Are Italian Greyhounds Smart?

Italian Greyhounds are barely a foot tall but possess all the grace. There is a debate going on whether they are bred for hunting or can be made a companion.

 Italian Greyhounds

So the question is, are Italian Greyhounds smart? The answer is, “yes.” Although this dog breed is smaller in size and stature but known as smart and intelligent dogs because they adapt well to city life and easily trained via positive reinforcement.

Their intelligence also backfired if you do not accompany them and Italian greyhounds could express their unhappiness through destructive chewing.

These dogs are suitable for families who have an adult child. Italian Greyhounds like to be gentle and peaceful.

Italian greyhounds require daily walks to remain fit. These dogs are smaller in stature so that they can be easily kept in small apartments. They have very short coats that make their grooming very easy. 

Italian Greyhound home

Overview of Italian Greyhounds

These dogs are also referred to as IG. IG is a slim and fined-boned dog. They look similar to Whippet, but these are short in size and stature. IG comes in a variety of colors, such as cream, black, fawn, blue, or any solid color with white markings. Their maintenance is easy because their coat is short and smooth. They don’t shed too much, so these are good choices as house dogs.  Italian Greyhounds belongs to the hound family that means they love to chase. They have a slim body along with slim legs, and tail. 

These dogs are different, and you can’t just buy them and leave in the courtyard. These dogs can be kept in a lounge under a blanket. These are household dogs and never recommended with young children at home. Italian Greyhounds are barely 15 inches tall and 3 to 5kg in weight. The average life span of IG is 12 to 15 years. 

Personality and Temperament

These dogs are gentle and love to snuggle with their owners in the lounge. Italian Greyhounds are intelligent dog breed, but it is hard to train these dogs. They become a bit shy in the company of strangers while feeling comfortable while playing with their owners. These dogs are sensitive, so consistent training is required. The most difficult job is to house train Italian Greyhounds because they don’t like to get their feet wet if it’s raining outside. They don’t even like wet grass. So, training and exercise of this breed can be difficult. 

Greyhounds love to chase, so it means you can never trust them to off-leash. These dogs like hunting, much like the whippet do. They love to walk, and it is recommended that these dogs should be exercised daily. Italian Greyhounds are family dogs, but because of their sensitive nature, these dogs should be supervised by younger children. Otherwise, little kids can harm the dog. These dogs can be kept with other pets but be aware of their strong prey drive. 

Attributes of Italian Greyhounds

  • They look like a small Greyhound.
  • Their coats are sleek and easy-care and available in many colors. 
  • These dogs are not hypoallergenic because they don’t shed much. 
  • Italian Greyhounds move with high stepping-gait. 
  • It is known as an agile athlete. 
  • Don’t bark much.
  • Intelligent and polite. 
  • More importantly, these are family dogs. 

Care of Italian Greyhounds

These dogs should be served with high-quality dog food. Whether you are giving homemade food or commercial food never compromise on the quality. Diet should be appropriate to the age of the dog. These dogs can easily gain weight, so keep an eye on weight level. During training, you can give them treats, but giving too much can result in obesity. If you can see the hip bones of your Italian Greyhound, then your dog is in proper weight. Ribs should be visible but should be under the flesh. Before buying any food, learn which foods are safe and which are not? If you have any concerns about weight or health, consult your vet. For more care, water should be clean and clear all the time. 


The most important grooming tip is their teeth should be brushed regularly. Ask your vet for the annual dental cleaning of the dog. They don’t require frequent bathing until they go to such a place where something gets attached to their smooth coat. Try to remove with gentle brushing. If you are not able to remove, then take him for bathing. Nails should be trimmed with a grinding tool. 


Italian Greyhounds are active, and regular exercise is needed. Dog parks can be a hazard for these kinds of dogs. If your dog is trained, still don’t allow him to go outdoor and in unfenced areas. 


You can only train these dogs by reward-based training instead of punishment. The owner should praise it. A dog should be served with immediate treatment when the dog learned the command and follow it. If you are unable to train Italian Greyhound, then hire professional dog trainers. You can’t opt for harsh methods; as such methods wouldn’t work for these sensitive and intelligent dogs. 

What’s Special about Italian Greyhounds

IG is the smallest member of the sighthound family. These dogs are smart, affectionate, and playful. If you want IG to listen to you, never speak loudly or in a too slow pitch. These dogs love to socialize with people. Italian Greyhounds only like to please their owners. IGs are known as good watchdogs. They often bark at animals, people, and outside noises. Never consider these dogs as guard dogs. These can be easily scared by strangers and can potentially run away. 

IGs belong to hounds family, and when they saw any small animal near them, they would try to chase. These dogs are hunters by nature. Italian greyhounds hunt by using their speed and sight. 


These are sensitive dogs and only love to play with owners. Extensive care is required. Never recommended for those families who have small kids, because kids can accidentally harm these them? Regular exercise is needed, and you can train them to be loyal and obedient. As they love to chase animals, so you can take them outside. 

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