Italy and its Monarchy

Italy and its Monarchy

After World War II, the people of Italy were demanding the abolishment of the monarchy. This abolishment took place in 1946, one year after the world war two ended.

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World war II indeed set our world in the new order. Before world war, it is interesting to note that most of the world was ruled over under two patterns. 

  • First was having a monarchial system for countries to govern. 
  • The second was being under some colonial power ruling your lands. 

In both the case one thing was certain post world war two that people very becoming more self-aware and were demanding individual rights, freedom, and self-governess. 

People of Italy were not an exception in this regard as well. 

  • Italy and World War 2: 

The participation of Italy in World War 2 was motivated by the factor of having national interest over anything else. This war was being led by fascist Prime Minister at that point who is known as Benito Mussolini. Although initially, Italy surrendered to the Axis power as a partner one month later it declared war against Nazi power.  The outcome of the war did not turn out as the head of the state at that time expected which happened to be King at that point. His name was Victor Emmanuel III. Mussolini was arrested by the order of King Victor. This caused a civil war in Italy which made the conditions of the war worse for Italy.

  • Abolishment of Monarchy: 

Why did Italy abolish the monarchy? In the year 1946 in the aftermath of world war two when people were demanding more rights and freedom, the world was entering a new world order. This new order took cloud over Italy as well. In this new world order, no person shall be in control of all the powers and authorities of the state. This meant that there was no room for the monarchy system. A referendum was conducted in Italy. The result of this referendum was the abolishment of the monarchy in the state of Italy. The king of that time Umberto left the country.

  • The royal family of Italy

According to the constitution of the Republic of Italy with the abolishment of the monarchy one also had to give up on the royal family name. This was made part of their constitution so the pressure of the monarchial family name can be taken out of the state. This article of the constitution did not have much influence of the end goal that it wanted to meet as people of the royal took other names and these names had some influence in the politics of the country.

  • The royalty of King: 

Does Italy have a royal family? The constitutional monarchy that the United Kingdom still follows where King and Queen are still the head of state. In comparison to that Italy after becoming a republic and abolishing monarchy do not have any kings or queens as head of their states. The constitutional system that the follow has President as the head of state. The president even selects the Prime minister who forms the member of the cabinets that further governs the state affairs.

  • The last King of Italy: 

    Last King of ItalyDoes Italy have a king? The last king of Italy as Umberto II. One interesting thing to note about King Umberto II is that his position as King lasted only for 34 days. He was given this position by King Emmanuel in the hope that giving him this position would make a change for the results to obtain that monarchy system will persist in Italy. Just days before the referendum for the abolishment of monarchy was going to take place in Italy Umberto was appointed as king. This move made on the part of Emmanuel failed as people still opposed the monarchy system to remain in their country.

  • The Last Queen of Italy: 
  • Last Queen of Italy

    Does Italy have a queen? The last Queen of Italy was Marie Jose. She was originally from Belgium. She was known for three things. First, her admirable beauty was well acknowledged by all royal families throughout the kingdoms. Second, her love for music that she has taken over from her mother from an early age. She laid the foundation for a musicale. This was named as Foundation du Prix de composition Reine Marie José. In the coming year of 1960 many awards were given for it. Third, she had a personality that inspired people around her. She was well respected and loved by the people of Italy. It is often speculated that if his father had given her and her handsome Umberto the position of kings in earlier days the results of the referendum in Italy would have resulted much differently.


  • The current position of the royal family of Italy:
  • Umberto II since the abolishment of the monarchy has faced a lot of controversies. The one biggest controversy that took hype and hostile a lot of hate towards him was when he had charges of corruption. He was held accountable for owing to the state of Italy a lot of money. These charges were however dropped and proven wrong as nothing could be proved against him. In another incident, he was charged for the crimes of exploitation of prostitution. Again these charges were proven wrong. He also spent most of his life in exile away from his home country as the constitution of Italy enabled this order.

    In conclusion, Italy is one of the countries that once decided to abolish monarchy they went to the extent of ensuring that the influence that they may uphold in the new world order is also well catered too. Italy made sure that the new world that they were entering ensures that no influence of the elite takes over the common man. This even included having a hostile position in their constitution for the monarchs that ruled over the state for years. This position taken over in the new world weather was correct or had any benefit in ensuring the influence is perhaps debatable.  But one thing is for sure that by the constitution the people of Italy tried their best that the chains of the monarchy are broken in all sense in this new world that they were about to enter.

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