5 AirBNB with An Amazing View of the Grand Canal


The one thing that comes to mind when you think of Venice is the beautiful Grand Canal that runs through it, forming one of the major water-traffic corridors in the city. Hence, we have complied a list of five AirBNB that has an amazing view of the Grand Canal, so you can marvel in its beauty up close.

1) Classic Venetian Loft with Rustic Decor:

This loft was once a warehouse that has been beautifully restored in a classic Venetian style. It is located on San Pietro Island, a quiet area that is frequented mostly by local Venetians. There are many amenities nearby this loft, mostly five minutes away on foot, which include bars, restaurants and even a supermarket, making this AirBNB a perfect choice for you if you decide to have your vacation in Venice for a few days. Piazza San Marco is just fifteen minutes away on foot.

This AirBNB costs $208 per night. It can accommodate up to three guests with its two bedrooms and one bathroom. The master room is fitted with a king bed while the common bedroom is fitted with a single bed. It has 4.85 out of 5 starts with a total of 199 reviews.

2) Palazzo by the Grand Canal:

This Palazzo was created by Nicolò Da Ponte, the 87th Doge of Venice (from 1578 to 1585). In Venice, the Doge is likened to a King, therefore, you can technically say that you will be staying in a palace with this AirBNB. The apartment is located on the Noble Floor, characterized by the large spaces.

You can experience the beautiful view of the Grand Canal from your two private balconies. 

Located between San Marco and Rialto, you will find yourself in the most central part of Venice, with many main attractions, transportation and dining options just a stone throw away.

This Airbnb is costs $185 per night. It can accommodate up to two guests with its single bedroom and one bathroom. The bedroom is fitted with a queen bed. It has 4.77 out of 5 starts with a total of 195 reviews.

3) Cozy Venetian Apartment for the Entire Family

This cozy apartment is located in the historic center of Venice. The apartment was restored while the building was left in its original state. The restoration was completed in 2009 and it resulted in the apartment have two balconies overlooking the Grand Canal. It is a few minutes away from the train station and Piazzale Roma, a bus terminal, making it easy for you to explore the rest of Venice. 

The front door opens up into a grand entrance that is surrounded by four bedrooms (one master, one double and one queen with an attached studio fitted with a sofa bed), the living room, kitchen and the two bathrooms. This apartment is perfect for the whole family, as it allows up to a maximum of six guests. The elegance of the Venetian mosaic floor, the Murano glass chandeliers and the antique furniture and fabrics allows you to immerse yourself into Venetian culture.

This Airbnb is costs $311 per night. It can accommodate up to six guests with its four bedroom and two bathroom. It has 4.76 out of 5 starts with a total of 76 reviews.

4) Apartment overlooking the Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge:

This fascinating apartment has a breathtaking view over the Grand Canal and the Rialto Bridge. It is located in the Sestiere di San Marco, only a few steps away from the Fortuny Museum - right in the heart of the island of Venice! Recently renovated, the apartment is at the second floor of a 18th century palace, and is served by an elevator that goes upfront the entrance. The building faces the Grand Canal and it is well connected to public transportation.

The apartment has its own entrance, one comfortable bathroom with a very nice shower, one double bedroom and one living room with custom-made kitchenette designed by excellent Venetian artisans.

This Airbnb is costs $224 per night. It can accommodate up to four guests despite it only having one bedroom due to its pull-out sofa bed. It also has a single bathroom. It has 4.99 out of 5 starts with a total of 257 reviews.

5) The Guggenheim with breathtaking views of the Grand Canal:

The Guggenheim is a luxury Venice apartment with an incomparable view of the Grand Canal. It is a beautiful apartment with a traditional Venetian atmosphere with original Venetian fabrics and decors. The apartment is on the second floor of an ancient and historic Venetian building. 

The entrance hall which opens into a large living room where the windows have a fantastic overlooking the Grand Canal and two bedrooms with a suite bathroom. The main bedroom is fitted with a queen bed and overlooks the Grand Canal. The other common room has twin beds and it comes with a beautiful view of the Guggenheim Foundation garden. A scenography staircase leads to the kitchen, a twin bedroom under roof and a small service bathroom. The staircase continues onto the roof top which offers a breathtaking view over the city, with table for breakfast and dining. This apartment is perfect for large families on vacation.

This Airbnb is costs $604 per night. It can accommodate up to six guests with its three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It has 4.84 out of 5 starts with a total of 112 reviews.

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