Venice In April

More fun activities to do in a rather serene April
Visiting a rather quieter Venice in April is a golden opportunity to grab a chance to enjoy other fun activities which are otherwise done in a hush-hush due to the huge crowds. One such activity is enjoying Gondola Ride with your partner. A ride through the iconic waterways of romantic destination like Venice is what we all want in the City of Canals. But a serene vibe and a sense of privacy would make it worth the effort in the otherwise shared Gondola Rides.  
Gondola Rides
Enjoying your time at otherwise crowded Lido Beach is another fun activity especially at this time of the year. Stretched out to 11 km, this sandy beach is a resort destination and April is the best soaking in sun rays as the subsequent months make the sun harsh to enjoy the sunbath. 
Lido Beach
And lastly, don’t forget to take a tour of the Venetian Islands of Burano, Murano and Torcello. Now a UNESCO World Heritage, the lagoon and its colorful houses gleams in the rays of April, making it a perfect time to enjoy your spring vacation.
Burano, Murano
Visiting Venice is always on all of ours’ bucket list when we think of our dream destinations to visit. A pleasant image of us enjoying ourselves in Venice soon flood our mind and we start day-dreaming of everything we’ll do as soon as we are in Venice. Now, all we want to do is soak in the beauty of ‘Queen of the Adriatic’ in its full glory. And what better a month than April to witness the charm of Venice!

Best Month to visit Venice
April is one of the best months to visit Venice and enjoy it too. Reasons are aplenty. December to March brings quite a chilly weather in Venice with temperature, usually, dropping to zero degrees Celsius. Days are shorter and most of the notable sights gets shut down by 5 in the evening. It is only in April that the spring starts showing its signs which blooms completely by May. But May to August is the busiest time and witness swarms of tourists and it’s all sweat and crowd everywhere. Then comes September, the month marking the onset of the fall season. Continuing until the end of November, fall months are the wettest months in Venice and unsuited for touring. Hence, to soak in the beauty of Venice in serenity, visiting it in April is the wisest travel decision.

Early Spring of Venice
Spring ushers in Venice in April. The super chilly days are left behind at the end of March. The average temperature starts rising to 16 degrees Celsius in the day and around 12 degrees in the night. It  is not warm but not chilly either. But keeping a jacket and light warm clothes are advised. Venice also gets its share of rainfall in April. Though it is not the wettest month but it does rain moderately. Strolls down the lanes are enjoyable. Don’t forget to tuck in your umbrella in the luggage.

Musical Month of Venice
If you haven’t seen an opera show in your life or have seen but isn’t sure if it was an authentic one, then come to Venice in April to book your seat in Teatro La Fenice, the Mecca for opera. A world-renowned opera house. and a landmark of Italian theater, La Fenice produces its best new shows in April. Being a hallmark in the history of opera, these special shows are once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity. And it isn’t about being a witness to just a masterpiece ope4ra show, April earns you an access to backstage. Experience watching the real opera followed by a Tête-à-tête with the performers. 

Holy Weekend in Venice
April is holy time in Venice. The holy Easter festivities in Venice happens to be in April than not. Pilgrims, especially from outside Venice, start pouring in huge numbers to celebrate the weekend. And it is much of a family affair. The festivities begin with an unmatched frenzy on the Sunday before Easter, known as the Palm Sunday. The pilgrims, then, attend the Sunday Mass at St. Mark’s Basilica at noon and head to nearby restaurants for having an authentic Easter fare. They enjoy the concerts and small celebrations going on at individual bars or cafes throughout Venice. It’s fun-time for kids too as they take part in various Easter egg hunting contests. Though many shops and restaurants are closed but the major historical and notable sights are open for public. And them being free on these 3-days are a bonus. As the Easter week concludes on Monday, the crowd disperses and Venice goes tranquil again till the end of April.

Festa di San Marco
Popularly known as the Rosebud Festival, Festa di San Marco is a celebration in honor of Venice’s most beloved saint, Saint Mark. This important religious festival is held on the 25th of April which happens to be the day St. Mark perished. Held at San Marco Square, it is also celebrated as a Lover’s Day in Venice wherein single men gift a single rosebud to the woman they love, as a symbol of their eternal love. Breathe in the air full of love vibes.

Settimana della Cultura
Settimana della Cultura or The Week of Culture is held usually in mid-April with exact dates being released only a few days before the event. This week is all one can ask for a trip to Venice: a free entry to all its historical sights. Just think about all those bucks you would have spent on paid tours to museums and monuments of Venice, they all are saved now for some other fun activities to pack in your itinerary.

Celebrate Venice’s Liberation 
Festa della Liberazione or Liberation Day of Venice is celebrated on the 25th of April. The day marks the end of Mussolini’s reign of the Italian Social Republic and that of Nazi activities in Italy widespread till the end of World War II. The day honors all those who were a part of the Italian Resistance and drove the Nazis and Mussolini’s troops out of Italy. Political rallies, marching bands, patriotic processions, social gatherings, musical concerts and food festivals are held throughout the city for honoring Venice’s liberation. Just being in the city colors you in the infectious vibe of Venice.

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