Best Area to Stay in Rome for First-Time Visitor

There is never a first-time again, so it has to be the best one in the first shot only. And when you are planning your first-ever trip to the ‘Eternal City’ of the world, Rome, it needs research so perfect that it becomes the most memorable one too, especially when there are endless things to do.

If you are determined to unveil all the secrets behind each door of all those ancient buildings, your stay at Rome’s Historic Center would best serve this purpose covering 90% of the tourist attractions. The Historic Center is right in the heart of the city and you’ll just be a few minutes away from all the major historic attractions. Some nearby hotels are Hotel Lunetta, Sant’Ivo Apartments, Trevi 41 Hotel, etc.

Rome Centre

Ancient ruins, lush green mountains, beautiful architectural masterpieces, artistic masterpieces like fountains or statues, nature reserves like thermal springs, intriguing catacombs, one-of-a-kind restaurants, artistic endeavors, you name it and Rome has them all. Being a place where heritage meets modernism, it has something for each of us. Now all you need is knowing well in advance what you want to realize from your visit.

Visiting Rome For the First-time?

For our first visit to Rome, we all might have our purposes. And it is the premise of our basic itinerary planning; Whether you want it to be a romantic trip with your ‘someone special’; or one dedicated to visiting everything ‘ancient’; or one which is all about gastronomy, you will need to find the best area, beforehand, which makes your trip less exhausting and more resourceful. So let’s select the perfect area for you.

Explore Ancient Rome

Just step out in the morning and see yourself surrounded by Renaissance palaces, Baroque churches, picturesque piazzas and many more. To feel the essence of the real Rome, station yourself in the Historic Center which is a cluster of few ancient sites:

Historical Rome

Piazza Navona

Originally a stadium built in the 1st century AD, this plaza boasts of three grand fountains, ancient churches, and high-end cafes. The street artists, musicians, and painters add liveliness to the historic backdrop. Make a point to visit Fontana di Nettuno, Fontana del Moro, Fontana Dei Quattro Fiumi, Church of Sant’Agnese and Palazzo Braschi for Museum of Rome. 

Piazza Navona

Some of the hotels with good reviews in the neighborhood are; Palazzo Navona Hotel, best-rated hotel, and a  4-star stay; Hotel Lunetta, the most popular one among tourists; and Hotel Raphael, the best hotel for families.


Originally a pagan temple, the Pantheon was the first one to be converted to a church. The architecture is so breathtaking that its dome is the largest unsupported dome in the world And this is not the only fascinating architecture of Rome’s most preserved monument.


There are quite a few hotels and apartments to enjoy the view of Pantheon from your room’s window; The Pantheon Iconic hotel, a 5-star stay; Sant’Ivo Apartments, the most popular one; and Eve Luxury Apartments, the closest stay to the monument.

Trevi Fountain

Fontana di Trevi or the Trevi Fountain is the most famous in the world and has some famous stories about its slowing water, architecture and interesting legends. 

Trevi Fountain

Some of the best hotels in the vicinity are Trevi 41 Hotel, the closest one; Singer Palace Hotel, a luxury stay and a best-rated too and Harry’s Bar Hotel & Restaurant, an apartment stay.

Spanish Steps

Located near Villa Borghese, the green lungs of the city, the Spanish Steps is a great area if you want serene surroundings and still stay close to the city center. The area is full of high-end boutiques and chic hotels. It is also a great choice if your family is accompanying you.

For best value, Hotel Due Torri, a 3-star stay is the best option. And if you love living in style, book with Babuino 181.

Campo de’ Fiori

Once the heart of ancient Rome, Campo de’ Fiori hosts a hustling market with small boutiques and craft stores selling Roman handicrafts. It attracts locals and tourists alike for its liveliness and proximity to the Jewish Ghetto, an intimate place with eateries serving Roman-Jewish delicacies. 

Campo de’ Fiori

Boutique Hotel Campo de’ Fiori and Hotel Monte Cenci are excellent staying options in this neighborhood.


An oval amphitheater, Colosseum is the most iconic symbol of Rome. With nearly two-thirds of the original theatre in ruins, it is Rome’s biggest tourist attraction as it holds a long and tumultuous history. For its architectural excellence, it was listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the World on 7 July 2007.


Monti Palace Hotel, the most popular stay, and Hotel Palazzo Manfredi, a 5-star luxury stay are great stays to be in the vicinity.

Enjoy the nightlife

If you are less into history and more into liveliness and you plan to experience Rome’s nights in your first visit, then Trastevere will realize your dream. A rundown bohemian quarter in the past, it has the hippest vibe and is a mecca for tourists who want to see more than just ancient Rome. Narrow alleyways decorated with vines and ivy, the place still holds the ancient authentic Roman feel. 

And if you are looking for a little more alternative set-up, head straight to San Lorenzo. It has all that student-kind of night vibe with cafes and bars full of liveliness.

Staying options in both neighborhoods are aplenty. Hotel Trastevere’s Friends, a mid-range stay and Trastevere Royal Suite Trilussa, a luxury stay, are good options in the Trastevere area. And if you want to choose San Lorenzo for its extra liveliness, Hotel Laurentia and Hotel Rossi are popular options.

Enjoy the food and drinks

If you are a food blogger or simply a hard-core foodie, then unload yourself straight in Testaccio. It’s a heaven for food lovers. With food stalls all around, this is the place where you’ll find the authentic pizzas and other traditional recipes of Rome. Bars like Tabacchi da Rosa e Andrea for a sandwich and a cup of coffee; Barberini for a nice breakfast; IL Panificio Passi for sumptuous bread and Da Remo for the most authentic pizza are quite a few popular spots. 

There are options like I-sleep B&B, a budget hotel or Seven Suites, a luxury place, for your first comfortable stay along with many others.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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