.
  3. Saint Mark’s Square. The charges for a cup of cappuccino or latte can be a bit costly but the espresso in this place is super amazing. In addition to excellent espresso, the view is excellent. You can also go ahead and enjoy a glass of wine or beer in Saint Mark’s square as you enjoy the excellent live music performance. Your experience here will be worth every penny that you use. I can assure you that you won’t regret spending more just to get a cup of cappuccino.

  4. Farini. Without a doubt, Farini is one of the best places in Venice. From the excellent Pizza to the best Cappuccino they offer. You are going to love everything about this place and to make it even better, the charges for their cappuccino are actually way cheaper compared to most places where you can get espresso of the quality they provide.
  5. Torrefazione Cannaregio Srl. Torrefazione Cannaregio was opened in 1931. You are going to love the excellent services that are offered in this place and you are going to love the espresso even better. The coffee beans are actually roasted in the shop and you can go ahead and buy if you want some. Their prices are very friendly and the espresso is of high quality. Before I forget you should be prepared to stand as there are no tables in the place, it is a place you should consider going if your main aim is quick to recharge and that’s it. Not for having fun, it’s a place for coffee and espresso lovers.
  6. Marchini Time. The Italian espresso offered here is always so great that the customers are always willing to wait for their chance instead of going to other places. So if you are in a bit of a hurry you should consider another place. The staff is always very friendly and if you are willing to wait for your turn, then you can be sure of getting some of the best espressos in Venice.
  7. Fujiyama B&B Tea room. You got to love the espresso offered in this place, the place is super adorable and the outdoor area is very cute. The cappuccino and latte offered in this place are excellent and one of the best in Venice. Enjoy your favorite espresso in this incredible place at a very affordable price and excellent customer service.
  8. Pasticceria Dal Mas. If you are a foreigner and you don’t speak much Italian, you might find it difficult in this place because most of the staff are not really good at other languages, not even English. But if you don’t mind that then be ready to receive the best cappuccino in Venice. The place is not very crowded and they also offer all kinds of sweet bakeries that are very delicious when taken with a cappuccino.
  9. Bar Pasticeria Rio Marin. This is a coffee shop where you are going to find one of the best Italian espressos in Venice. The people here are very friendly and the cappuccino is of high quality. Enjoy your espresso with some very tasty cake basket with berries.


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