Milan and the beaches around

If you are asking the question that does Milan have a beach, then the answer is no. The only way is to go to the beaches within 100km away from Milan city. Then the answer would rather be a little bit confusing and also not 100% a straight on yes-no answer because in the actual reach of the real Territory of the city of Milan you are not going to have any type of beach because of the geological position of the city but rather than just outskirts of the city and also inside range of the city far from the actual downtown area you are able to find quite some beautiful places of beach that you are never going to forget and which is going to be a trip of your life for you to remember all of your life.

Just by driving out of the city for less than 100 kilometers you could get many beautiful spots that will make you forget about the travel time and also these for definitely not known among non-Italians but they are also truly a must-see spot for you to have in your list and especially if you have just a day or even a few hours, it is highly recommended that you rent a car sales not all of them are quite accessible easily by public transportation and you would definitely have some spare time by doing so. 


Finale Ligure

 Finale Ligure Beach

A location kilometers away from the land that you can get to this location Which offers you one of the loveliest cities and also the world knew places for many beaches. A number of places that can easily be accessed by you and also are quite lovely in terms of beauty. 

Val Trebbia

Inside the territory of the provinces Piacenza, Pavia, Genova, this is a valley that got its name from the Trebbia river

This river is containing one of the cleanest sources of water and the waters are blue-green and warm as also it is offering many pictures as well from which some of them are very long and sandy and some others are rockier. This means that you really get an option of choice for your favorite sport among many available and also by The River you can easily find many places for conducting your adventurous trips also such as visiting the canyon or even fishing or rock climbing and many more. There are many attractive small villages around the river that are really nice to visit axle and also especially considering the fact that if you are really hungry and want to have a good gelato or if a pizza the locals will help you find the right place and also at the beach.

Lake Como

Lake Como Beach

This place is kilometers away from the city of Milan and also definitely totally worth a trip to this place just because the studying nature and the colorful towns also situated just in a beautiful way. Take the walk inside the city of which the center is telling you many stories and also dates that are back to the mediaeval age and you should probably make sure to drive along the shoreline in order to enjoy the beautiful views and also have a proper scroll in the many towns and also small villages along the way you are going. They are quite lovely as they appear and you will have rather the chance to buy many local products and also delicious foods from any of the local shops that you are going to come across as food are one of the greatest things around this beautiful town along with the food dishes such as well as risotto.

Val Vertova

This is more of a place which would provide you the easy access bike car and also offers a large space for car parking for the tourist spot it is more likely that this place is getting crowded in the summer weekends. As well as the massive green field with a café where you can get ice cream and the drinks to refresh you and after you won’t start getting into the forest you will not find cafes anymore just the beautiful water and the views along with the beach land that is going to leave you mesmerized by the amazing beauty. you can do the easy hiking the area or you can get with some adventure as well as you are getting up into the valley and also enjoy swimming or diving or even running and much more. If you like you can also have a little cute picnic on the grass next to the river bed and also this is a very cool spot definitely worth the trip from Milan.


Although not quite near to the main cities of Milan you are going to be able to find a proper bridge that you are going to travel to but rather than you should consider that there are also some actually beautiful beaches around Milan that you can travel and get yourself mesmerized by the amazing set of beauty is that the nature can possess. 

In those locations, you are going to find a number of many examples where a nice town is meeting a wonderful nature and also along with the sea and also there is a beach with come and pure blue water along with many modern-day services such as cafes and restaurants and also shops that would rent out which equipment for you to enjoy.

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