Rome in April

Natale di Roma or Rome’s birthday falls on the 21st of April, as the legend says. It was on this day in 753 BCE that Rome was founded and hence, just like on our birthdays, it's party time in Rome.

Vacationing is a blessing anytime.

And when it comes to packing our bags and escape from monotony, all months are good months. That said, if we want a vacation that is truly rewarding and brings the vigor back in our life, it must be taken just at a perfect time. And when the destination is Rome, you want to have your cake and eat it too. The best time to do what the Romans do is, undoubtedly, April. Let’s make a list of them all to get set go.


Soak in Rome’s beauty at its best


April brings spring in Rome. The chilly winters are over by February along with its after-effects by the end of March. Summers are yet to arrive in May. And fall months are the wettest in Rome, forget about enjoying a walk down the lanes then. This makes April the most apt time to see Rome in its full charm. You will see a never-seen-before Rome with beds of azaleas, poppies and wisteria carpeting not only the gardens but also the streets and pathways. Rome simply smells of spring in April and who doesn’t love spring!

Villa Borghese and Borghese Palace are a sight to behold in April with their landscaped attracting as many tourists as Trevi Fountain or Colosseum.

Borghese Palace

Roam in Less-Crowded-More-Serene Rome

April month isn’t the busiest month in Rome. Expect a crowd of tourists but not a huge one. Schools and universities are yet to go on their summer breaks in May, so people are just in their planning mode. If you choose April as your vacationing month in Rome, it is a perfect time to have a chance to choose your favorite hotel to stay at and securing tickets for visiting your favorite historical places. 

Be a Part of Rome’s Birthday Celebrations

Rome openly welcomes one and all as practically everything is open and free when it comes to public places and historical venues. Take advantage of visiting all the ancient places of Rome without standing in long queues to buy the entry tickets. Visit Palatine Hill, Colosseum, Roman Forum and other important historic places without entry passes.

Palatine Hill

A special gathering is seen at Pantheon to visit its architectural mastery. The emperor, Hadrian, designed it in a way that, only on this day in the whole year, sunlight falls from the roof’s hole onto the entrance of the building and the hallway is illumined with its beautiful golden rays. Witnessing this magical moment is a rare kind of experience. And don’t miss the elaborate birthday celebrations on the streets with parade and fireworks. All are invited.

Savor the Romanesco Artichoke Festival

Romans love artichokes. So much so that they have a 3-day long festival dedicated to savor it. You’ll find them piled high at all vegetable shops or restaurant windows. The best restaurants in the city have a dedicated menu for these days just to one vegetable and it is Artichoke. And it is omnipresent, from appetizers to desserts you’ll find them in all.

And of all the varieties, Carciofo Romanesco is their favorite. It is widely used in many of the special dishes. Their two most loved dishes, without which your visit will be incomplete, are Carciofi Alla Giudia and Carciofi Alla Romana.

Romanesco Artichoke Festival

Enjoy Maratona di Roma

Maratona di Roma or as popularly known as the Roman Marathon is held on either the last Sunday of March or the first one of April’s. An annual event, thousands of people run in it.  Starting from the Colosseum, swarm of runners takes the route of Saint Peter’s Basilica, Piazza Navona, Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps among other notable sights. It is worth witnessing the event if not taking part in it. But if you are not planning to include it in your wish list, avoid visiting historical places as the roads are majorly blocked for the day.

Witness the Roman history on Festa della Liberazione

‘Festa della Liberazione’ or ‘Rome’s Liberation Day’ falls on the 25th of April and is a significant historic occasion as it celebrates the end of Fascist rule in Italy along with the end of Nazism widespread during World War II. It’s a national holiday throughout Rome and all the notable places are open to visitors. The day is marked by historical enactments and ceremonies across the city.

Be a part of Festa della Primavera

‘Festa della Primavera’ for Romans and ‘Roman Spring Festival’ for the world is Rome’s way of welcoming spring with open arms. A yearly event, the festival is held to celebrate the onset of spring with great pomp and show. Streets are decorated with flowers. Special exhibitions, theater events, concerts, and sports events are held throughout the city. Don’t miss a stroll on Spanish Steps adorned with pots full of pink azaleas.

Visit the Roseto Rose Garden

When roses start blooming in Rome, Roseto is a witness being home to these beautiful flowers. And many believe it gets open to the public only in May when the roses are in full bloom. But it opens on Rome’s birthday i.e. the 21st of April. Though the garden isn’t in its full glory but it’s quite a serene and peaceful vibe at this time of the year in the garden. The visitors only start to pour in the beginning of May as the feel of spring spreads. So, before it gets crowded here, enjoy the nature in tranquility.

Dip in the holiness of Easter

An unmatchable spirit runs through Rome in April as Easter happens to fall around this time of the year. Series of religious events are kicked off first with Good Friday’s Mass in the evening at Saint Peter’s Basilica followed by a torch-lit procession known as Via Crucis. Then the Pope addresses the crowd at noon after Easter Sunday’s morning mass held at St. Peter’s Square. Monday morning mass at St. Peter’s Square concludes the ceremony. The Easter days gets quite crowded with followers thronging in from across the world, especially to witness the holy event. Dip yourself in the Easter spirit to feel the magic by taking any road, as they all lead to Rome.

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