Which Airport in Milan is Better?

Milan is really an awesome place to visit and many people have been asking the question of which of the airports in Milan is the best to fly into. 

The fact is that when you need to make a choice of airports in Milan, you would be selecting from the three airports that you would find in Milan.

One might begin to wonder why such a place as Milan would have just three airports. The truth is that, when we begin to talk about many of the tourist attractions that are in Milan, it might seem as though the place is one very large city, but the fact remains that Milan is a small city and for a small city, three airports are a lot.

Milan Airport

When it comes to selecting the best airport in Milan, you should note that some of the few reasons why people select one airport over the other depend largely on their needs, where they would be staying and also how proximate an airport is to the location that they are going. There is no strict rule to discern which of the three airports is the best for you.

Milan Airport

About Milan’s Three Airports

  • Milan Linate: this is the airport that is the closest to the center of the city. It is just 8km from the city and the bulk of the airlines that you would find at this airport include national airlines that are quite affordable. There are just a limited amount of Easyjet's at this airport and when you enter into the airport for the first time, the first thing that you would note is that the airport is actually very small. When it comes to the airport that is the most convenient in the city of Italy, then this airport is definitely your best option. The only thing that there is to note about this airport is the fact that most of the airline flights that you would be boarding from here are expensive.
  • When you are heading to the airport, the idea is to budget about thirty minutes of your time from the city to the airport. Hence, when you know that you want to fly early, you need to board a bus in time so that you do not miss your flight.
  • While the airport might be small, it doesn’t mean that there is no life at the airport. If you are considering doing some shopping before your flight, there are a number of supermarkets to buy things. There are also restaurants where food is sold around the airport too.
  • The Wifi at this airport is totally free, but if you do want to browse at a much faster pace, then you might need to register and pay a small fee for faster connectivity.
  • The airport doesn’t, however, have a hotel in it, but the hotels that are located around the airport do have shuttles that would lead you on to the respective hotels. There is also the option of sleeping on a number of seats at the airport auditorium as the airport is totally safe if this is what you intend doing.
  • Milan Malpensa: this airport is one of the largest in Milan, as a matter of fact, while it is considerable when you are going on a long journey trip from Milan, you should also note that it is about 50km away from the city. In this airport also, you would find some of the most affordable airlines in it. There are two ways to getting to this airport and the first is by a bus while the second is by train. Of the two options, the best bet for you is to travel by bus which is more convenient. In this airport also, there is only one hotel and that is Sheraton, if you happen to want to sleep within the auditorium of the airport, it is best to go sleep at terminal 2 because it has a wider sleep space than auditorium 1. You should also note that the distance from terminal one to two is actually 50km. The airport offers free wifi connection but if you want the faster network, you might have to pay a small fee while you register on their portal. The restaurants around this airport are very wide and because of this, you have a variety of options to pick from when you want to do your shopping.
  • Milan Bergamo: this airport is not in Milan at all, it is located in Bergamo and it is mostly checked into by people who are considering traveling on a budget. The roads that lead to this airport are quite good and so you do not have a problem locating the place. When you want to get to this airport, you might need to budget about one hour of your time, hence you might need to leave early when you have an early flight. You should never consider taking the taxi when going to this airport and the reason for this is that there is no regulation as regards the price which taxis should charge and so you might end up paying more if you have to pick a taxi. When you have to sleep at this airport, your best bet is to sleep in one of the nearby airports


If there is anything that is certain now, you would either pick one of the first two out of the three options that you have. While this is true, you should also note that the farther airports are notable for their low budget flights. The one that is the most proximate to the city is very expensive too.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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